Adriana, CEO of IBM is a Real Corporate Prostitute Read

Good Day,

It came to my attention that many employees of IBM Tech Eng are just working for peanuts and doing nothing but disrupt my financial status. Steve Jobs is nowhere to be seen. Bill Gates made a fortune when he associated with IBM and is nowhere to be seen. Are they vacationing somewhere? Perhaps, they are both hiding since they are the benefactors of my large fortune.

  • $12Billion Deal is pretty good for 100 countries worldwide coverage. Thanks. Not happy yet.
  • Starwood Marriott and others.

Coming Purchases TBA


The man who asked me to do this intervention got the company as per my offer.

Today or two years ago, I became the CEO of IBM Tech Eng. and I said: If Bill Gates wanted in so badly, he now has to give me 90% of his gross revenue. That man never amounted to anything and then suddenly, he became a Trillionaire.

I took a tour of the SweatShop. I found nothing but SnapOn Intelligence working for IBM Tech Eng production department and Administration is full of idiots. Intelligence walks in and out on them and the security is left to be desired.

If I wanted SnapOn Tools, I would have asked Michael Jackson to show them what to do with their NosyJobs. The personnel is nosy and not busy – What sport is going on right now, baseball? At one time, the security personnel was conveniently sitting down in the comfort of their cubicles watching HOCKEY.

IBM CEO is furious and that happens to be me. This is guaranteed that should people return any merchandise (without any question to be replaced) The personnel will have to pay for any devices, computers, cellular and whatever parts from their own pockets. IBM sounds like an old name because they lost a lot of personnel because they had their noses up in the air – ouch, remove the ceiling for them. Sensitively yours, IBM.  I walked in and added Tech Eng. Today, you work and you pay to work at IBM. I own the whole broche-à-foin SweatShop.

What is to come:

Purchases of Servers – Then, purchases of their stocks. This will increase the stocks.

Our lawyer, when he returns from a fucking vacation or a fucking hide-away will take care of the papers needed to comform the name with the new purchaser, which, IBM Tech Eng + Bill Gates 90% Gross Revenue = Adriana CEO 

Freedom Key will work worldwide. $29.99 

Existing users will be able to inject the Freedom Key with their USB key (MC) It will give accessibility to FREE and PAY downloads – Talk and Text – Roam UNLIMITED worldwide.

There are no snap-on on the menu of production for IBM Tech Eng. Future events may include the SnapOn features for build your own LapTop, Cellulars called Units or/and Extensions the moment the user gets his number. Units is for the server only. Extensions is for professional use only stemming directly from IBM Tech Eng Server – not compatible version.

MC in every card/segments/divisions and in Motherboards (1 or 2) Allowance always there for future developments. 

That’s it for now. I’m on the rag.

Chrismas 1989