Adjustments Modifications Photo Videos by IBM-TES CEO


One Lense turns into 2 Lenses 

Zoom + background with bird.

I am working on Photo to Photoshops Combined Program 

I like that squirrel and I like the bird. 

I want to keep the bird, what do I do. 

I only import the bird since he separated from the background lenses. Versatile Lenses.

When I take it to Photoshop Combined Program. I contour the character and he is just the bird without the scopique lenses. 

Maybe I am talking through my hat and Adobe Photoshop has these features. Maybe even camera lenses have these features but I know ipad iphone instant digital cameras don't. I say if you can zoom you can split the lenses background out and zoom in. 

I don't have $2 to 10K for a camera that does all this. I won't deprive myself I am not that Professional Photographer only amateur.

Lingo words Tech need a revision. Always trying to translate what should not just to mess up sales. Lens into Lense all of a sudden doesn't mess up sales like before. 

Will possibly do a few revisions on vocabulary just to enhance sales instead of extinguish them. Comprehensive instructions with almost same word for anyone to understand its meaning. What is a lens – is it multiple, excuse my pronounciation. No, it's just one. I speak French or German. What is lens – len(s) 

I go back and think of UpWork and I cannot even open up or work there because employers wanna be do not tell me more than I want translation and how much. Not only that. That same job is still there even if the employer changed his mind. It's still there even when a contractor finished accomplished completed that job posting. I would own it – all posts have an expiry date renewable thus will change date and go straight into new posts – all posts completed by contractor – contractor keeps its archive. Templates for work orders. Negotiate say: UpWork suggests Group for negotiation. Group of translators or even creative writing will have the translators + proofreaders + Editors.