Collars Bracelets Sets IBM-TOYS by CEO of IBM-TES GrownUp Fun


Choice of Collars and Bracelets

Sets starting from 1 for kid adult and 6 for Toys and live animals

Oh What FUN at Halloween!

Easter Egg Hunting could be a spoiler someone will snitch!

Wherever they are they are always with you in direct communication!

IBM-TOYS Grow with you and around you.

Give it volume, give it sound, give it eyes and give it a SpockConnect Centre RxDx Falcon Libraries and you just built the Golden Boy. 

Toys to Get Reasonable, it can only grow from here is the most logical concept built-ever. No more update and throw former iDevice – Universe of LANG permits you to manipulate the Programs to come to YOU. Out of the screen straight onto paper prints, into USB storage into Falcon Attachments Library into RxDx

Portals 6 – Falcon

Main Portal of your Residence,

Company, Commerce, Restaurant, Library, Schools

where there is a door, there is room for Falcon (name is still pending)

  • It can only see in 360 
  • It can only see 120 North East to West
  • It can only see North East South
  • It can only see North West South
  • It can only see South East West
  • It can do the whole 360 at random
  • It can go clockwise
  • It can go counterclockwise
  • Up from Down
  • Up to Down
  • Sides pointing to a target (4)
  • Content is still under construction.
  • Streamer X
  • Secure All Documents in many places in a few methods.
  • Images content contain your storage.
  • Links with Sub-Links
  • No need to change page to use Streamer
  • Schedule each page to paths of choice
  • All paths have their own schedules and publishing
  • Social Media Paths Platforms will get the usual with MORE
  • MORE has more than just Acronyms
  • The Future NOW Today cannot be brighter.
  • TBA