Asphalt Tar + Pesticides + Herbicides by IBM Tech Eng

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I saw the conditions of our City – streets and side-walks. It is true or very factual that wear and tear is visible. Here is just a few of the Health Costs workers and citizens will go through when revamped:

Twenty epidemiologic studies have described CANCER RISKS in asphalt workers and roofers in various countries. A current concern for these workers is the potential carcinogenicity posed by inhalation of bitumen fumes or dermal exposure to bitumens.

Bitumens are chemically different from many carcinogenic coal-tar based materials. Both have been employed in road paving and waterproofing. We examined and combined the results of the epidemiologic studies conducted on asphalt workers and roofers.

We examined the cancer risk separately in three broad job categories:

1) roofers (exposed to bitumen fumes and previously often to coal-tar fumes);

2) highway maintenance workers (HMWs) and road pavers (exposed to bitumen fumes as well as possibly coal-tar fumes previously);

3) miscellaneous and unspecified bitumen/asphalt workers. In roofers, an increased risk was suggested for cancers of the lung (aggregated relative risk 1.8, 95% confidence interval 1.5-2.1), stomach (1.7, 1.1-2.5), nonmelanoma skin  and leukemia .

Some of the excesses may be attributable to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) from coal-tar products. The aggregated relative risks in road pavers and HMWs were consistently lower than in roofers for cancers of the lung , stomach , bladder , skin , and leukemias . Their risk of skin cancer was significantly increased, based on one study. Miscellaneous and unspecified workers had a significant excess of lung cancer. The data were poorly focused to address the carcinogenicity of bitumen fumes, as contrasted with tar-derived exposures. For the prospect of shedding more light on the bitumen-cancer controversy, the feasibility of a powerful multicenter cohort is currently being studied by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

See here: Cancer Risks

My words on this phenomena – Our Mayor decided to approve the conditions of our roads at the costs mentioned above. Therefore, it is working against IBM Tech Eng – Science belief that even when medicine and technology kick in to help our life on earth, politics seems to just bury us back into some other Health MANHOLE.

My question to anyone reading this post: How much should the government pay for our Health Cost just because they have a blind eye and a blind ear to what needs to be done and permitting this behaviour to continue? I dislike our Government of Canada and do not desire donations or charity from them. I am not going to dedicate my life for Health Canada to work against my organisation.  It goes against all purposes.

Pesticides: Very damaging for the insects for sure and very damaging for our lungs.

Herbicides: Removed from our municipalities and now we are completely infested.

There is only one question here. IBM Tech Eng – Science does have answers but who is going to believe anything I have to say when the Government refuses to allow certain methods without asking for some explanations and seeing for himself what is really going on.

When my town will revamp my street I want 2 months vacation with the hope that fumes are gone when I return. It will cost them over $15,000 – when they pay every citizen this amount for them to leave while it gets fixed, I will certainly be the first one to thank them and even send them a postcard. Sex is always better on a vacation and stop sending us all your STD’s

Wishing you all a safe summer.

Chrismas 1989 Please NO Riots

Adriana CEO

June 14, 2015