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Gen.I.x New Advanced Methods Communication with Bell Canada IBM-TES

Because of less dependence on Bing and its related experiences, Cortana can be a productivity AI. Cortana can – and will – have access to your calendar, contacts, tasks, your Windows 10 timeline, Edge browsing history, shopping habits, Skype calls,

Sea-Drone OctoMedusa ShipWreck Scavengers by Adriana CEO IBM-TES NASA

What a story let me tell you! A man takes a photo of my drone. Sea-Drone goes back to base at a certain level water altitude. See image 2 on right – it flies and it submerges. Image 3 is

Locating Metal + Physics Forces of Balance by CEO of IBM-TES

Update: September 5, 2019 – Every ROD has its base inside the base. Working alone and working together with codes and lights.  Genes and Energy 2 = 4 =5 points Find the singularities. Now look at the satellite as presented

What Next? SuperCharge into White Night by Adriana CEO

Is it possible that Solar Panel will be causing that extra heating to aid Warmth Climatisation – Definitely, yes. How to remedy? Making the Mind Feel Extremely Rich – Being able to afford sleeping in broad daylight. How do you

Head-Body GridGraph Slide-In-Out Box Inteventions by Adriana CEO IBM-TES

The GriddedGraph above with green background interchangeables. Colours and NO colours only GlassPlastic Panes – Sliding Sectionals. The sectionals will work together and by itself – The chainwork is all in the computer.  X-Ray with Scanner Imagery. Giving it a darker background

PolariseDigital VideoPhotos Lenses by Adriana CEO

The Extra 9 yards for much less. After all, we are all amateurs.    Considering that Canon contents himself with little the following may shock him. Camera Features: All Digital plus Surprise Extras found in Menu Stockage Storage (you buy

Some of the Interior Design Details IBM-TES Notre Dame Island by Adriana CEO

Concept IBM-TES Ile Notre Dame  What it shall be.  Exhibitions Technology Pavillions (2) Solar Panels  All Domes Igloos 75% Solar Energy Shapes will vary – from a rectangular to a triangle (pyramid) over a square foundation – cantina style at the

For Marketing Sakes, Get Real! 2019 SMS# Generator by CEO Adriana of IBM-TES

2019 iDevices Mobile NUMBER #Generator First, we had the invisible screens and it is not out yet. Samsung came up with one $2000 FOLD and apparently some of these models Fold to break or disconnect. CEO of IBM decided that

Alleviation of Important Examinations at Clinics Hospitals by Adriana CEO IBM

          curtains turn into PARAVENT of IMAGES and Much More   TWO SIDED 4 into1 sizes Paravents will have 2 sides and possibly another vertical panel. turning into 4 panel paravent. Small view turn into larger view. Zoom – Sort

2020-2017-8 Novelties by CEO ~ IBM-TES

Update: 2020 January 13 This objective aims at reducing re-start-ups of updated modems from newer most advanced efficient in replacement cost and hardware surplus. What will anyone do with so much plastic, metal at some point in time? IBM is

Detectors Find Gather ShipSend Files by Adriana CEO IBM-TES

IBM CEO Instruments Equipment Advancement Photo Imagery Finders of Same Sound Alone Finders of Same* Thoughtful Sounds into Voices keep same for Justice Military Files ONLY. All Thoughtful Sound into I.D. Human Voices thereon a certain Warfare Era… to be

Self-UltraSound Scanning too Futuristic? by Adriana CEO IBM-TES

  Due to enormous demands placed on existing Hospital Institutions IBM-TES wants to contribute to self-scanners for patients – there will be a price to it that Doctors do not assume.      Imagery beneath the scanner-mouse with 2 USB Ports

IBM-TES Goes Sectional BoomViewBoxes by Adriana CEO

Follow Ups on Sectionals Colours Sectionals for Various Purposes – above is photo on lungs  In my brain there is more than a set of lungs in a body. Kidneys Liver and everything else that could use a burst of

What’s NEW Univesities Bermuda Research Laboratories by Adriana CEO IBM-TES

Objective: Blood Platelets from ages of 40-50 for the first 3 months and ages of 20-40 for the next 3 months. 3 weeks intervals. Gradual absorption will possibly not be rejected as youth into old. Rejection is not desired. FIRST

Ionic Gadgets vs Solar Powered Electricals Electronics by Adriana CEO IBM-TES

Attention: Personnel in Mechanics Plumbing Electrical Expertise Subject: Going Commercial Municipalities Canada USA Objective; Ionising our air Why property owners must pay into municipal taxes? Streets, plumbing etc… Air Purifier will be included. I would like to start a conference

Art Technology Paint By Numbers by Adriana CEO IBM-TES

Rechargeable by iCoil ? Quite NEW SpockConnect Collection “Portfolios” TM IBM-TES LOGO Nearly 4 years have went by or flew by me. Please forward follow-ups. Programs on trial to test and live out will include Quicken Home & Business with

Tall Orders Full Human Body Skeleton Comprehension and FED by Adriana CEO IBM-TES

  Growing our DNA? Minerals? Calcium is found in Broccoli? Can HUMAN Absorbable be grown as well? I can remember days when some scientists were sure that our bodies, once deceased, could be used as compost for growth… How about

How Geometrical and Grids will Shape and Form Methods on Earth by Adriana CEO IBM-TES

  Cleopatra of Egypt                               Queen of Sheba The most beautiful women of their times. Believed that Geometry would definitely be the only way to Life

What YOU See is not always Gold except by CEO IBM Laughs Louder!

CEO is thrilled to announce that Giants of Electronics Technology will get together to enlighten the darkest corners of Technology Entertainment Science HP – she was happy to have seen their first computers of late 1970's. Xerox PhotoCopier – she

Users vs Producers by Adriana CEO IBM-TES

It is not an easy subject to approach since most of us do not see it the same way. When someone asks Technology for certain specs – that person is asking the unusual and the never been done. Engineer will

Jokes – Photosynthesis – Disable by Adriana CEO

Jokes around donations for Cancers. If I had cures or/and disruptive methods to introduce on the market; I certainly wouldn't ask for donations. Is this a joke? Photoshythesis and Disruption of certain progress of physical and mental disorders. Starting Points Recognition

SolarBar Battery Totally Officially IBM-TES by Adriana

  Diagram 1 ~ The ULTIMATE GlassPlastic Solar Energy Bar no electrical wire needed. Battery Solar Powered. Diagram 2: 4 ports All Bars are sold separately. Place at window to energise it with light. The longer at the window the more

The Power of Thought England + Territories Canada New England by Adriana CEO IBM-TES

The Power of Positive Thought vs The Power of Thought General Positive Thought: I am undergoing certain treatments or going into certain motions to better my life. I say: because I have done this and will repeat it tomorrow –

IBM-PassWare External Drives by Adriana CEO IBM-TES

  Easy does it with IBM-PassWare has a name: IB-Mastered Control Panel “Intelligent Business Mastered Control Panel” Completely Accomplished to: Perform series of operations on data, computerised, to retrieve, transform, send or classify information. Not all ICONS are included. Need to

Memory-Battery-USB-FreedomKey by Adriana CEO IBM-TES

Update: March 24, 2021 At one time, I was going to consider Starbucks and Chapters Indigo as our main source of distribution. From being published in print and in digital, a person could get at least some of the pages

Section-by-Section Major Arteries Recycles Expansions by Adriana IBM-TES

Scroll through the major arteries after injection. The screen needs to conform and not to mask without giving out all the vibrancy. Our body is covered with major arteries Scanning after injection of liquid for repair areas. At one time,

Future Today at E.R. Cliniques by Adriana IBM TES

For sale! I know you already done all that. It's just Quebec who doesn't have it. The rest of Canada has it. USA has it and England has it. Please surprise me, Germany France, Russia, etc… wants to procure themselves

Grids Securities by Adriana IBM TES

Computerised Grids look at the diagrams above. Aim for flash UNSEEN – CLOAK Devices Today Objectives: Identification of Provenance with all ReRouting Alert Awareness Records Alert – Who sees the flash – your side  Alert – Who hears the Sound of

Questions Answered for Children Books Croyance Beliefs Religion by Adriana

Books to come with titles Unknown. Questions: What is a sin? As I grow up with my parents around. I will have to tell them: What I feel What I hear What I see I will have to tell them

Invisible Screen TV into Invisible Screen iDevices All Possible by Projectors Console by Adriana CEO IBM TES

to OLED Glass with self-lighting pixels? I was in bed when I heard that Panasonic was working on this innovation. It shall prove to be the easiest mode made available on earth.  Why? In the console – the projector of any

Sync Simulation Growth into Renewal by Adriana CEO IBM-TES

Objective: Stimulation of regrowth with incubation walls That would mean possibly prosthesis ex: arm to allow the growth to take place with the aid of tubes for every part such minerals bone structure and possibly mass of flesh with veins.

Vaccinations into Drinkable AminoAcids Water by IBM-TES Adriana CEO

Objectives: Dilution and Purges of Active Radicals Agents of any Denominator Possible PRESENTATION of Products Above illustrations are: Ampoule/Vial – Elixir Bottle – PowderMixture When we were born most of us had this luxury or not of getting free vaccination

Starts at $25 – Lease MiniSatellite ReadMore IBM-TES by CEO

TODAY – JUNE 13, 2019 SOMETHING NEW! All the services of FIBE TV at a lesser price.  Screen sizes: 32 Inches – 50 Inches and 60 Inches. ONLY 32 Inches = Portable w/attachments Get Transmission and Reception anywhere the server

Recycle Blood Oxygen from Within System Implant – IBM-TES by CEO

Can we, one day, sooner better – Implant of recycle cartridges removables? It's possible. Diagram above is a water system. Yet, Scientists will notice a few stems here that resemble the heart system. Blood circulates around with the help of

Old and New Testament Relived by Adriana – TES

Who are we? I don't want anyone to believe in everything I say and do. I am Human just like you. You may read, write and act in your style, fashioned distinctively without any recognition of what we see in

Earth Circles Opposition Triangles by CEO IBM – TES

  Pre-History to History Men lived longer and Men lived shorter lives. Theory has it we live under pressures and depressurisations. We live with mostly gravity and some pockets of anti-gravity while the universe moves at its own pace for

Every Day Counts – Charity Calendar Lottery by Adriana CEO IBM

My Vision of Giving goes like this: Charity starts at home. Every year, many stores give us free calendars in order for us to remember to shop there. Some have monthly recipes with photos and instructions Some have tips for

Alzheimer Dementia and Childhood Learning Disabilities Combined Revisions by Adriana CEO IBM TES

Lots of happenings at IBM TES my vacations are over and their nightmares are starting (my employees that is) I believe that Dyslexia is a common type of learning difficulty that primarily affects the skills involved in the reading and spelling

Maturity vs Comprehension of Consciousness by Adriana CEO IBM TES

REVISIONS ON THE AGENDA – Please Schedule Please re-organise all acquired existent knowledge on the following topics and combine with our luxury possession of any levels of education – It is impossible that we, in Science, have to be, at

Solve Hazards Owning Cell Phones to Realise Profit by Adriana CEO

Here are the 10 reasons why cell phones are bad for your health: Objectives: How to make money when it is served with a silver spoon. Here 10 reasons you can utilise to improve these health and risk hazards and

Reactors Chain Reactions Chemicals Minerals Human Body by Adriana CEO

ATTENTION: All Permanent Learning Disabled Personnel I hope you are enjoying your summer as much as possible. As I am taking a long vacation away from Science I still the time to wonder and ponder. The sun is at its

Comprehension Development of Humanity 3rd Dimension Mode is it Feasible? by Adriana CEO Science

Update Follow Up Data Required August 28, 2017 I know and understand that most of you at IBM-TES and even Armed Forces Divisions are up for long overdue KD Camping Vacations. You shall be the envy of Oxfam you'll see.

Life is Expensive without Radio-Activity by Adriana CEO Science

We all heard of Monsanto and others who didn’t make the waves as much as Monsanto. We had to witness news of wars on TV and all the chemicals used to kill people. What these chemists ignored was this fact:

Psychology Self-Analysis Today by Adriana CEO Science

Objectives: Coping Temporary Discomforts Emotional/Physical I started the topic with the word Temporary and its definition as I know is: Emotions that come and go with a long interval in between Physical discomforts or/and pain that come and go with

How IBM-TES Sees Dusts into Mites by IBM-CEO

Today, February 17, 2019 Additions. Reversed role – creating its dust in order to revive it. Swarms of insects. Different swarms of insects – the Laser Wave when in concentration plus the extermination of its vicinity. Methods for Pulverization. Finding

Jacques Cartier Brightens UP by Adriana CEO IBM Tech Eng.

Estimated budget (and we all know that it will be higher than estimated) 39.2M$ IBM Tech Eng: Solar Lights (clutter) attached by steel wire-cable will do the trick when angled to receive the sunlight and/or light. Of course, in the

Vegetables GreenHouse All Year-Round by Adriana CEO IBM Tech Eng

IBM Tech Eng ~ Solar Panels Greenhouses over existing stores. Going hybrid is Adriana CEO ~ Orientation. Objectives: Going Local Effortlessly – No Gas Emission Most grocery stores know that vegetables and some fruits need to be watered and have

Artful Species and Creatures by Adriana CEO ~ Science

  We are looking now at bone structures “cranial” Genes that could be connected to the growth of these creatures in sizes, dimensions, mass and identity. Cross Breeding them in proportions and ratios with other mammals such as:    

Sluggish Digestion Solutions to Revive Functions by Adriana CEO ~ Science

      What I do twice per year to strip away loose bacteria(s) and thin layers of bad fat in veins and throughout the digestive system. 2 large limes per day – preferably on an empty stomach. OR 1

Self-Sufficient Domes Dwellings Hotels More to Come by Adriana CEO

Domes are wonderful. So wonderful that NASA followed suit right after Stephen King, author and Bart Simpsons episodes for family viewing started the motions. Before all that, domes were just rings. Today, IBM Tech Eng wants a piece of this

Rechargeable IBM-MemoryCell Built-In Memory Timer by Adriana CEO

 7.2 Amp Hour 12V Sealed Lead Acid Battery IBM – RechargeCell with Built-In Memory Cell Timer   IBM – RechargeCell with Built-In Memory Cell Timer MasterControl for any appliance – small or large – electronics and electrical tools necessitating wall plug-in

Follow-Ups ElementsTrace Epidermis SweatGlands Membrane Chromosomes Sex Gender by CEO IBM-TES

October 28, 2018 Follow-Up Work Order Although required in very small amounts, trace elements such as iron, iodine, fluoride, copper, zinc,chromium, selenium, manganese and molybdenum are vital for maintaining health. Also referred to as microminerals, these trace elements are part

What If Our Brain Shows Skin How It Feels by Adriana IBM CEO

Mental Degenerative Conditions such as: Alzheimer Traumas Spinal Affected Mental Disorders Dementia Stress affecting Organs Others OBJECTIVES:  IBM ~ Tech Science putting together reversible condition aware as seen on skin below.  If Science could see on the outer layer what

Every Photo Tells a Story New PhotoShoot Camera by Adriana CEO IBM Tech Eng

Bring the sound closer to you gadgets with possibilities of PhotoShooting the designs of the background, portraits and other details in order to incorporate certain modifications to alter the actual photo – Sounds or voices can be also recorded with each

Follow Ups on Imagery/Scanners by CEO IBM-TES

September 17, 2020 More Good News! OPTIONS & CHOICES Imagine if a electronics user/consumer could exercise certain options and choices – this is an example of something that will become available in some very near time soon. A two–way mirror is a

Update 8.27 Future Enigma AngelHair vs RadarCells IBM Tech Eng ~ Science by Adriana

Updated Follow Ups: August 27, 2017 Alzheimer Disecting Brain Cells to find Pigmentation. In its pigmentation (generally seen) transmitter for self-cloning as tiny as a grain of rice replace activity. Many grain of rice present to work together just as

Technicalities of Laughing Joke Never Ceasing by IBM CEO Adriana

10.31 at 4h18pm – HealthCare in Hospitals Click = (Revolutionary?) Visiting a hospital can sometimes be a scary experience. That’s why a company called NXT Health is working on new healthcare technology to change the way we experience treatments. The

Cancers + A.I.D.S. + H.I.V. Conquered by New Methods by IBM CEO Adriana

Follow-Up September 19, 2017 Natural Phenomena of Nitrogen Burst full of Extra Ingredients by Colour Balls  Injections of Coloured Balls (bullets)  Forced into Expansion Release – Slow Suspension Delay for continuous action timely manner. Assisting Oxygen Mask Contributor Will it

Historical Points Non-Discovered by Adriana

Ukraine blows up Malaysian Airline. I said: You can’t find that plane? It’s in pieces but not where you think. First, it may have been derouted then blown to pieces. The blame: Russia did it. Obama tells Russia. Stay out

IBM Tech Eng Lock-Unlock Format-Theme DoItYourWay by Adriana CEO

CrunchBase  with CrunchBase Concept. Who is catering to? Business only. People with busy schedules and people who do not want to re-hire for the sole purpose of add-ons done on previous pages. I don’t call that creative and thank you.

IBM Tech Eng ~ Sensories by Adriana

Perceptions and Projections. What does the human mind project and how is it received at the other end, by the human mind that is not reflecting on the same scale in behaviour and wavelength. Can pain be projected unto a screen

Novelty IBM Tech Eng Goes Reversible by Adriana CEO

    Sensory Remotes Reversible to Manual. USB Charger/MemoryCell  Software TBA Impeccable Visual Sound High Definition or its FREE Charger works while operating – never miss out on juice Records Once – Formatted into a No-Copy Mode Sound System Mounting

Cannabis Combinations Interventions by IBM-TES Adriana

*The US government has confirmed that cannabis can kill cancer cells after the drug did so in tests on mice and rats, according to the National Cancer Institute. If this would be true – to truly find out is to

Generators & Future Cities at IBM Designs Visual Clarity by CEO-IBM-TES

When people leave their countries for another one will only remember what they left behind… Not knowing what will become of them and how it will all go, believing it cannot get worse. Future Cities have been a dream at

Signals Intelligence of Life – Original Kind vs Other Kinds

A preview of what you may read and see one day on Commander Shatner and Nimoy Motion Picture. Not in the works yet too bad said the computer. Computers always have to wait forever, don’t they. Computer is not understanding

JoyMouse Together Independent by IBM Tech Eng.

   “JoyMouse has built-in Epen – This VYPE Epen is only an example of you may find when you need to use the Epen that will inject its tip for your convenience at the touch of a few buttons or

OceanWaters + LAVA + Patterns Energy Fields Of Perception by CEO IBM Science

April 9, 2019 – Lava + Ocean Waters – Energy Source or…. let the chemists reveal it all.  We are blessed with waters and lots of it and we are blessed by oxygen. We are blessed by so much more

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