Can a Division of the Humand Body Perform on its Own? Adriana CEO IBM – TES

Ever heard of that song: Thorn between 2 lovers feeling like a fool? Loving both of you is breaking all the rules?

The Tale of Two Seasons – Creation.

(Something I wanted to write a long time ago. After I saw people running away from Apes. The ape grabs a person and gets him on his knees. Cornelius this other Ape said. and then as usual, no time for TV)

To BE or not to BE. The answers are all here on our Planet Earth.


This is us now at IBM-TES – our knowledge and our longevity.


This is where I wanna be – IBM-TES with more knowledge and sure longevity.

Most trees are beautiful and are perennials. Best trees are Evergreens? They keep all their needles, of course, they shed as well when a man won’t shelter him and feed him.

We, humans, creatures, need to be sheltered and fed.

If finding out how it affects trees is where you start then transpose its reasoning to our human creatures reasoning for development and longevity.

Objective: Will Separation from Mental and Body Permit Longevity?

Many many years ago, Once Upon a Time, Science came out with some credible facts. Reducing our thermostat and reducing our hearbeat.

What did not happen: How did our DNA react to it?

Very simple, right. I never got a factsheet of their tests. Have you? What is it labelled under?

In order to pursue some level of possibility vis-à-vis longevity of any said DNA ingredient – one has to have both tested while reducing the body’s temperature and its heartbeat.

Time is a factor. Time release is our next objective. Undestanding the whole schema is our first objective.

What happens when the heartbeat is low – stamina, glands and mental energy?

What happens when the temperature is low – higher energy? Glands? and Mental abilities.

Specimen are anyone. Every age range is an important specimen.

Why you may ask?

When you know with your equipment/tools the preferred temperature/heartbeat index. You want to copy this role-model.

Now, get to work. If you feel that you’ve read these tests too many times and too many years ago and went nowhere. We at IBM are lucky to have you aboard. You will tell everyone else why reading this material of the past stumped you.

Ultimate Objective is finding the right position when we divide between hibernation (to keep our body’s composition to refurnish, re-develop and regenerate) while our slow mental equiped with hormones and senses are possibly in a slow mo or many not as bad as I can vision it.

Yukon Territories – we have this to mirror. It is possibly just a location on this planet resembling other planets in our galaxy. Northern Lights and all that shebang. We are them. We can become them.

Time passes for everyone – everyone is under the sun – basking in the moonlight. Except Yukon (example) Northern Alberta/British Columbia area/zones – 6 months light and then 6 months of darkness.

If we could transpose this regime onto ourselves we would get – so far – as I see it or vision it. The Bear Syndrome. Hibernation awake during Xmonths. (I feel that not everyone will respond with the same timing) Then, we have growth emersion? It needs to be done in a slow release.

We are going to be looking for this factor – time release of our renewal regeneration growth during the winter to see it come forward during the summer.

The Tale of Two Seasons – Creation.



And I really seriously mean it. Don’t mess with this monkey!