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Star Trek: Cloaking Device Shields Projections by Unknown ScriptWriter

Revelatory Apprenticeship Runes into iDevices AlphaNumeric Appellation – Template Unprotected – Runes Today 2018 In the Making – Advanced Technical Language Technology Encrypt to Light Shape Codes “Attract what is projected” Assimilation Data Collections – Combine with New Data Sparks

World Climate Shields our Future Umbrella? by CEO of IBM-TES

World Climate addressed: Can it co-exist with The Quest to Conquer? World Climate lives beneath a shield. High Winds overpower to then turn climatisation around. Attraction from Radar Disks Satellites. Emission to Transmission – wavelengths ranges and acceptance to conform

IBM-Toys Publications + WorkShops by CEO of IBM-TES

Each cell (components) seen above represents allocations for MicroChips Where text typed – Mouse/Hand Control.  Screen and Libraries sold separately.  Viewing only where applicable.  Clinics – Hospitals – Universities – Businesses – Personal Residential. Toys at Toys R Us will

Grocery + DrugStore + Inventory by CEO IBM-TES

How CEO proposes Benefits for the Consumer, Grocery Store and DrugStore Cash Receipts + Rewards Cards In Marketing, most will remember that incentives always opened doors. Consumers and Employees Contests – Register at the Cashier or Cart Scanner Trollies for

Software Amplifies Views on Sales and Analysis by CEO IBM-TES

Amazon Clickables to IBM-TES Hover Float with Mouse or Touch Screen or iPen(cil) When browser shopper visits a website and gets to Hover Float a product or and reports with highlights or no highlights or underlined a certain colour and the likes –

Personnel Growth + Habitat by AG LANG

The Wild LIFE our Role Models. WildKingdom Habitats Here we see a Stampede What is the Wild Life looking for? Comfort and familiar grounds to following their instincts of survival. Humans are the same. When we are born – on regular

Digital Logos with Magnetic Bands Credit Cards Best Banking System Goes Communicator by LANG

BB-8 has 8 drones Asian Luck.  Grow your vocabulary with BB-8 Grow with BB-8 – tell BB-8 all that you are undergoing. No judging now. Programs are going to be put in place for a real conversation. Group conversations instead

New Age Muscle Mass Activator Revolution by CEO of IBM

EARTH and Humans Our earth looks like this: Our Galaxy looks like this: Spiralling Effects Both do revolutions to permit revolutions. The Human Body is lie this: Matters of Organisms have their own circulation and revolutions in various movements. The body frame, New

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Sync Revert Blood Nerve to Fully Functional Development by CEO IBM-TES

Objectives: By Step. Comprehensive Planning of Reverting to Favourable Blood and Nerve Conductors.  "Stem Cell Physiology. The many cells that make up the blood and immune system are continuously produced throughout life from hemopoietic stem cells residing in the bone marrow." The role of stem cells in physiology,

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Rainwater Collection Above-Underground Walls Tanks Rivers and Lakes by CEO of IBM-TES

It seems that the Empress of China words carry a lot of weight. It is nice for them to export it in the vicinity but not for British Territories Colonies of Spain and France.  Rainwater Collection semi-equipped  High-Quality-Anticorrosive-Epoxy-Drinking-Water-Tank What needs

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Micro-Organisms Minerals, Jelly Fish Gestations Human/All-Creatures by CEO of IBM-TES

What came first, the Chicken or the Egg Micro-Organisms Minerals, Jelly Fish and All stages of Gestations Human to every other Creature  InVitro Experimentals Animals and Human Micro-Organisms from Jelly Fish (es) Micro-Organisms from Horns and Antlers  Our objectives are to

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Tissues Reverse* Youth 0-5yrs of age Treatments Cancers Chronic Illnesses by CEO of IBM-TES

All that is needed to be added are the tissues as they transform. Spongy, Mineral Porous, Tissues etc… Can YOUTH help YOUTH. It is possible that Science has overlooked the Irish Proverb, find yourself in the eyes of your children,

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Pigmentation: ReSetting Clocks Interventions Contributors Invigoration by CEO IBM-TES

​​ Liver Damage Causes Skin Discoloration  Your liver sits in the right portion of your abdominal cavity. This large glandular organ performs many vital functions. When it becomes damaged from disease, chemical abuse or infection and cannot work properly, it

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Control into SelfControl via Electronic Sensorial Perceptions Restructures by CEO of IBM-TES

ReStructure Re-Generation ReNew Facets  ESP Electronic Sensorial Perception Re-Engineering our Brain Functions.   Dr. N. Doidge may have started over 15 years ago. See him for all notes recorded observation techniques methods and results of all applications from minimal to maximal favourable

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Cassette WiFi WalkieTalkie Telephone BoomBox IBM-TES by CEO of IBM-TES

LIMITED EDITION X NUMBERS VERSIONS From Shuffle iPod Size to Console Sizes. Going back in time to reproduce some fun aspects of recording and easy listening is possibly only on "fun" basis. How big is the cassette? Cassette Cartridges Tapes

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RollsRoyce Service InStore OnLine Coming soon! by CEO of IBM-TES

In Canada, we have Canadian Tire. In Canada, we have millions of motorists. In Canada, we hustle and bustle In Canada, we opted for Hybrids In Canada, money is tight as tight as time CEO of IBM-TES heard the whole

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Organs Brain Envelopes + Mesh Net Solutions by CEO of IBM-TES

Mesh Net Melt Medicinal Coating  Objectives: And the Envelope, please! Ingredients: Biggest Priorities: Exceptional Ingredients Properties to melt into fibers material Wrap around the organs Net Mesh Medicinal Envelope First top diagram are mesh nets of possibilities to either wrap or just

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TriMotion Traction Command by CEO IBM-TES

Grooves Ejection Retract Reversibles Objectives: Finding the right Fusion of Material for Extra Edge Extra Grip on FourSeasons Bicycles Motorcycles Trucks* Cars Vehicle* How doe sit work? Got those tires – Steering Wheel Command  Lock-On Out Lock-On In Wheel on

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TriMotion Files by Colour Cell Division Export-Import by CEO IBM-TES

       Word from Desk of CEO of IBM-TES The FutureNow is all about security and entertaining. Being prepared with the support of our servers is possibly a good beginning of measures to promote awareness alert and behaviour before

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LongSuppositories Vaginal-Rectum-Penis Preventive to Cure by CEO of IBM-TES

What can gel-based-glycerine Suppositories bring as relief? Gel-Glycerine – very long – it will melt before the exterior tip falls off. Coats walls to penetrate in tissues. FusionPharm Then there is its gas. All medication for Chronic Terminal Conditions –

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Profiling NeuroTransmitters and NeuroHormonalChromosomes Autism by CEO of IBM-TES

  Scientifically Profiling Every PowerPoint Feature Trait lives out its Disorder What doe sit look like inside is nothing like what it looks like outside. Let us take a closer look by placing These Found Genes for every trait on

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Bell Canada + IBM Advanced Comm. by CEO of IBM-TES

Bell Canada + Bell Box on the Pole Changes to Update Receptions/Transmissions. Boxes will have to meet future demands by CELLS BLOCKS What's in a connection? It's all about connections – who you know who can open doors for a

Impressing the Empress of Eccentricities IBM-TES Personnel by Anonymous Duh!

Everyone advertised watch this expensive car get blown into smitherines with James Bonds. I really don't remember the brand of the car. So, I digress but I did hear this even on the radio.  Well, Lamborghini won't  blow up per se

DoubleDecker Espresso Convection MiniOven for Chapters by CEO of IBM-TES

What's new in IBM-TES Kitchens Lots! LG and Black & Decker together for this Limited Edition Gem! Espresso for 4 or 3 or 2 or 1  Innovation meets technology. It can happen to distribute Single to multiple with advanced Technology

Light and Light Shade the Sun the Moon the Eclipse by CEO of IBM-TES

  *Basic knowledge is the richest mental acquisition of it all ask a real scientist; all of a sudden a simple addition becomes excruciating. Texas Instruments knew that and made money! CEO of IBM-TES knows all this and will make

BING Expansion Be Found KeyWords DragMouse Highlights by CEO IBM-TES

October 5, 2017 Follow Up to KeyWords. UltraNoodle Technology (free) 1, Enter your keywords. Enter Keywords (anchor text) – one per line 2, Select Date Range. If empty, export all of them. 3, Select Category. 4, Select Export Type. Post by

To Be or Not To Be vs To Write or Not To Write Netflix or Not by LANG

My first impression of a writer such as Agatha Christie. I never asked who she was. I asked myself what she was all about.  Knowing her work is not my passion. What brought on this curiosity was how she hooked

Tetanus Rabies Vaccines Refusals? Non, jamais? Revision for Cancer Chronic Illnesses by CEO of IBM-TES

Cancer Treatment Discoveries. Sometimes we may wonder why we just did not see it before. Cancer and/or Chronic Illnesses Diseases Disorders There are 2 that possibly need to be revised as where it may be of beneficial when either combined

Applied Full Comprehension of Mysterious Formation to Full Development by Stages by CEO IBM-TES

                            Crystals in Caves go through a process. The only reason I can see is that its formation is growing in oxygen while our bones and cranial

Drones AirLift Drops Discs Variety FutureNow by CEO of NASA

NASA GOES COMMERCIAL CANADAIR long time Contractor NO need to tender. Air travel Drones Delivery Cargo International From Flying Machines Cars to Flying Municipal Deliveries Transport Canada Worksheet Reflecting Actual Air Routes to FutureNow Delivery Routes. Sub-Flying Air Regulations for

Ingest Inject Bathe in Magnesium by LANG IBM-TES

  Objective of this experiment: Through blood analysis find: Metals and all excess our organisms have accumulated with time.  Finding its concentration Finding its reason of concentration Finding Balanced Food Regime Finding reasonable time management between these analyses Finding Balanced

Collars Bracelets Sets IBM-TOYS by CEO of IBM-TES GrownUp Fun

  Choice of Collars and Bracelets Sets starting from 1 for kid adult and 6 for Toys and live animals Oh What FUN at Halloween! Easter Egg Hunting could be a spoiler someone will snitch! Wherever they are they are

Government Tenders for Updated Tools Instruments for Medical Purposes by CEO of IBM-TES

It seems that Canada is ready to start bidding for updated approved instruments tools machinery for Medical Purposes. Not only that. IBM-TES will also recommend Central Library for Easy Accessibilities. My appointment let me a little hopeful while a little

Built-In Shelves Refrigeration System FutureTodayNow by CEO of IBM-TES

   From a DREAM to Fantasy into FutureTodayNow. This concept is not elaborated at all in itself. It does have more ventilation than the standing conventional fridge freezer  It gets a little complicated when Climatisation enters this concept. Why stop

Semi-Hard Drivers Segments Labs Surgery Desk by CEO IBM-TES

How many Drivers does 1 x = RX(x) DX(x)  All colours have one General Topic. Start with Primary Colours Example in the raw below:   Red being: Blood Group Green being: One of the Organs Blue being: one of the brain’s

Cameras EyeBall BB-I-C 180-210 Field Vision Caption – EyeLense Corrector by IBM-TES WorkSheets

Pupil Implant as big as or smaller than Rice Grain Added Contact Invisible Screen Lenses Visual Corrector for Eye Conditions Disorders Someone wearing glasses for life is possibly something of the past.  Very little has been done while much can

American Standard no Longer Standard check New Standard by CEO of IBM-TES

It's taking Whirlpool Jacuzzi and American Standard too long to come up with a simple concept. Addressing everyone's needs from baby to seniors with or without handicaps. IBM-TES decides to go for it. Transform your bathroom forever. Give it accessibility.

New Concept – CrystalBall SolarPowered Rechargeable Battery Energy by CEO IBM-TES

    Known to mankind is the brain may Use Only 20 Percent of Its Memory-Forming Neurons. Remember the old myth that people only use 10 percent of their brains? How precise are these figures? The brain is in full use. Working behind the scenes

Adjustments Modifications Photo Videos by IBM-TES CEO

  One Lense turns into 2 Lenses  Zoom + background with bird. I am working on Photo to Photoshops Combined Program  I like that squirrel and I like the bird.  I want to keep the bird, what do I do. 

ReInforcement of Mental Aptitude Through Concentration by LANG

Mental Aptitude Simple Exercise (as it seems but not really) Concentration Elevation Score How strong is your concentration  How easily are you distracted? When busy and someone talks to you do you feel startled? Yes – good sign – absorption

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