Art Technology Paint By Numbers by Adriana CEO IBM-TES


I was thinking of this a while back not necessiraly to replace Ink Cartridges instead to become innovative with ART.

I found it at:

I did not se how this printer operates and I'm sure when Engineering IBM gets this mandate it won't look the same.

It looks more like a small to large copier (instead of asking printer to re-arrange to fit format – the user will be able to pull extensions to fit even the largest canvas. 

  1. Print to the palest
  2. Print to the darkest
  3. Print in between palest to darkest
  4. Colour by numbers – use coloured pencils

What else does it do? 

It is an attachment to a program.

The program permits a few manoeuvres such as taking a existing image 

Remove the background colour by tracing 

With your touch-screen pencil over the printer's glass screen trace the parts wanted and send them to a blank canvas or page 

When all parts are sent to page – re-arrange parts to complete canvas.

Print desired shades. 

We have seen move parts with touching the screen and this can be done for artists with no time to refine their touch like me who wants to do it all.


  1. I want the ears of an elephant with the mouth of a tiger I trace and send to blank canvas. Then I click on the parts I want coloured in the computer it will do it. 
  2. Or I re-arrange all the parts together and print it with pencil printer at desired shade. Then paint it myself.

Anyone can use this – learning how to paint can be made easy for people who want to do it all. For serious painters it may not prove to be that interesting.

Children can use it. Older people with not much to do can do it.

Price? Pencil Lead is not expensive. Colour Pencils are. Do not expect miracles when it comes to best prices on colour. Never was never will be.

I recommend pencil parts printed then colour it – reduce mess and unwanted prints. Before anyone becomes a pro – it becomes quite expensive. 

Computers were once expensive since it was novelty. Today, computers came down in price and IBM is not that greedy.

Printers came down in price also. Pencil documents are not going to be as nocif as ink – yet, they still are. Lead is lead. One day, something will come up.

printerdesk printeribm

Adjustable Table Height  with Adjustable Printer Width 

Table Printer Attachments Accessories

(starters kit) and Program

Sold Together

Made by IBM 

Program may be used CD-Rom on any computer. 

This program permits printer and computer storage, search engine, send back to printer from Laptop or PC.

The glass over the printer permits the tracing.

This concept is quite new and necessary for focusing and entertaining at the same time. Programs will vary for the needs.

not to be confused with Sketchers


At IBM Development of Sketchers for Neuro Department.

Move the buttons not like image above. TBA



Who said that Nuclear Power Imagination is damaging?

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