Critics and Demands to Supply the BEST Breathalizer/Saliva Testers

What is NOT being tested?

Sputum is the thickest mucus or in its phlegm that is expelled from the lower respiratory tract (bronchi and lungs) through coughing; * it is not saliva or spit per se its acceptable state. Care must be taken in the sample collection process to ensure that the sample is from the lower airways and not from the upper respiratory tract. Sputum samples may be expectorated or induced (See the section below on sample collection.)

Bacterial sputum cultures detect the presence of disease-causing bacteria (pathogens) in people who are suspected of having bacterial pneumonia or other lower respiratory tract infections. Bacteria in the sample are identified and susceptibility testing is performed to guide antibiotic treatment.

Because of yesterday’s methods, TODAY, what will be tested is:

Saliva or spit to detect Virus, Bacterias, Malignancy, Chemical Complications unseen and unobserved

Along with the Breathalizer – it will compliment performance conducive to a more accurate or precise definition of its state, the said observed (germ)

I have reason to believe that more studies will follow only if this is implemented first working together and not apart.

*The Georgia Tech team, led by Charlene W. Bayer, Ph.D., and the Winship researchers, led by Geetha D. Vallabhaneni, M.D., found 75 unique breath volatile organic compounds (BVOCs) that differed between patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and subjects without the disease.  The study enrolled 25 newly diagnosed female patients with NSCLC and 25 females without the cancer.

The results showed that the breath analysis was able to determine whether the sample came from a cancer patient or healthy subject 78 percent of the time.

Early diagnosis of lung cancer, the nation’s leading cancer killer, has long been a challenge. A simple and inexpensive breath test to detect NSCLC early would make a big impact on early diagnosis, said Vallabhaneni. When diagnosed at Stage I, the earliest stage, NSCLC is curable in more than 70 percent of cases. In contrast, when diagnosed at Stage 3, NSCLC has a cure rate of less than 25 percent.*

Not sure how to take all this? Sometimes I wonder if I’m just NOT wasting my time or I’m plainly WASTING my time with fucking stupid idiots. Research is going all lengths (Going the Distance says Michael Bolton) my fucking ass.

They want donation just to re-invent a new way to pump up some excretions from your body and then they gas it up to let you know that you have cancer or whatever the fuck they want to imply.

I don’t know anymore. I just know that if you don’t ferment your lungs with some internal intrusion it will not give you the results at an earlier detection and even there depending of the individual respiratory levels. Deep breathes exercise prior the chemical inducement. Then, taking samples with breathalizer (glass) They have plastic here. Just picture the gas in the plastic (what the fuck is going on?) Michael Caine said, After they finish praying, Adriana, please send them to the dust-room collection. She answers: “You want me to pulverize them?” He replies: “If that’s your only recourse, why  not?”

The first spit is like the first breathe – then the second spit is like the second breathe (deeper reach for it deeper) Then the third spit is like the third breathe – much deeper. An experienced researcher will then get 3 samples of each. Today’s mircroscopes are more advanced. If not, the experienced researcher will see what to ask IBM Tech Eng.

Many told me and told people around that I was beautiful. I don’t know. I want to kill many.

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