AutoPilot IBM-TES WorkStation Instruments by CEO IBM-TES

The Future Today cannot sound better than IBM-TES Ambition Passion with a sense of romance.

MapScreen Mobile AutoPilot Instruments

Diagram left Gauge 

Built-In MapScreen Option*

Mobile Fully Operational MapScreen Option*


IBM-TES Difference is freedom of choice

Most will prefer Injection Fully Operational Mobile MapScreen

Feature is the injection. Therefore should you change car you can switch it to another auto-piloted car or simply because you need to update your MapScreen versatile into workstation.

There was a Network and that was our first Mobile Instrument since many from any part of the world could use the said Network.

Today, IBM-TES introduces the WorkStation – AutoPilot WorkStation is mobile not stationed. 

When all cables are connected – Injection Connection is possible.

The content of your Mobile MapScreen WorkStation is left to the data entry. Programs for your Mobile MapScreen WorkStation will be made available as reliable as any program built for security safety reliability without intrusion known to our engineers but don't forget the future today is not the future tomorrow watch out for Aliens.

Our Price?

Drive existing car models now

Than compare ours by test-drive FREE 

Drive a Model Car for FREE 

Take a weekend off with a IBM-TES Programmed WorkStation

Your car will be as comfortable as your own home

Sleep in it with comfy chairs

Dim your windows – contrast your windows for Clarity Driven Experience. 

All that is mentioned here is already available apart – IBM-TES Engineering will just assemble the best features our eyes can meet our soul can experience.

Dive into IBM-TES WorkStation it will bring you somewhere other than the road itself – in your office – in your home – at some conference – with some friends.

WorkStation MapScreen will grow with the needs of Future Tomorrow but we will be there First.