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From Innovation Electronics-Technology IBM-AsusChrome-Microsoft Android-Formation by IBM-TES CEO


IBM: Colour-Codes Interchangeables Transmitters Quantum by CEO of IBM-TES

Chrome and Light InSync which is cool. What started for games can now made available to speed up certain data processing that are integrated in the built-in color keys for the said keyboard/mouse. 5 colours are featured in this existent

New* CD-ROM Breakthrough Publisher Library Quantums by CEO of IBM-TES 2020

PRESENTS 2020 Models Master CD-ROM Cartridge with Magic Chip How versatile?  Exclusively Versatile. Years of quality into Quantum Cartridges in Classification (s) Television More Viewing Options Channels Choices at finger tips with Tablet       OPTIONS: RADAR TABLET for Travellers Control/Command

Zoom MirrorWand Uploading Tool Portable by CEO of IBM-TES

Hello Everybody Something new at IBM for 2020 Portable MirrorWand that will scan with photo and video (select) SEEN at every dentist but not seen as a portable method on Wi-Fi for our computers PC and Portable Devices including the

2020 Microsoft Surface vs IBM-TES Built-In Keyboards/Mouse on Touch.Screen Platform by CEO IBM-TES

2020 Functions Features for Quantum Eras Pesonal Mirror Glass that lets a user see all that is up for construction while building a page, a post or simply editing content. Keyboard Built-In on Invisible Screen over Hardware Surface. Microsoft Surface

Pharmacists Doctors Working with Health Data by CEO of IBM-TES

  Your body and the shopping cart. Even a pharmacists gets inundated with questions. What should I eat and what should I take for my problems. I thought of something that can add to a drugstore experience other than adding

NASA Andromane Mission by CEO of IBM-TES

Project: Lunar Venus Mars Mercury at closest points to Earth and Moon High Classification of Security Precision Accuracy  Missiles Mission Mapping Zones around our Solar System of l’immédiat. This added tool will serve NASA in his futuristic missions giving out

Business Fun Festivals & Reasons to Shop at my ChainStores by LANG

Hi Everyone Readers and other Readers I made some big acquisitions. Nationwide Canada New England. Stores and stores and nothing but stores including all the restaurants in that chainblock, chainstores, chainlink. All them chains. New laws in Canada New England.

Packaging Disposal Festivals create Life by IBM-TES LANG

One year after Unilever made its industry-leading commitment to ensure 100% of its plastic packaging was fully reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025, CEO Paul Polman welcomed news that 10 companies have made similar pledges. Who are these 10 companies? It’s

2019 Bayer Analgesic (N) Gap AlChemists by CEO of IBM-Labs

Go back in time. Bless the paths that bring any of you there. Re-enact all the issues with their early remedy beginnings. My objective is an emphasis that should modern days be the best – reason to believe something needed

Mix Minerals Shells Recycled Iron Plankton Micro-Nutrient Trials by CEO IBM-TES

The Bible does stipulate a strong order of eating blood so, if using blood from butcher shops is clean it can be used by removing existing sands from the seabed to add blood over it – to rake it and

Updates on Artificial Intelligence Ranks by Levels Personal and Industrial USES by IBM CEO

Observation: The Grid of our senses into the brain what will it bring more to our imagination, our senses when all is computed with easy retrieval? Is the CEO piercing through the unknown unsaid unprotected facets of many far away

Crystal-Clear Diamonds Get Hybrid Humble Beginnings by LANG

Update: Turning Mobile into Personal Network – Bondage External Drive Expansion I am not bragging about mobiles I do not have and work that can be achieved with this new commodity found in mobiles to PC Network. Look up to

Rayovac + IBM for Street Sanitation + Electronic-Electric Streets by CEO IBM-Environment

  As we know, times passes and competitions increases. Therefore, not to overtax the same companies; I have decided on an impulse to go with someone very well known with a good or fair reputation. Rayovac. Has been a household

DomeTowers + Super Skydomes Extreme Heat + Nat.Light Framework Domes/Roofs by CEO of IBM

Here we have 2 Dome Towers 3 domes superimposed structures with Pillar of Storage for A.I. and Solar Battery Energy as a semi-circle 3 domes superimposed structures with Pillar of Storage for A.I. and Solar Battery Energy as a semi-circle with

NewsBreak: Heating Elements Pyrex B&D Outdoors.Home.Office by CEO IBM-TES

What is Black & Decker up to? Follow Up NewsBreak: FlipOver Innovations LG GE HomeOffice  February 20, 2017    With an old innovation of the Pyrex industry, Black & Decker is going Space Maker – all the way. Electric Pan from

IBM-TES Merges Entertainment with Health Growth Chart by CEO

  Central Station of All Operations in Homes, Offices, Schools for Specialisation and not for the PatientX It takes a little of specialism and a little of technology to become the quasi-perfect teacher – as PatientX develop, these teachers develop

Canada Wide Projects by Requests Plans by AG LANG CEO of IBM

  What are DAMs, please feel free to read about it and its reason to be there, all of the reasons. The DAM will have another reason to exist where permissible by transport, waterways. Transport is here to stay just

Earth Day 2019 Walmart Signs Rent/Buy IBM: Solution+Conservation Bath-2-Landscape + Sidewalks Heated Tanks by CEO of IBM TES

Today April 9, 2019 at 00h33 Marvelous! Walmart to Rent Earth Day Signs. All proceeds go to landscapers and the numerous employees. We buy and they buy and give to people to remind them that it is Earth Day. It’s

IBM:iClouding? No. Just adding “CentralStations” by CEO of IBM-TEC

Attn: Personnel Email Marketing Grouping aka icloud all emails   I don’t believe that it serves any purpose to get out of email addresses in order to group them all when IBM can open their own email add and incorporate

BB8 vs Blocks-Levels-Elementors-Alexa IBM Retrievals Drafts to Closure by AG LANG

Parental Control starts at 14 yrs of age for the children that means that Alexa (example) is being used here for 14 yrs old and adults. They both use it. How do you set parental controls on Alexa? To set

IBM-Tower DocDraft Sites Publishing by AG LANG, CEO of IBM

Examples of what is now and not examples to become – TBA First off, no hurry to build a page or a post with WP. I want to move my right side bar or shrink it a little – no

MouthPieces Films + Cells Shapes Size ShrinkExpand Formula Longevity Why, Why Not? by CEO of IBM – All Physicists

Update: How Often Should I Whiten? Whitening your teeth too often increases the risk of negative side effects, such as tooth sensitivity and damage to tooth enamel and gums. But there’s no official guideline for how often whitening can be done safely.

Star Trek: Cloaking Device Shields Projections by Unknown ScriptWriter

Revelatory Apprenticeship Runes into iDevices AlphaNumeric Appellation – Template Unprotected – Runes Today 2018 In the Making – Advanced Technical Language Technology Encrypt to Light Shape Codes “Attract what is projected” Assimilation Data Collections – Combine with New Data Sparks

Sensors-Recalls ByZone Diamond Method Trees – WClimate Shields our Future Umbrella? by CEO of IBM-TES

Updates: Found some information on Gigabytes January 15, 2020  In a smart city, sensors can be placed everywhere to collect data, with streets, buildings, public and personal devices all being interconnected, and the huge amount of data generated by these

Watson Games IBM-Toys Publications + WorkShops by CEO of IBM-TES

Who are you? Who are you becoming? Let Gizmo Version IBM-TOY GROW with YOU. Grow with ME – IBM Collection     NOT included Computer + Batteries (rechargeables)  Gizmo Transformers can actually walk on a very flat terrain and grow

Grocery + DrugStore + Inventory by CEO IBM-TES

Around year 2005 – I was told at Zellers that representatives no longer frequent stores to take inventory and to give out credits for defective products – the customer had to go direct. Today, at Canadian Tire, I was told

Software Amplifies Views on Sales and Analysis by CEO IBM-TES

Amazon Clickables to IBM-TES Hover Float with Mouse or Touch Screen or iPen(cil) When browser shopper visits a website and gets to Hover Float a product or and reports with highlights or no highlights or underlined a certain colour and the likes –

Personnel Growth + Habitat by AG LANG

The Wild LIFE our Role Models. WildKingdom Habitats Here we see a Stampede What is the Wild Life looking for? Comfort and familiar grounds to following their instincts of survival. Humans are the same. When we are born – on regular

Digital Logos with Magnetic Bands Credit Cards Best Banking System Goes Communicator by LANG

BB-8 has 8 drones Asian Luck.  Grow your vocabulary with BB-8 Grow with BB-8 – tell BB-8 all that you are undergoing. No judging now. Programs are going to be put in place for a real conversation. Group conversations instead

New Age Muscle Mass Activator Revolution by CEO of IBM

EARTH and Humans Our earth looks like this: Our Galaxy looks like this: Spiralling Effects Both do revolutions to permit revolutions. The Human Body is lie this: Matters of Organisms have their own circulation and revolutions in various movements. The body frame, New

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Sync Revert Blood Nerve to Fully Functional Development by CEO IBM-TES

Objectives: By Step. Comprehensive Planning of Reverting to Favourable Blood and Nerve Conductors.  "Stem Cell Physiology. The many cells that make up the blood and immune system are continuously produced throughout life from hemopoietic stem cells residing in the bone marrow." The role of stem cells in physiology,

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Rainwater Collection Above-Underground Walls Tanks Rivers and Lakes by CEO of IBM-TES

It seems that the Empress of China words carry a lot of weight. It is nice for them to export it in the vicinity but not for British Territories Colonies of Spain and France.  Rainwater Collection semi-equipped  High-Quality-Anticorrosive-Epoxy-Drinking-Water-Tank What needs

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Micro-Organisms Minerals, Jelly Fish Gestations Human/All-Creatures by CEO of IBM-TES

What came first, the Chicken or the Egg Micro-Organisms Minerals, Jelly Fish and All stages of Gestations Human to every other Creature  InVitro Experimentals Animals and Human Micro-Organisms from Jelly Fish (es) Micro-Organisms from Horns and Antlers  Our objectives are to

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Tissues Reverse* Youth 0-5yrs of age Treatments Cancers Chronic Illnesses by CEO of IBM-TES

—— Update: September 6, 2019 – Technology is growing in developments for the curious mind. Slides of every microsecondgrowth turn into a human being, both gender. Tomorrow, we can tell what could happen before it happens for the sake of

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EmbryonicSacksMembranes ReSetting Clocks Brain Fluids by CEO IBM-TES

Past Studies with Formaldehyde Days and NOW. Differences Noted based on Conception Gestation.  Under Glass Studies Shapes  Formation Functions Primaries Fluids Contents And what is perceived as standards of normalcy vs all chronic illnesses and syndromes. Diabetes is it a

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Control into SelfControl via Electronic Sensorial Perceptions Restructures by CEO of IBM-TES

ReStructure Re-Generation ReNew Facets  ESP Electronic Sensorial Perception Re-Engineering our Brain Functions.   Dr. N. Doidge may have started over 15 years ago. See him for all notes recorded observation techniques methods and results of all applications from minimal to maximal favourable

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Cassette WiFi WalkieTalkie Telephone BoomBox IBM-TES by CEO of IBM-TES

LIMITED EDITION X NUMBERS VERSIONS From Shuffle iPod Size to Console Sizes. Going back in time to reproduce some fun aspects of recording and easy listening is possibly only on "fun" basis. How big is the cassette? Cassette Cartridges Tapes

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RollsRoyce Service InStore OnLine Coming soon! by CEO of IBM-TES

In Canada, we have Canadian Tire. In Canada, we have millions of motorists. In Canada, we hustle and bustle In Canada, we opted for Hybrids In Canada, money is tight as tight as time CEO of IBM-TES heard the whole

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Organs Brain Envelopes + Mesh Net Solutions by CEO of IBM-TES

Mesh Net Melt Medicinal Coating  Objectives: And the Envelope, please! Ingredients: Biggest Priorities: Exceptional Ingredients Properties to melt into fibers material Wrap around the organs Net Mesh Medicinal Envelope First top diagram are mesh nets of possibilities to either wrap or just

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