Canon-Nikon EyeBall Cameras EyeBall BB-I-C 180-210 Field Vision Caption – EyeLense Corrector by IBM-TES WorkSheets

Update: January 22, 2021

After spending a few short minutes on YouTube, there is something that changed. Here are some features of our new lenses.

Depressurization from the Eye.

I would believe that our eyes are the most important tools on this planet and in our body.

Starting from the ones gifted with eyes – what will happen to the rest of the body when the eye gets certain corrections from an Android Eye Corrector Modifier Recovery Remedy and so on.

Glaucoma – research does say that pressures alone can mark a long term definite damage in the eyes.

Sugar is then avoided.

What if we, at IBM, would add another one, perhaps only on a note for verification if eye contact itself can sort of eliviate certain malaise such as Glaucoma.

The person needs to wear and stare at a point. This point is to go from short distance to long distance. These glasses will permit the eyes to regain their “Normalcy” a word that needs to be defined in the heath folder of the person.

IBM is trying to filter what can be corrected as an external patient and what cannot be done so.

Should pressures be written down in the Health Folder. Most definitely, it should and I am, personally, waiting for Fitbit, a watch with meanings. I feel and believe in the Fitbit watch as going very far such an external apparel a person wears in a car, any kind of transportation including our famous AirCarCopter. We will have a few. It is a sure thing. AirCarCopter are in and so will the Fitbit be in. Great road companions.

Now back to the eyes, the Fitbit Android will be connecting to the folder of the person for constant supervision. All data will remain in the folder till the doctor gets a signal of its progress.

I ask my personnel to include this practice in their agenda, optometrists to be called for further evaluation.

A new model will come out at the end of our Summer 2021, worldwide speaking.

The cost. Yes, the cost. It will be free if connecting to your optometrist that still goes to school. Yep, doctors don’t always have as easy, it is called continued education. The University will call the person when they see it is of grave importance.

Thank You.


Two years went by and it seems that Canon or Nikon have had a hard time putting together elongations of two-three long range glows for camera eye(s) and it seems that the speakers are of the same caliber. I wanted more than one detector. Yamaha may be the one asked for sound (s) they do give out different sounds for different notes and you can’t put it together. Sony cannot put it together there must be only one company left. Please find out if they are not too busy for this camera that should sell at a very low price with all the disturbance that is going on with COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter except IBM-TES and Apple Core-TES. Geez, the world seems to be imbalanced at an unmeasurable tilt.

I would like to see the above done for the below figures to start happening. I saw a drone that made the waves for some people. They can keep what they have.

What I want is that each near-future drones are able to intercept and copy all videos and sounds to send to the Drone-Tel-Center – thank you for your co-operation. It sure takes long. I can just picture N.A.S.A. waiting for people like you to start moving.

Pupil Implant as big as or smaller than Rice Grain

Added Contact Invisible Screen Lenses

Visual Corrector for Eye Conditions Disorders

Someone wearing glasses for life is possibly something of the past.

Very little has been done while much can be done. Eyes are valuable. Technology is valuable while medicine is a bonus. We are living times of luxury. IBM-TES won’t do it but the CEO will.

IBM-TES by CEO Worksheet is to experiment exploit the potentials of a combination of one microchip pupil implant monitored by the invisible contact screen only a doctor probably along the lines of a Neuro-Surgeon may monitor.

Finally seeing the progress of its degenerative or regenerative will be something to look forward to.

EyeBall Camera Lenses for Digital Cameras with Upload-Download Cable Connectors will possibly enjoy an added version on their tripod.

The BB-I-C follows projectile. Easy one two three. Set Camera. Place BB-I-C USB in Upload Socket – View Streams in iDevices with the download to turn zoom one or two or even three projectiles target. Zoom into one at the time – press set. Will ask if there would be another setting or another target – press yes – follow the target zoom in – press set again. You are ready now to shoot your photos and your video at the same time.

It will command the pixel you already have set in your menu for each photo formatting. Video formatting will also need to be adjusted to specs.

Sit down, be in the video and photo shoot with real footage and nothing else. No camera No iDevices just you and whatever or whoever. Done.

Tripod BB-I-Show-Tell-C etc.. under construction. It does talk you know without the camera. Get a great coverage say goodbye to 1963.