Built-In Shelves Refrigeration System FutureTodayNow by CEO of IBM-TES


From a DREAM to Fantasy into FutureTodayNow.

This concept is not elaborated at all in itself.

It does have more ventilation than the standing conventional fridge freezer 

It gets a little complicated when Climatisation enters this concept. Why stop at that. Using BatteryCharging Powered by Electricity and Solar Power it will be nothing but connect the cables at the right angle and position.

Can we get warm air coming from this system, why not. Can we keep it a constant degree? Yes. Sensors just like ThermoPompe will be featured. 

Regulation is along the wall – Crisp – Fridge – Freezer

Convert from Crisp to Freezer will be possible.

Rechargeables are along the wall. 4 to 6 rechargeables.

All work separately – no need to worry so much if freezer goes for whatever reason, the fridge will work so will the crisper – shelves have their own power. Warm Trays on Travel Airplanes – Cold Trays available as well.

Keep one compartment for warm trays is also possible. 

Remove Crisp – Opt for Warm

ReArrange Shelves for Warm or Cold or Crisp or Freeze. 

More to come. TBA.

Trays are sold separately since it varies according to dimensions.

Trays go warm or cold/crisp. 

When you purchase glass doors no need to add Wi-Fi. Stretch your neck and see what's there. 

Complicating a good utility to just try out something would be more my genre when I can take the compartment of either right or left fridge slide conveyor into oven beside it. Therefore a trap door will open to slide in the food trays to cook or plain are you ready for this.

Turn on LG Oven at Desired temperature – time schedule.

Only when oven is ready to go on will cool/crisp convert to the desired temperature. 

For very well done – medium – raw – not to worry. Once you select what you already have tried and tested and prefer – let the Auto-Schedule Retrieve Memory Cooking – Scrolls down for your click. 

Go and don't worry. It's better than a slow cooker. It's everything except microwave. 

Fridge-Oven-Table It can happen in my dream it can happen in your kitchen.

What you won't need with this:


Toaster Oven

Slow Cooker


What you could need is: Microwave Self-Clean.

LG IBM-TES Full of Fantasy into Reality at Affordable Price

Detailed List with each purchase of Oven and Built-In.

What you don't need and what you will need regardless.