Comprehension Development of Humanity 3rd Dimension Mode is it Feasible? by Adriana CEO Science

Update Follow Up Data Required August 28, 2017

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Till then, I need to see the pattern of Human Instincts including all their known stimuli(s) 

an innate, typically fixed pattern of behavior in animals in response to certain stimuli.

"birds have an instinct to build nests"

imbued or filled with (a quality, especially a desirable one) not forgetting undesirable.

Images Instinct – Fish(es) Fertilising Eggs 

Typical of most fish, the Nile tilapia reproduces through mass spawningof a brood within a nest made by the male. In such an arrangement, territoriality and sexual competition amongst the males lead to large variations in reproductive success for individuals among a group. 


The Questions here are a few.

1. Are these species commanding a territory for schooling?

2. They spawn by instinct.

3. Are we the resemblence of their humble beginning.

The introduction of egg within and fertilised within in is different here.

Are we instinctively drawn for sexual activities from a certain age to an older age?

I asked for scrutiny of embryo to fully developed infant all step by step studied and recorded.

We need to tackle Instinct in order to fully comprehend its need to couple from within as per the studies recorded data of the embryo to infant fully developed. Can Doidge, Dr. David be sure that AI can be the sole answer to fit all? Maybe, he does have 50% of the reasoning in Treatments.

Everyone who starts a project concerning life itself wants immediate accurate results at full capacity of 100% or more.

I would prefer trials tests how to reconnect the stimuli into the points of instinct to instinct coupling quadrupling as it is stimulated.

It is a very delicate sensitive mission indeed even with mounting obstacles. It can be done. Results at the least 60% to meet the early beginnings NEEDS for them to work for us again in that same pattern – Instinct human or creatures have something in common – when fertilisation is over the male always returns much later. Men have sex more often for sure. But they do meet a limitation at one point or another.

Instinct does kick in then it doesn't since it needs outer forms of stimuli 

Study from early to full development progressively leaving or in dormancy, which is something I would hope for, can it be returned at at least 60%

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Objectives: Identification Chromosomes/Genes + Other Factors in their primary / initial stages/phases

We have sensory – Most of you (workers of IBM) know this. Comparison in the development needs to be taken into account as well.

Known factors taking us to Down Syndrome + Autism + Other malformation of known transmission of sensory syndrome – find the difference during the development.

I believe that a natural instinct of continuing the patterns of development starts with sensory since some embryos terminate all by themselves usually unknown to us.

We see, we hear, we talk and we taste. NASA was looking for signs of intelligence while most people don't understand this simple reasoning – I'll explain. NASA wants to find patterns of life even if they're unknown to us and how to they COMMUNICATE.  You have to be like them. How do genes/chromosomes/hormones just to name a few functions in our brain during development till circa 35yrs and what happens right-after or therehence for the people who are a little older than I.

Communication goes on at all times – cavemen knew what to do and as Spock said it in Star Trek – Birds and the Bees with Captain Kirk. It was a little funny yet, we still don't understand the primitive language within our formations as we develop. Instinct + Communication = misunderstood. Comprehension and Reasoning is still obscure.

Thank you so much for being so pompous you bunch of fucking idiots with visible known learning disabilities. IBM said: Our computer is the ultimate computer. Can't find better than this. I was told that I could get compatible. I said: no way! I know what compatible is. You, IBM what does it mean today being compatible. "It will do?" Then please leave and let someone else with money take your place.


Our Primary Objectives: Identification of Genes Brain Activity + Oxygen Formation (Lungs included)

As we know, the embryo during formation will breathe since its development is the perfect demonstration of an oxygen activity.

Forming Human Embryo

Its early stage: Which Genes / Chromosomes / DNA Particuliarities are visible and start an activity

Where are Genes

What and Where are the Genes – Early Connections and Links

How they spread in the formation while other developing genes are getting more and more visible. What else is connected to these Genes.

human implant

Here is a photo from a slide demonstrating an embryo implant.



Needless to say more on this subject – now the reasoning of it all.

Early start-up – Longevity Shields Detectors (Dehabilitators Discourage)

Our objectives will be to later introduce an implant via MicroChip of this understanding and comprehension.

  • What I would like to see is:
  • a fake brain activity while underneath all that, the brain activity is present.
  • How to slowly reduce the speed of the pulse during a sleep mode and how much?
  • Heart Rate to slowly mimic a monitor pacemaker by itself that slows down its irregular overreacting rhythm or vice-versa (too slow)
  • Alerts of invasions through the shields (impenetrable) of the brain activity.
  • Alerts of Lungs / Heart Cancers or Inflammation Infections (will the brain get the first UNKNOWN symptoms
  • Alerts of brain malfunctions or/and all formation of deterioration
  • TBA how to breathe in the 3rd Dimension

Thank you and I wish you all a better day during your excruciating Learning Disabilities – if all this has been done and you got all the answers – please timestamp. Place on my desk with name of file.

Chrismas 1989