Cannabis Combinations Interventions by IBM-TES Adriana


*The US government has confirmed that cannabis can kill cancer cells after the drug did so in tests on mice and rats, according to the National Cancer Institute.

If this would be true – to truly find out is to develop its serum and mix it with a small amount of chemotherapy along with other medicinal ingredients to calm the tremors of multiple slivers of the surface of every organ.

Cannabis Distribution Legalisation.

As we all know when street market loses its potentials – perhaps there is reason to believe that add-ons will be sold as tips or add to mixture of the cannabis.

Please look into all illegal sustenance of experimental  and of influence. Their preferred combinations always keeping Cannabis in mind. 

We are to reserve future studies with reserved spots who cannot find a way out of this system they eagerly entered. There was more than just one warning. Needless to say how at this moment; our priority is to talk with users of illegal sustenance experimental and of influence.  

  1. What they expect?
  2. What it does to their body?
  3. What it does to their brain cells?
  4. How it may change their DNA Behaviours?
  5. Blood Test – I would recommend it to become mandatory prior frequent LEGAL usage.
  6. Which are the most preferred combinations of sustenance?

The Justice Department of ANY country is to buy our case studies. No more free for all. The reasons are simple. Canada is Canada users and only small percentage of what USA may be. Etc. so on and so forth. Yet, results of our case study can be generalised for every country with high consumption of these said illegal sustenance, experimental and source of influence.


*In many US states where cannabis is already legal for medicinal use, cancer patients have long been using the drug to ease pain.

It should prove to be interesting to realise a drug that can ease the pain of multiple cuts in attempt to remove malignancy. Not only would it be killing the abnormalities but it would also cease a prolonged pain – endurance to treatment after treatment would be favoured.

Please work on this method and do use it on human patients as rats and mice is an obsolete mode of conduct. We have so many affected and why not find a way out of this mess.

Have a great week.

Chrismas 1989

Adriana CEO wishing you well for the remaining of the you bunch of