Business Fun Festivals & Reasons to Shop at my ChainStores by LANG

Hi Everyone Readers and other Readers

I made some big acquisitions. Nationwide Canada New England. Stores and stores and nothing but stores including all the restaurants in that chainblock, chainstores, chainlink. All them chains.

New laws in Canada New England. All HQ go back to USA. I took it all. Even Walmart. I took shopping centers – to tell you that major renovations will take place.

Hollywood has his movie sets and I shall have my television programs sets – episodes will start with real live action and no rehearsals.

I got something cooking. Saturday morning shopping and afternoon delights without forgetting nightly escapades. Mystery shoppers no more. Mystery free materials, products and items including produce to be found between the hours of (x to xx) The shopper finds it and gets to keep it. Once found, that item is no longer on our list for the time being. Once per week and during seasons a shopper could get demo items and can get a new case of an item depending of the stores.

I had a good photo for everyone to see but it seems that GoDaddy Mr. Security doesn’t want to permit it. July 27, 2019

Restaurants – well, they say in Hollywood that movie stars were found in restaurants waiting on tables and it happened to me so I believed it when I heard it. I was working at the Mini Chow when National Film Board spoke to me. So it is true.

Canada will want to watch real episodes outside the settings of Cheers Friends and Moi et l’Autre, there is outside too not just indoor scenes.

Sounds good? Well, it sounds terrific to me.