Built-In Charger Lithium Cell-iPad-Laptop IBM Tech Eng.

iPad Samsung-laptop lithiummodule feedcable iphone6


Nota Bene: Images of Tech Gadgets are not IBM products.

IBM Tech Eng will demonstrate that we don’t have to carry it all to have our :

  • Charger Module Built-In never interfering with iPhone or Androids
  • Charger can be used for iPad
  • Charger can be used for Laptop
  • Cable Feedline only has 3 end tips USB style – 1 Plug-in (see the difference compare with above cables in images)
  • Electrical Outlet Plug-In – 1 only
  • Electrical Plug-In with Universal Adapters – up to $100 more (option)

IBM SynchSymphonia or IBM SS Cell Phone version A (existing formatting established)

IBM gets rid of the competition – find it at 30% now instead of later like most competitors do when they are OVERSTOCK – we’ll be OS.

OS means OUT of STOCK by the way.

  1. Allows all accessibility and server connection with USB Freedom Key – Miniature Gold Records in the platform for multiple and numerous usages. It can be easily be recharged or removed for the library – replaces iTunes (iPod with iTunes downloads)
  2. When cell goes on mute for different reasons GPS is automatically on. If you have another IBM SynchSymPhonia it records the GPS message regarding its location.
  3. Other features TBA 



Come alive with built-in ? Find out soon.

Newsbreak: IBM Tech Eng is working on Solar Re-Chargeables for iPhone and iPads from Apple

USB copper conductor pin (fusillage) to Memory regular 16 32 60 —  MC-IBM 16-32-60

GlassFilm when used to re-charge battery USB will change colour and needs to be placed in the light/sunlight.

Similar to eyewear in the sunlight, it changes with the heat and brightness.

Ethernet http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-image-ethernet-cable-connector-image25069321

Take only TIPS of these Ethernet connections and turn them into MC-USB Rechargeables with memory Plastic Coating the wires. Wires must have functionalities. Leave 2 colours for future use with Freedom Key Accessibilities.

Synch-Phonia IBM – Roaming enjoyable at one set price all year long.

Prices will not vary – only 3 end tips USB available with Solar Synch Hybrid while supplies last.

My Motto is to Carry less and Enjoy much more.


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