Cameras EyeBall BB-I-C 180-210 Field Vision Caption – EyeLense Corrector by IBM-TES WorkSheets

Pupil Implant as big as or smaller than Rice Grain

Added Contact Invisible Screen Lenses

Visual Corrector for Eye Conditions Disorders

Someone wearing glasses for life is possibly something of the past. 

Very little has been done while much can be done. Eyes are valuable. Technology is valuable while medicine is a bonus. We are living times of luxury. IBM-TES won't do it but the CEO will.

IBM-TES by CEO Worksheet is to experiment exploit the potentials of a combination of one microchip pupil implant monitored by the invisible contact screen only a doctor probably along the lines of a Neuro-Surgeon may monitor.

Finally seeing the progress of its degenerative or regenerative will be something to look forward to. 

EyeBall Camera Lenses for Digital Cameras with Upload-Download Cable Connectors will possibly enjoy an added version on their tripod.

The BB-I-C follows projectile. Easy one two three. Set Camera. Place BB-I-C USB in Upload Socket – View Streams in iDevices with the download to turn zoom one or two or even three projectiles target. Zoom into one at the time – press set. Will ask if there would be another setting or another target – press yes – follow the target zoom in – press set again. You are ready now to shoot your photos and your video at the same time. 

It will command the pixel you already have set in your menu for each photo formatting. Video formatting will also need to be adjusted to specs.

Sit down, be in the video and photo shoot with real footage and nothing else. No camera No iDevices just you and whatever or whoever. Done. 

Tripod BB-I-Show-Tell-C etc.. under construction. It does talk you know without the camera. Get a great coverage say goodbye to 1963.