Control into SelfControl via Electronic Sensorial Perceptions Restructures by CEO of IBM-TES

ReStructure Re-Generation ReNew Facets 

ESP Electronic Sensorial Perception

Re-Engineering our Brain Functions.


Dr. N. Doidge may have started over 15 years ago.

See him for all notes recorded observation techniques methods and results of all applications from minimal to maximal favourable unfavourable.

Brain Facets Functions Organisms Mini-Micro-Organisms

MACRO Functions

Built-In Combination Projects

Are spiders sensing with little shape and form via their brain?

"Multiple Facets Cubicles Purposes"

Nervous System into/from/vs Calmer System

Can of Worms – Human Brain not capable to assimilate or over-assimilating

I would believe humans have same facets incorporated in the fields of sight. What happens when consciousness is leaving us. Like a TV Screen in the light mineral grey. TV Screen is electricity electronics therefore more of a charcoal grey with those "light-lumière" dots. Yet it is the same result. Phase I

Brains and Eyes Human

Brains and Eyes Insects

Brains and Eyes Animals

Brains and Eyes Birds

Brains and Eyes Water Creature

Brains and Eyes Water/Earth Creatures Mammals

Brains and Eyes Water/Earth Reptiles (eggs)

"Turning it around from eggs into mammals"

Projects Phase II


Phase I – Compare OuterSkeleton vs InnerSkeleton

DNA Understood Comprehensively

Eyes Projections:

Light in Itself Perceived or NOT 

Are we to start big then to miniature the whole system?

Finding the importance:

How many and "which" facets of our BRAIN "Active-NonActive"

Functions & Organism actually play roles "Perceived and NOT Perceived" 

by eyesight itself.

Outer Drives Scanners UltraSound and watching different motions with dreams vs live action.

There is a difference and the difference is the inability to react.

Do dreams mean the dreamer cannot react to the senses because it is not real?

When watching something – does the person perceive all the lights, the rays, the waves and other tiny particles micro-organisms, water is water we see through it but we see the droplet. In between the droplets there is atmosphere.

Because this has been done already it is only going to be used to observe brain activity on blind person with colours seen or not seen.

Before Surgeons sent coloured lights one at the time in the eye(s) of blind person with a mechanism such as the one in the illustration, optometrists instruments.

Objectives of those years were to understand conditions via Brain Activity Scanners. Down Syndromes Autistic Parkinsons MS to Diabetes +++ more.

Please add the notes on record of these results methods of over 15 years ago. TimeStamp everything. What was done over 15 years ago may need to be revised. 

Before you start this new objective all those results of methods and applications must have given out the pros and the cons of sending lights and scanning brain activity. At which distance? We all have ranges.

Sight commands a range in Degrees and in Distance Feet Meters while Sensors command other ranges possibly closer not too distant. Put whatever records in results methods and applied with supervision on top of this new objective. 10 years LIVE is necessary with older methods.

It should take less than a week it has been done over 20 years ago by Optometrists and Surgeons. 

3 Lost Civilisations

According to Egypt, South America and Japan/Asia

Similar Beliefs in Geometry Exists Internally.

All breathing creatures

Searching for a Screen Room Divider brought me to the Spider (nervous-calm) EyeSights Sensorial Movements – Dream Disabled from Movements into Blind Disabled and Sight Disabled and Enabled.

Objective: Building Brain Functions Assistants Control into Self-Control Gadgets Instruments from Big Sizes into Miniatures.

Brain Functions Facets to be understood, stimulated and kept to work for us. Maintenance shall follow.

Illustration for Similar into Common Factors 


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