Canada Wide Projects by Requests Plans by AG LANG CEO of IBM


What are DAMs, please feel free to read about it and its reason to be there, all of the reasons.

The DAM will have another reason to exist where permissible by transport, waterways.

Transport is here to stay just like dwellings are here to stay.

Electric Cars starting to increase in purchases and so will rust increase.

Two DAMS on each side and less humidity and less snow will be the way for Canada and IBM AG LANG ready to supply to the requests. After a study and analysis – estimation will be made up free for towns, major cities as well as states and provinces.

This may also represent some re-routing around some of the territories of England, France and Spain in the Empress Continent to come.

Rechargeables via conduit of Solar Panels with a trans-island bridge return (2) large lanes. What holds this new bridge is both sides, the DAM.

The DAMS will send out the water as well as bring it in – recirculation of water – manage its properties of keeping the area clean by keeping the debris from the bottom to always resurface as soon as it hits certain valves. Pressurized. Collection of whatever the sea holds can be made available on the surface to be sent where collection permits it.

The DAMS will also include their Solar Panels with cables to send charges to the vicinity that will not necessitate too many cables from the ground or dwellings.

Extra or Surplus of Charges will be made available in the vicinity of both ends of the bridge with supporting walls the DAMS. There will be a track on both sides for MONO-Rail. Hybrid.

This is a Canadian IBM-TES project and plan. Therefore, pre-requisites are that IBM need to inspect the locations and get authorization from the CEO Lisa – if she gives the okay and the figures are not erroneously written – she will certainly give the okay.

Canada may be able to receive their first bridges sooner than they think. CEO prefers experts like Hydro Quebec, PowerMen. She says: Her staff has expertise and not enough experience. We start with smaller location to feed smaller location and to accommodate smaller transport needs.

Should Montreal invest on a bridge with 2 DAMS with Solar Panels and cable wires to the vicinity of both ends? Where would you believe it can be erected?

Small to Medium Heavy Loads here and leave other bridges for heavy loads, does that sound commercialisable? I believe that the entire Canada cannot get this or use this but it will alleviate in time and repairs. The cost is not as much as people would believe.

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Hi, IBM-TES, do you take the charges? Yes.

You owe SAAQ – rules and regulations TBA.

You don’t have to walk or march for Success to happen. Pay the right people. Their degrees are seen not just filed in some HR cabinets.

Imagine that. I asked for work. Written articles and the person behind the desk wants to know if my claims are dubious. The moment I can, well, he’ll have to prove to me that his methods are better than mine. Voilà et toucher.