Cassette WiFi WalkieTalkie Telephone BoomBox IBM-TES by CEO of IBM-TES


From Shuffle iPod Size to Console Sizes. Going back in time to reproduce some fun aspects of recording and easy listening is possibly only on "fun" basis.

How big is the cassette?

Cassette Cartridges Tapes come in various sizes. 

iPod Shuffle a little inconvenient? iPhone is getting too busy with all those (APPS)

No problem. Cassette Cases come in different formats. They are all connected to your communication paths. Record Listen – Set to Sound Voice Command. 

The flat pad with numeric keys is for caption for extra mention on the recording and works separately. It can work with your microphone or with another recorded message (merge key) 

Interchangeable Keys on Tablet: 

  • By Colours 
  • By Numbers
  • By Alpha
  • Merge
  • MacroKeys Customise
  • Camera Eye
  • Recorder
  • Sound Activation
  • Shuffle + Search Tracks
  • Volume 
  • Interchangeable to Video or and Record Sound Only

The price here is approximately $1,500. Standard Size

No cellular just Recording Radio Device with possibility accessibility for cellular is $500.

Accommodation for accessibility is what costs the most. The modules are ready to receive the transmission components etc. 

Then there is that Radio with HeadSet for less than 50$ Since you will get hooked a little and buy our Memorex Tapes and they are not so cheap. 

Tracks for Cassettes are guaranteed for Price Value. Make sure you don't bang it around or drop it in the toilet. 

Console which is part of our Streamer X has many mini-cassettes tracks and cartridges. All tracks are connected to ports 

All ports are connected on request. All ports open to stream per request. All ports close or shut down on request. All are pre-scheduled for demonstration. All ports can have accessibilities for outsourced streaming by request. 

Outsourced Streaming X is next. It means I do not wish to pay for Netflix someone has the membership. When that member records it – I receive it. I do not pay. New movies, new broadcasting sports politics porns etc.. Education Lessons, Language etc… I do not wish to pay for that subscription or membership – I only want to see it.

I can do likewise. Outsourcing Streaming X

It's legal. They are doing it now Hollywood NewYork and California with National Film Board. and the likes. At this point, they are cashing in. Tomorrow, I shall be cashing in by giving or supply (for money) Streaming and Streaming X. 

The more you pay for Streaming X the more you know that BellTel or TelBell is the only one you can rely on without paying for services programs shows you never intended to watch but got stuck in it. Today and Yesterday = Same. I get stuck in 5 programs I do not watch for 1 program that is not working at full capacity because I get to see 10 commercials in between – Bell today is offering Fibe Satellite. I get so many commercials that I cannot believe my kids pay so much for it. That rate should be only commercials if you want them. Sometimes I do want to know what's going on. 

That's another segment that many will have to wait.

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