Alleviation of Important Examinations at Clinics Hospitals by Adriana CEO IBM


Screen ScreenScreen Screen 

Screen ScreenScreen Screen

Screen ScreenScreen Screen

curtains turn into PARAVENT of IMAGES and Much More

paraventjap  TWO SIDED 4 into1 sizes

Paravents will have 2 sides and possibly another vertical panel. turning into 4 panel paravent. Small view turn into larger view. Zoom – Sort to Match – Match to Send to Macro Enlarge to another Panel which is now taking another ampleur. 



Every SCREEN has curved-in-out in the coordinates of the graph.

ZOOM visual 

Selon les lois des possibilités et des probables; ceci pourrait être executé.


Per bed Screen – Per Bed Methods of Interventions.

All screens in the front of the class.

Everyone has their computer instruments with JoyStick Laser Probe and More.

Joystick will look a little like this: 


Joystick with Bases – sectional Scanner and Repair


His reason is: Control of acceleration of said illnesses. 

Imagery – Probe – Compare – Release Snipper Tissue Return in microscope tube for analysis. From thereon – interventions as they sees them. Jet of warm water will also enter for mild cleansing. Probe. Imagery. Injection of anti-biotics medicinal purposes gel glycerin and whatever surgeon would like to be doing while the patient is there. All will be sent immediately to files, patients and research.

Probe – Scan – Imagery – Insertions of Anti-Biotics and so forth

Laser intervention then enema with insertions of anti-biotics and other medicianl ingredients.

You're not dreaming. It's the way of regular routine physicals of the present-future.

Development of instrument tools for surgeons who have to sweat it out will exist – equipped with more accuracy and more health results. At least at the sweat shop.

When this advanced method is applied – all surgeons will get a view of possible differences. All can immediately give their honest opinion and all learn from all the imageries – no more than 12 per sessions.

Patient is then asked to leave with or without another appointment. He may be getting a referral for another doctor for follow-ups and his own iDevices do it yourself which is not the same. Only a cord attached to the tube prober scanner imagery – it will be attached on the other end by a USB Charger Memory Key. When all is charged it shouldn't take anyone too much time to get this small operation done. The patient has the UBS Charger in his hand. He pushes in a button injector and the tube goes in from the cable. Takes the photos and the USB will make a sound when its over.