Applied Full Comprehension of Mysterious Formation to Full Development by Stages by CEO IBM-TES















Crystals in Caves go through a process. The only reason I can see is that its formation is growing in oxygen while our bones and cranial cover are not. 

Are we looking for the formation of the porous zones first to then have them filled in. Liquids first, plasma is being in that formation. 

Lots of ingredients in this formation.

Would it become a revert invert when formation is from adult into re-development not sure. 


















Cranial Defense 












Birth Defects Bone Structures














All liquids

All bonding

When looking at the mystery of this hollowness taking almost two years in completion as we know it are we seeing the whole picture.

Giraffe Mystery Bump on Forehead.

Is it all it appears to be to only accommodate the exit of it's Developing Habitat?

What about full comprehension of complete skull formation where time and space take a priority

Complete 9 months Gestation

+ Up to 2 years to finish or complete the development.

Lungs fully completed by 9th month.

Oxygen, Soft Skeleton and Bone Marrow still unmasked.


Lots of questions still pending to time and priorities.

Self-Cloning can start happening only with answers.

Re-applying instinctivey the path of its memory in order to recall development in their stages from the seed into formation into a grown formation is possibly the basic ingredient behind self-cloning on command.