Acids for Repairs and Longevity Studies by IBM Tech Eng.

Memoradum from Adriana CEO

It is coming to my attention that most of our work has been seen by many. Also and furthermore, in the near future, IBM Tech Eng will possibly face its conclusion. As the CEO of IBM, selling is on my priority list. The bids will start as soon as all the facilities are in place. Because, the personnel at IBM hold only a small share of this organisation, the new buyer(s) cannot bring in their own personnel for an indefinite time – TBA.

Research today is on Acids for Repairs and Longevity of the said cells.

Anthocyanins – water-soluble vacuolar pigments that may appear red, purple, or blue depending on the pH.

Inflammation: Choline is a very important and versatile nutrient in watermelon that aids our bodies in sleep, muscle movement, learning and memory. Choline also helps to maintain the structure of cellular membranes, aids in the transmission of nerve impulses, assists in the absorption of fat and reduces chronic inflammation. After an inflammation, various sizes of tears can be seen with the naked eye. Mostly used for repairs.octagonbrain

Objective: Should the scanner be able to pick up the differences on the film moulding the brain, the same achievement can be seen on other organs requiring this kind of treatment. Acids will keep the cells together thus the natural process of regeneration will emerge and hopefully re-emerge.

Can acupuncture with these acids at the tip of each needle help? Studies are opened on methods. Through the bloodstream and directly on location.

ultrasonic Can you find out what happened here?

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  • Remove by inserting the shit mentioned above contouring the said-tumour.
  • Lift and toss aside as it is snipped.
  • Suction and spray with a small amount of chemotherapy and mixtures of other solution antibiotics to secure the area from infections.
  • Fill with soluble gel to permit a slow closure around the empty pocket.***
  • Spray again and sponge extra fluid
  • Redo the spray and the sponging (and you fucking idiots don’t forget to remove the sponges before soutures)

Saw that CHUM found a GEL ANTICANCER Solution made with some seafood shells. Something I shall shy away from. Allergies is something I really don’t need at this stage. This woman did not see the issue. So be it. I was thinking of Fibro-Gel from plant derivatives such as psyllium or finding the cellulose gel in celery (which is famous for their crawling effects and sodium content)

Scanners must be able to display motions of brain malfunctions in function or malfunction prior interventions. May look reasonably acceptable in its normalcy.  Then, from thereon finding all Genes players prior interventions at all times – thereafter, technology motion simulators are to be developed this will help the said functions genes hormones enzymes and wavelengths within their rhythms forced by heart circulation and pulse rates (blood pressures)

The accurate correct motions will give a different reading – the estimated time needed is still TBA and not something that can be generalised per se.  

Objectives are that through simulation movements kicking in with technology and the right ingredients via intravenous or oral liquid forms of them this may help the functions to follow a natural transitional path of co-habitation with the hopes these functions perform by themselves without returning to the surgery table.

  • For all cancers – sickle cell anaemia – at all times complete blood analysis prior interventions. Scans prior interventions – genes enzymes hormones + 
  • Monthly analysis thereafter (post interventions)
  • When at recess for 3 months – Take 1/5 of blood – put in blood bank for the individual. 
  • Chemotherapy + solutions Vitamin C + iron + copper + zinc + magnesium + Complete B + saline + 1/2 of blood in recess to return to the body.
  • Check results 8 days later and every 8 days for the next 3 months.
  • Repeat Step Recess only after 6 months if still in recess then ADD Fatty Acids to Solution

JOKE for ThanksGiving 2015: This method was given to me by Scientology. 

Thank you so much for your fucking attention. Class dismissed.

Chrismas 1989 Adriana CEO still waiting for Prince Andrew.

Heard Prince Andrew remarried his wife. Is it true? If true, I don’t see a problem.

I’ll just have to wait for a prince charming to come to my house, so, I’m aloud to dream BIG.




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