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In case no one heard of this years ago, John F Kennedy Jr. disappeared from sight somewhere over water. The article said that he (JFKjr) had his aeroplane on auto-pilot and laid down behind the seats. Also and furthermore, he was with one woman. No name was mentioned. The aeroplane must have fallen in the waters.

In regular basis, the pilot always has to request permission to land for security reasons. I would think and not know for sure that he may have not done that bringing us to believe that it could have been a homicide suicide that had been planned. I believe that the first place to check is the strip, the control tower and the people who saw him (them) leave. This strip may be near a body of water since the article mentioned that it was possibly there, right beside the wall of a cliff.


If this is not true (not believable to me) JFKjr is not dead and possibly is in hiding to carry on his life with some high profile personalities. If you can believe this than I feel that I not so outnumbered here.

Is it possible that JFKjr is that fucking stupid to not report himself to the control tower? Who told him to do what he did and take along some whores? Okay, who are these whores? Why is he hiding and making me believe that he had found an exit door somewhere?

If Peter would read this – he’d roar with laughter and roll himself in slime and mud just for that piece of information. If I can, I’ll find the whores and bring them to a shore. Then, we’ll see what JFKjr can do for them without me.




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