2017-8 Novelties by Adriana CEO ~ IBM-TES


September 2, 2018

ScreenKit for Fax -Copier and Telephone (telephone line cable) 

Kit – 2 versions

Screen Kit Adapter for telephone just like a Modem for photocopiers

with keyboard and mobile socket for upload and downloads

Screen Kit with smaller version of a Dell Laptop for Fax-Copier or and Tel.

Insert to use worldwide where socket is found. (modem included in cable of kit)

Never need to use your one line modem for telephone skype, photocopier, telephone line. 

Exclusive Sales only for the busy offices, home or at a company. Older people who do not know how to turn on and turn off computers. Handicap? Older? Too young? Skype included. 9-1-1 

Emergency 2nd line.

Price TBA.

–   –   –    –

Happy NEW 2017 Year of Challenge. IBM-TES is keeping an eye on the challenges brought on by the developing minds of our youth. 

Give to CIA Military FBI and Police Officer for scrutiny and comments before overproduction. I don't want to use our Government's budget to do the job of 5000million people when IBM can permit it at a lesser cost. I am not the Prez of USA.

There is a little challenge here for IBM-Engineering Developer 



globe on stand HourGlass lgcellcurve

  • Must meet all Military CIA FBI and Municipal Expectencies in all their Securities.
  • WorldWide range since it contains cellular internet
  • Time Regulated 
  • Send – Ship – File Direct by default and/or by program scheduling
  • Must have Clips and Splitters for up to 6 lines blending to one for files
  1. 6 Different Conversation 
  2. 6 Different Commands Voice 
  3. 6 Different Macro from ALT CTRL ARROWS
  4. 6 Different Light Colours 
  5. 2 Different Light Colours for ON-OFF push (idle inclusive)
  6. 1 Colour for Manual Shut-Off. (will completely lock transmission going or coming)
  7. Military CIA FBI and Police Officers Tested for Accuracy.
  8. Lapel Secured Pin Compatible if used with IBM.
  9. iDevices Full Scroll Fax Scan Documents without attachments?

Obtenez des images époustouflantes avec ce zoom pour téléphone – translates into Obtain breathtaking photos (videos IBM) from Zoom for Cellular or iDevices with snap-arm holder screw-in Lense – objectif à longue focale HookUzp de Cason

CEO is confident IBM-TES will be able to find this great opportunity to expand for the consumer. She saw Fuji + Xerox. Photocopier or whatever – not versed in all the features at this moment – please forgive her. Therefore she went ahead with this one thanks to Cason HookUzp. 

What can be featured:

  • Range Motion from Zoom pan in and pan out effects.
  • Target object/person/animal etc. so on and so forth
  • Alt Key with Ctrl Key as a manual macro or scheduled task as per motion dictates. Calculate the range, the motion for video and make it an instant 3D just with the lense combined with actual lense and the program/software – Edit and release.
  • TBA – iBall iShow iTell iKey may feature a few of these features so much needed.


mightymouseadventures mightymouse

There was MightyMouse and there is IBM-MightyMiniMouse

Transformers are back – new to IBM-TES

What does our MightyMiniMouse do?

Does almost anything a computer can but only miniways and capable of Spiderman's capabilities climbing walls – no ceiling too high – can detect any internet web approaches – always ready for combat of the wits.

Is it a Radar? Is it a Detector? Is it a Hoarder? Is it a Shipper? Is it your Security MightyMiniMouse Alerts? 

This mouse is possibly everything I want à la portée de la main. Is it a Cell? Is it a Control Gamer? Is it a simple computer mouse?

He is the tiniest version of a MiniComputer Drone Do It All. You got a cell?

No need. You got a computer? No need. You got a residential down to earth line – it could be One of your best allies. Your home residential line has I.D. caller display. That should be enough. Dial the mouse's number followed by your home line – it will go through your internet then bounce to the mouse like call forwarding. 

Gucci is the smartest cutiest poopoolina on this planet and since she wants all the cool cats to have one – it's not expensive to get yourself a real MacMouse from CEO.

MacMouse or something else is MightyMiniMouse better than all those gadgets – don't forget that famous projector with keyboard – it can do that too. One mouse – no drones – no need to get many external gadgets in order to schedule pick up delivery of any content of your cell, email, messages telephone voice. MightyMiniMouse will do it.

For Professional Use only is Medical. He's in for a big surprise this MightyMiniMouse the CEO knows it that Bones used it and it was meant to be more than PickUp-Ship-Voice-Sound-Print-Recorder-Projector.

Of course CEO doesn't want every kid not to be without it – she wants all kids to have it when parents want to watch something and they want to look at the mouse projection of the latest Walt Disney program on TV or DVD. Story Audio Books with images projected on the wall as well.

How much? Are you ready to find out that it may cost less than a 22Inch Computer Monitor Screen? 

Chances of finding your MightyMiniMouse Cell are greater when it flies right back to your front door or another address of your choice since it can be changed from any location where you have access. 

Ex: I want it to go to the shopping center where someone will retrieve it. It can be changed via your home or laptop computer. Not your telephone line. If you lost it on the street – it will open up its wings and find itself to the address via GPS. Bill Gates is soon going to be demoted. I am looking for a President – Maybe he found him.


IBM-TES will reduce the demands for Drones with DetectiveEyeware

  • Sound
  • Visual
  • Easy Application
  • 6 per pack 
  • Outdoor Indoor Uses
  • Weatherproof
  • Instant detection image sound send to selected files up to * 6 files*
  • No messy trash to recycle 
  • You can send it on a an actual existent drone too if you have one.
  • TBA

The limited edition Sky+HD Upside Down Remote, the ultimate accessory for our friends from ‘Down Under’. Aussies on UK and Irish soil, along with the rest of the nation, will be able to watch the Ashes in super sharp high definition for the first time this summer. The npower Ashes will be exclusively live on Sky Sports HD from Wednesday 8 July 2009.” For further information please contact the Sky Press Office on 020 7307 3100 / skypressoffice@cakegroup.com      handcommandcontrol

2017 is the Beginning of IBM-Novelties

Turn your Remote Control into a Portable Command Control

It does everything a remote control does

  • Universal Control Attachments – some built-in.
  • switch External Lock – Unlock 
  • Internal Lock Command programmable by default
  • Send all to storage programmable
  • Eye for multiple reasons:
  • View on Screens such as iPhone iPad iPod TV and other screens.
  • Share through Storage 
  • Send command to other devices
  • Portable Command Control for Switchboard Panel 
  • MiniCD-Rom Accessibility for iPhones and Remote Control
  • cdrom cimbales
  • MiniCD-Rom Burner + Store and Send TO
  • Portable Command Control switches into SIMPLE VERSION of iPhone
  • iPhones and Remote Control CD-Rom programmable.

BING Search Engine becomes Business!

  • Search Engine in a WorldWide Website
  • Bill Gates will open the business profits portals for all clientele.
  • Bill Gates Insights 
  • StockBrokers
  • Magazines
  • Businesses 
  • Industries
  • Worlwide eCommerces
  • Geocities 
  • Pay per year just like a website.
  • eCommerces pay a fee
  • Clients of all businesses pay a smaller fee 
  • It does have securities
  • It will tell every user that they will be leaving BING for another Search Engine and name it.
  • It will contain Forums for Communication Exchange
  • It can give you alerts for your preferred eCommerce(s)
  • Be the first to know – snooze and lose no longer!
  • Orders online with complete security
  • Forms will be sent to all users for Financial Institutes or/and Banks 
  • TBA
  • 10% for the Troubleshooter of all fees.

Those famous boxes with controls for games aren't they a nuisance? XBox Nintendo PStation all in ONE!

  • Large Screen
  • Slots for games (all) expands and retracts to format of games
  • Slots for CD-Roms 
  • Slots for DVD 
  • Numerous USB Keys Accessibility
  • EnergySaver is passé with SolarBattery USB Recharger Light/Sun
  • Screen can be used for games
  • Computer
  • TV – downloads which is coming soon.
  • Radio – downloads which is coming soon.
  • Broadcasting of Finances – Sports – Lifestyle
  • 2 controls per TV
  • Fees for usage excluded
  • TBA on how many games to rent before getting FREE Games mailed at home.

Cellular Phones for the fun of it.

  • IBM-TransformsCell
  • The phone will transform it self – drone?
  • Control for games?
  • TBA