Gossip of Extreme Caution at Montreal Gazette Bell Canada + IBM Advanced Comm. by CEO of IBM-TES

News: January 12, 2019  UPDATES

Just for the record. CEO of Montreal Gazette was fired with no fanfare on January 11, 2019 after an argument over subscriptions.

The new CEO not yet convinced of wanting this position did nonetheless tell the administration of Montreal Gazette that in order for the publications to see the time of day is to offer a subscription internationally via email. And only from the subscriber’s email.

What is free, International, is one section. The future subscriber wants to pay by section and not the whole newspaper. Show the A B C D E sections and more when applicable. Subscriber International can get as many sections as he/she wants.  Payment are the usual by credit card only.

As a potentially claimed CEO of Montreal Gazette – I would like to dedicate a few pages to the most sought sections. Only a few pages. How it is perceived through Montreal’s eyes and how it is perceived through other nations’ eyes – not always coinciding with facts but with the pure brutalities and natures of all incidents. Montreal is voicing out through our reporters and not through television clips.

I want to find out what is so special with our lifestyle, life conditions and entertainment for future considerations on how to achieve a grandeur in the eyes of our international readership.

Montreal Star, as we all know it, first removed the afternoon edition. Then removed itself entirely from Quebec. Montreal Gazette is possibly the only english newspaper and not about to resign from the face of Quebec. We need intelligent readers and they are found all over this planet.

Email offers can be made available all over the world and here as well, Montreal, Quebec and Quebec. The subscriber choose from digital to delivery where possible. Payment is credit card. Either you call it in or you give it online by clicking on the link. Promotions monthly to yearly are applicable. Not less than 1 month. Pay upfront. Delivery starts the following Monday. Those arrangements are to be made by her staff. Yes, it is a woman. The Montreal Gazette ship will either go back on the river banks or sink. Take it or leave it she said.

It’s a little gossip maybe but IBM and Bell Media have been warned. Like the Montreal Gazette known for so long and the next day closed because of stupidity. Pure simple stupidity. Who in this world is so interested in our products. Find out and keep all parties alive. There is no reason on earth to publish to patent any product or reviews and reportage if we do not have anyone interested.

IBM is the only one who doesn’t need a mass to keep afloat. Bell Media and Montreal Gazette are the only 2 here mentioned that do. When internationally acclaimed, every party moves forward and even as smooth as the Enterprise Star Trek can move.

I just got a called for repairs that Government will credit me for. I told the man, politely, I am not admissible. I do not have a revenue. A Government who offers to spruce up your house has these fancy conditions while the Mayor of a town as small or as big has no conditions and no notions – who, with half of a mind, placed this program for Canadians?

The CEO of the Montreal Gazette may not want to be that person for all the badmouthing that will result. She already mentioned that the Mayor is the one who takes care of every dwelling in the city. The streets. All operations. All Public Works. Education (property) Public Education in their Sports and Leisures Centers.  So far, when visiting her own city she was appalled at what she saw and encountered. The city itself dug some holes to reconstruct who knows what. High rises are about to come and she knows that many will come down. She never wanted to be the Mayor. She cannot stand Mme Plante an actress from who knows which Presbyterian. Therefore, she listened to her instinct. No on mayorship. When a mayor is no longer capable. The title must disappear as well.  She holding on her instincts to make it happen but not in Canada so picture that in which state she is leaving it and what it will all become.

I guess I’ll end it here. Be warned and advised. IBM went up and then almost out of the stock market and that can re-enact one more time. The CEO will take what she wants and set free all her personnel working for other big names like Apple. Could you just picture it if another big company had workers who work for their competitors or even for someone who just started their businesses. In my book of history many were fired. Why not at IBM?


Bell Canada + Bell Box on the Pole

Changes to Update Receptions/Transmissions.

Boxes will have to meet future demands


What’s in a connection?

It’s all about connections – who you know who can open doors for a reception and it is up to the transmission of every path.



Serve Wi-Fi Telephone Cable + Chips + Antennae

Do we need to always be behind technology dearest Personnel of mine?

Dictators of Technology fall behind when IBM needs to hide their advancement in operative today, FutureToday, FutureNow.

Every Box needs to be removed and replaced where applicable.

New clients first. It could serve up to 12 modules in Cells Blocks

Mountain Zones First. The best places for trials of advanced technology is always where it is the most difficult to receive the adequate signals at any given range. 

Are we minimising certain malignencies by using this method or will our ions remain the same, or, will our oZone remain the same?

Analysis Location Range Transmitters Receptors go hand in hand.

In your worksheet do write what is NOW and all that is being updated or added to the existent modules – cells repartitions etc… 

Use it Mountain – West and East and all around water zones. 

Quebec Montreal we have 2 shores and 1 island. NorthShore, SouthShore and Montreal. Call Bell and ask for the oldest employees phone number to get to this information quicker. Why so many problems with telephone connections?

Proceed with real existent information not from Microsoft with tell me, maybe we already have it type of notion.

All communication devices need to be on Wi-Fi and Electricity for Solar Panels to one join the whole system.

What I am going through will never be compensated. I cannot think of anything that is going to make me forget what I had to go through just to witness trashy systems of 19’tranquille

Menu Colours Insert-Recorder-Player

TV Screen Display

TV Sony Plasma

No more APPS.

Fibe Bundle Streamer + TV RCA Sony Samsung

Rectangular of 50″ diameter Screen

becomes Frame: 40 x 50 

Giving one side display taking X inches space for menu view with a tab to close and open at the top of bottom of that same space.

Can cost up to 5K$ 


Reels Insertables Back of Screen

Wi-Fi Modem in Back of Screen

Battery Supply Insertable Power Outage Security

Battery Recharges as you use it when plugged in electrical current 

Drives Ejectables Insertables of Modules + What is to come Space.

I asked for this to be placed as a priority never heard.

That program box will not be sold to anyone after Streamer Bundle takes place as Economy Internet TV Streamer

Whoever put that box together can buy them all back.

Remote control from iDevices available

A few models only come with Bell TV IBM 

but made with partnership for said model.

Affordables to Expensive 

All will include this system – Reels 

Every reel has different colours ejectables as USB Keys MC

Can be replaced as the colour is full. 

Programmed by the user by Genre or by Calendar Day

Send to USB Key MC for Storage 

Because this TV will 2 sources of energy for functioning it shall be called Hybrid + Storage 

I was a little ticked off at DEL 

Storage in TV is in one of those Save Drives Ejectables

It permits Library Type In Colour Contrast Name of Program, Date of Episodes and Name of Episode if any. The moment user chooses that colour It will display. He will find all this data in all the colours. He can retrieve by date. He can retrieve by name of program stored or not. If it’s in the TV Colour Reel he can retrieve more than one colour. He can press on Menu. It can only show what he entered.

User may choose to use existing Fibe Programmer Box. No rental. He must buy it. Bell does not guarantee that box at all.

Furthermore, some TV’s will be given away without all this fanciness. It will be able to get the minimum, cable.

Fibe Pay on Demand is not Canadian at all. I am not happy with its performance. It’s too expensive. Our sponsors, companies and businesses who choose Bell Canada Media will not be able to choose too much as I notice what happens when that fucking algebra shows up at the bottom of the screen, I really want to walk away. Then, I see 10 commercials. On that, N.B. TBA.