BB8 vs Blocks-Levels-Elementors-Alexa IBM Retrievals Drafts to Closure by AG LANG

To set up parental controls:
  1. From Settings, tap Applications & Parental Controls, and then tap Enable Parental Controls.
  2. Tap the switch to turn parental controls ON.
  3. Enter a password, confirm your password again, and then tap Submit.

What Alexa did not see the use for IBM saw it with BB8. How to solve math as if the teacher would be there. Always. The child is in school and everything the teacher explains in math class Alexa can repeat and asnwer FAQ. If by human error the question is not there, Alexa cannot repeat and the teacher at school gets a note. Since it is not controlled by the teacher, the school or the parents. Any curriculum found from Grade 1 -6 will be there in entry as the child moves in grades. Answers do come. It is only a matter of bringing Alexa to levels. Something that TECHNOLOGY can give out as the need to bring the child to another level presents itself. Alexa Amazon and Block Elementors have failed.

10 Best Alexa Skills for Kids

Would not exist. User guide would not exist.

Talk to Alexa and build a friendship. Alexa is ET.

Explain to ET and repeat to ET and Show ET. that would have been BB8. iShow, iTell, iRemember, iRepeat, iRecord, iType, iHear and iType, iHear and iWrite, iSee and iDraw builders.

I repeat ABORT LANDING again. Destroy on contact. Best place is in your draftboard or risk destruction on landing. IBM is to stay away from User Guides for programmers. Let them find it themselves. Go to school for programmers. It changes every single month so what you learned is obsolete with templates of blocks. I insert a text copypaste and I want to change a certain portion of it – I manage to change the whole text. It’s building block by block. How come this principle is understood here but not understood – it starts with a level then another level is added… how come this is not understood? A.I. is just copy paste into modules fuckheads. Child + School + every day life is not totally A.I. only the copy pasted material. The other part is recorded material on location. A.I. records it’s output after the child’s request or command or words or movements… etc… It becomes half human and half memory. SpockConnect it and don’t forget it.

When IBM doesn’t introduce whatever it assembled it is not IBM. It will shut down from the website how? IBM will learn to retrieve and revert to draft on Google. That Google likes it or not. We advanced so far that Google and the pricks like him can now dispense of IBM’s input. What has been erected, a pishnut en français will bring it down especially when high trafficked. My f.g. pleasure.

I would like to end 2018 on a good note. What didn’t kill me can still kill me – A.I. they call it but who directed A.I. to my brain? HimThem too will live out sanctions in their own cubicles at locations not even the worst enemy in fictions would take you to leave you there.