2017 Invisible Screen PullUps Laptops iPhone iPad by CEO Adriana of IBM-TES

What is IBM up to?

2017 Projects priced to sell and not to overstock! All these gadgets become supersized at your discretion. 

Introducing in the raw drafts of probables our IBM-Invisible Force Line.

One thing it cannot do is over power their size in dimension matter but it can give you OPTICAL ILLUSIONS by introducing the curved-in cells in the programs. 


LaptopPullOnInvisible Screen

From a 14 inch screen – double it by pulling the invisble screen! It will become 13 inch screen at the least.

Benefits of a Double Screen Expansion 

  • Work on two screen
  • Copy all work by default will keep on saving even if you don't program.
  • Each work or page of document will ask you to program the page.
  • you may have more than ONE Invisible Screen – always thickening as you add an invisble screen. Your TV,  laptop, TV Screen, iPhones, iPads will be able to operate alone or together because of its Freedom Master Key. 
  • All these screen will come with frames apart holders sold separately.
  • All screens will have one MagneticBandOutlets Wi-Fi connections because of your Freedom Master Key
  • Projections Versatility Perfection Program


                   IBM-Curve-In-Out for your 3D      Freedom-MasterKey-Functions

R2d2 Home Entertainment Package Value!

When you purchase Home Package $$ or Office Package $$$$ you become the proud owner of a complete NETWORK. 

R3D3 will always have room for more to come customasible as your discretion.

Wall Panels are under construction along the construction of the IBM-Invisible Force Line.

What's a R3D3 without BB-*8* BB8

One thing CEO promises – it doesn't do what the original cast does. 

There will be a show put on by the giants of Technology. 

Kosques of their products and kiosques of our products promises the CEO. 

Be ready to enjoy complimentary foods and beverages for the youth and adults will get FREE beers to mark the day of introduction. 

McDonalds is our guest of honour for foods and characters.

All will be warm guaranteed or else McDonalds gives you food $1000 coupons. (At that price they may bring those famous kitchens of their at the show – its cheaper) Who will flip your burger – name the character.