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Ultra Cities are being built all over the world and they can also be called Future Cities.

North America has yet to compete with world’s platforms to accommodate Future Cities, actually, we are possibly the last continent to even start such a journey into multiple futures in just one large city. Combing the internet-web-pages will demonstrate that Future Cities are in the making while others have completed their plans with a great margin of successes.

As the CEO of IBM and Assistant to NASA – I prefer seeing platforms of comprehensions to fit all demands of Future Cities. Who are the Future Cities in North America… New York needs more analysis – so far, it will not make it in the first ten cities in the planifications of a Future City. In a large location, there can be only a few strong signals while others become secondary or maybe inter-signalisation from within thus, we benefit of a protected zone from multi-interferences from the vicinities and all around. Emphasis on strong signals to accommodate the internal concepts.

Figure on top shows a version of a modern shopping center without the interactions of their shoppers. Shoppers on-the-go with gadgets built for on-the-go.

What is new?

So far, Canon and Nikon will be the first with Interactions-On-The-Go for visitors and citizens of the said countries. Every window of the shopping center is a location for a few ads. It can be seen that I just arrived at the airport – being driven to my hotel and I am planning the next day. Get your notifications and get your generated code. These are short codes that will be of sequences.

On my list of to-do when I arrive in Montreal:

  • Notifications for Restaurants and Promotions (personal) (provide – customs business + tax exemptions?)
  • Notifications for Shopping and Promotions (personal) (provide – customs business + tax exemptions?)

Shopping Centers Windows with Ads. As a visitor or citizen passes by the shopping center, it will ring. Why? The consumer decided not to bother with flipping flyers looking for deals on cameras. When deals do show up to consumers specifications such as 50% and higher or liquidation – Brands Selected the iPad, Tablet and now, the Cameras will send out the notifications. The consumer clicks and see what’s on sale or/and liquidation. Either buys it via online or just places a deposit that can only last a few hours. He has the time to get into the shopping center and further browse with the items found at reception – He looks around may buy more items and may just purchase the said items. Something that Amazon eBay or others cannot do or duplicate.

Imagine said Steve Jobs that his new tablet, iPhone along with two big camera brands can give you more than what online purchases can? He would be surprised. I am not. I always knew that Technology is not here tonight and gone tomorrow while so many even say that their videos, their website will be pulled out of the internet because they are so controversial.

It’s always nice to have nice façades when using these ultra-modern concepts and that’s where Engineering Designs can help with the concepts. Talking Windows that come alive when a consumer calls them? Talking to  Window – Ads? It is possible. Click on Customer Service.

You see, all this is possible. Ads are never the same in every country but in these countries all is possible.

“I saw the tablet Sony at the window. I saw it went for $99. How many can I buy?”

“As many as stock permits.” The customer service replies. She wants to please Sony and the CEO of IBM.

I will never remove my concepts idealism because you the user, shopping center windows for ads, do not know how to use it. Au contraire. Formatted Window Ads to fill in. It will include a few details. This will duplicate and be sent to Customs + other Departments

  1. $price. Qty. $5000 for 100 items or $500 each unit.
  2. Brand Name / Features / CUP SKU
  3. Limits in quantity or no limits
  4. Customs Waybill for customer to fill in (if applicable)
  5. Warranty
  6. Shipping Details


Happy Shopping!





iPad Samsung-laptop lithiummodule feedcable iphone6


Nota Bene: Images of Tech Gadgets are not IBM products.

IBM Tech Eng will demonstrate that we don’t have to carry it all to have our :

  • Charger Module Built-In never interfering with iPhone or Androids
  • Charger can be used for iPad
  • Charger can be used for Laptop
  • Cable Feedline only has 3 end tips USB style – 1 Plug-in (see the difference compare with above cables in images)
  • Electrical Outlet Plug-In – 1 only
  • Electrical Plug-In with Universal Adapters – up to $100 more (option)

IBM SynchSymphonia or IBM SS Cell Phone version A (existing formatting established)

IBM gets rid of the competition – find it at 30% now instead of later like most competitors do when they are OVERSTOCK – we’ll be OS.

OS means OUT of STOCK by the way.

  1. Allows all accessibility and server connection with USB Freedom Key – Miniature Gold Records in the platform for multiple and numerous usages. It can be easily be recharged or removed for the library – replaces iTunes (iPod with iTunes downloads)
  2. When cell goes on mute for different reasons GPS is automatically on. If you have another IBM SynchSymPhonia it records the GPS message regarding its location.
  3. Other features TBA 



Come alive with built-in ? Find out soon.

Newsbreak: IBM Tech Eng is working on Solar Re-Chargeables for iPhone and iPads from Apple

USB copper conductor pin (fusillage) to Memory regular 16 32 60 —  MC-IBM 16-32-60

GlassFilm when used to re-charge battery USB will change colour and needs to be placed in the light/sunlight.

Similar to eyewear in the sunlight, it changes with the heat and brightness.


Take only TIPS of these Ethernet connections and turn them into MC-USB Rechargeables with memory Plastic Coating the wires. Wires must have functionalities. Leave 2 colours for future use with Freedom Key Accessibilities.

Synch-Phonia IBM – Roaming enjoyable at one set price all year long.

Prices will not vary – only 3 end tips USB available with Solar Synch Hybrid while supplies last.

My Motto is to Carry less and Enjoy much more.


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