2020 Microsoft Surface vs IBM-TES Built-In Keyboards/Mouse on Touch.Screen Platform by CEO IBM-TES

2020 Functions Features for Quantum Eras Pesonal Mirror Glass that lets a user see all that is up for construction while building a page, a post or simply editing content.

Keyboard Built-In on Invisible Screen over Hardware Surface. Microsoft Surface is quite different. Surface here at IBM is integrated in the keyboard screens. We have 4 screens x 1 on each side – Bars Analytics Included. Do not look for spare parts for your Computer System / Tower. All is in the Keyboard System. 


5G 6G Antennae 3-Wire Transmitters included in the keyboard, Antennae to be sold separately. 

Sunblock and 5-6G Blocks with Transmitters Re-Enforced Re-Transmissions with Analytics. TBA. IBM-TES behind the Human Brain. 

Getting ready for Quantum Eras starts with being equipped to work like a pro without all the worries of privacy and securities which by the way is not our problem but the manufacturer of the computer system itself. 

At this stage and age, IBM-TES is aware of all malfunctions and what a system working in performancing order can become – The first steps towards Quantum Personal Network is imminent. Almost in a critical point – as if we have been missing out or maybe skipping steps. 

Going to your personal website – paying website only – no longer required to enter an email only by logo-icon of the website found (after creation) on your desktop.

Click on the ICON – LOGO – using 2 Touch Screens – Take blocks to place into another block and that will be your entry and opening act.  Watch the 3 bars move around on your keyboard. Those 3 bars have functions and are features to Quantum. TBA.

Posts & Pages have Share Buttons with personal links to social media. Calendar for scheduling the post and another click for social media sharing – one at the time or one now and a few more together another date.

Microsfot Surface does not have the Quantum Bars for Analysis while IBM-TES will have a few features that only professionals would use during the courses of analytics – spreadsheets and accountabilities. These BARS are also preferred for banking online since all passwords are made at random for entry to portals. The HARDWARE will be liberated of certain functions, privacy and securities. The new keyboard and mouse will have built-in integrated performance. TBA.