Artificial Pneumonia Degenerative – Lung and Nasal Passages Wear IBM Tech Eng

Objectives: Vary with Contact – Sound of Individuals you recognise from a long time ago. Larry King and William Shatner

What a voice can do to the listener. Have you stopped to listen the voices of people we all hear on TV or/and Radio? After so many years, recognisable but sort of pneumonia setting in. Can we establish a difference between pneumonia degenerative artificially by sound only. I would believe so. What is Artificial Degenerative – Fatal

I wrote it fast and brief believing that IBM would make some sense of this with viables technology/science/medication

Breathing – in and out. What you take in and what you bring out of your body.

Pneumonia understood – comprehensively

Finding the micro-bacteria-parasites degenerative would be our ideal objective and most people over 65 can become our luxury possessions.

I heard the voices of Larry King and William Shatner – all is still good until they breath out and start talking again.


Brain Scan from development of embryo is necessary to establish the genes/chromosomes/hormones and other crawling functions that connect to pituary gland.

Pituary gland must also be analysed and understood. It shrinks with age. We all know that. Many scientists realised it. Its growth alone will not give us the results or answers if the connections are not established in ratios.

IMGlungs kidcannulas

  • Both are operated with battery – tank mould-around-neck collar.
  • Oxygen + medication – recirculate will permit medication to arrest on location any:
  • Virus
  • Inflammation
  • Bacterias
  • Sinus with tumours
  • Tonsils infections
  • Sinus passages/nasal passages
  • Will permit recovery to any surfaces within the upper respiratory passages

IBM Tech Eng. has developed new methods to further our development into the best and optimal health care for at home affectations and for clinical and hospital use.

  • Flexible cylinders for easy glide inserts straight into the “bronches” entering the lungs.
  • Inserts from the neck down – 2 cylinders.
  • Cylinders will puncture/inject in the collar where oxygenated medication will recirculate filtering battery powered for comfort and ease of the wearer.

Thanks for choosing IBM Tech Eng as your preferred companion, here, there and everywhere you go. Go easy and go safe. More enjoyment for less.

Chrismas 1989