Cancers + A.I.D.S. + H.I.V. Conquered by New Methods by IBM CEO Adriana

Follow-Up September 19, 2017

lung cancer

Natural Phenomena of Nitrogen Burst full of Extra Ingredients by Colour Balls 

  • Injections of Coloured Balls (bullets) 
  • Forced into Expansion
  • Release – Slow Suspension Delay for continuous action timely manner.
  • Assisting Oxygen Mask Contributor
  • Will it help in recovery only or healing to one day self-clone into acceptable condition?
  • TBA


  • Can Forced-Shoot FEVERS above 103°F for a period 3 days – REVEAL signs of presence of VIRUS – INFECTIONS – BACTERIAS?
  • Infections vs Bacterias = common factors found in their HP – can they be detected in a biopsy 
  • What do their anti-bodies reveal?


  • FEVERS au Natural above 103°F for a period 3 days?
  • Then these two methods need to be compared per individual.
  • Who can help?
  • HIV and AIDS patients can help reveal what their agents have to say with or without medication.
  • Red Cross is not keen in taking their blood but IBM ~ Science will pay anyone who can honestly say that they are feverish and to report to a certain location.
  • Also, IBM ~ Science will pay anyone without FEVERS who have intercourse with same sex (mostly men) or bisexuals or women having sex with men with HIV or AIDS and of course know about it.
  • Your blood is precious and we want to let you know it. Thank you for helping science advance and go further in their quest for Quality of Life.
  • Cancers victims may give us a great benefit and they are welcome

syringe-insert accupunture-syringe BIOPSY

Strep_throat cervical-cancer-curable

  • Throat Cancers – UP
  • Cervical – Uterus Cancers UP
  • Cure and Preventions – NOW and CLOSE

Objectives of IBM – Science

  1. Simplifying detection method prior a visit to a doctor's office. How easy is it to take a Pregnancy Test? This one is easier. Put the strip inside the urine and take to hospital. If the acids are there – they will not disappear. Or, you will have the same method as a diabetic test. The reading will remain on the tube/syringe.
  2. Study would demonstrate the strep-throat as being as such – many doctors will not even bother with the old method of taking a culture of the tonsil. Anti-Biotics are prescribed. Most patients return with other symptoms (possibly consequent symptoms of a misdiagnose)
  3. I do not expect a vaccine to prevent this from re-occurring since many women have sex with multiple partners.

At the risk at sounding ancient – many people have sex with multiple partners as if they are hanging on to some water from heaven. I wish. If we do not find all the roads to a Cervical Cancer – this genre of cancer is here to return even on the same patient.

We need to find all the acids and this is a challenge and a half.



Adriana, CEO IBM – Science 


When SCANNERS – Infrared – Microscope – Rotational Meet Great expectations are found in living and dead cells finding thus their reason to be there in any shape or/format. Everything in moderation, please consume in moderation every material used in the fabrication of IBM – Tech Eng ~ Science when prescribed.


aidssymptoms SymptomHIV

What is presently available now. October 2015

ToshibaUltraSound 360UltraSound ToshibaUltraSound

Objectives ULTRASound 360° start with:

Body – Accommodations for Infant to Adulthood

  • Adjustable SM LGXL XXL-XXXL measures for diameters
  • Height of these Cerceaux from 12" up to full height measurements.
  • Can fit R3D3 Hand Control with External Commands
  • All Imagery will be view on Screens
  • Copied by segments and as a whole

NOTA BENE: IBM Tech Eng ~ Science will not be looking into Pre-Natal Scanners till further notice.

What is presently available now. October 2015

NONE since I did not bother to search but this is the thinnest shape demonstrated here that doesn't really add to any purpose but can still be used for coming / future projects.


New Waves with merging divisions of UltraSound at 90° 

  • Slowly Gradually joining waves to speed up the images
  • Separate and ReMerge
  • Can be seen by segments
  • Can be seen as a whole
  • Rotational Head with and without Infrared with External Commands
  • Fit for R3D3 Hand Control
  • All will be projected onto Screens
  • Microscopic Purposes to reflect this method with motions incorporated.

Living cells with their reasonings in dead tissues, virus and infections without forgetting all forms of minerals such as calciums from various parts of the body.

NOTA BENE: Pre-Natal will not be our responsibility only the physician's and the manufacturer of these apparels. IBM is not and will not produce any apparel without the consent and approval of Adriana CEO


Chemotherapy pills turned into liquid also.

To add with AIDS and HIV therapies and to alternate when necessary depending of blood analysis results.

.lab4studyoncannabis lab1

  • All blood analysis to reflect the ratio of before and after using drugs (non prescribed)
  • Chlorophyll volume with anti-biotics (its ratio)
  • Should it be re-enacting what is the blood analysis and symptoms
  • All their vaccinations since birth
  • Partners? New or old acquaintances.
  • Drugs + Drinks
  • Age factors
  • And, please don't tell me it's in the genes without checking if active or over active
  • Give the CEO a fucking break and take a long one from your disorientation from the tasks at hand. Get the fuck out of IBM ~ Tech Science.

PrinceAndrew Chrismas 1989

Not sure where King Andrew is: In Jail?