Chewing Gum and Co-Ordination Memory Retainabilities by Adriana CEO

  • ChewingGumPH balance and Colours can they reveal : Cultures / Bacterias / Virus
  • Colours PH may reveal the beginning of an illness with acidities and/or alkalines
  • There is a spit test and IBM is working on chewing gum of various colours
  • Two years ag
    o, spitting tests revealed quite a few dimensions of illnesses
  • Preventive ways can also be administered in the same manner depending of the illness.
  • Just picture popping a few pieces of chewing gum – chewing on them – A colour is revealed – Then just pop a few chewing gum pieces of the same colour (medicine)
  • Is IBM ~ Science only a gum away from discovering alternatives to seeking a doctor when GUMS can reveal instantly the malaises?
  • IBM ~ Tech Eng ~ Science continuous education with advanced methods for the people of today’s world and generation. Busy Schedules!

How motorisation can work for the brain functions. How it can work for co-ordination and faculties.

  • Read out loud – Sing out loud
  • Speak out loud to some one or just to yourself – instruct yourself like, “I’m getting up and going to the washroom” or “I’m getting a glass of water”
  • Chew Food and read something
  • Drink water and read something
  • Walk and talk to yourself out loud or sing (if you find it silly to just talk)
  • Skip and talk out loud or sing.

P.S. For all psychiatrists: Mentally ill affected victims won’t do this anyway. So read this accordingly. 

A 2012 study in the Journal of American Geriatrics suggested your ability to chew might predict your risk of dementia. But don’t get too worried if you have trouble chomping: The researchers don’t know if mental decline leads to poor dental care and less bite force, if difficulty chewing impacts the brain, or if it’s simply just a random correlation.



Journal of American Geriatrics is on a LATE track here. His recommendations will be well served with early development of the brain, in school from elementary and so on and so forth.

A good practice starts with the individual chewing gum while reading. (Which is not permissible in classes)

At home, the individual must read out loud with a chewing gum and chew at the same time.

This continued method will be of benefit to the brain as it always keeps the connectivity of its functions.

This adaptation is propitious to a mental conditioning that will give prolonged results and must be practiced whenever reading or even watching television or even walking.

Bottom line – results are prolongation of mental exercise permitting accessibilities of memory retaining its roundness. This image on the right denotes the early stages of memory banks. It will always expand with knowledge put into practice. (sorry for my French)

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