Crystal-Clear Diamonds Get Hybrid Humble Beginnings by LANG

Update: Turning Mobile into Personal Network – Bondage External Drive Expansion

I am not bragging about mobiles I do not have and work that can be achieved with this new commodity found in mobiles to PC Network.

Look up to Personal Network Business and Private can be soon something of the near future. Adapter is second name to mobiles. I am an adapter for business because my newly acquired traits and or attributes are to simplify unnecessary transfers and re-routing paths.

Look up to the Diamond of a Personal Mobile Quantum is possibly more achievable to a better performance in the workplace and maybe even with other programs for personal leisure use.

Mobile is the Adapter. IBM will introduce this new concept within the course of 2020 maybe for your Autumn & Holiday Spirit of giving to yourself and to others. Best time of the year is around those months when we are more subjected with the trends of the Seasons – what to get that is different and so multi-tasked as a stepping stone to every destination in the MobileNet – Preparing for the unusual 2020.

Mobile PC Laptop Quantums – no ordinary adapter will do – so affordable.

How does IBM achieve these possibilities without raising costs? The answer is simple. Technology Gadgets will always voluminize in tasks and performance therefore, to hide that IBM will sell more programs than ever before would be such a stupid move on our parts.

Programs becoming adapters? Is that possible? Of course, it’s a quantum and quantums will work on cells to add and to remove. Just clipping tugging inserting these cells will make them adapters.

Google Samsung may have their version while Bill Gates says that he was sorry not going into Androids. My answer is – first understand technology, its logistics and let users (customers) and not just administration tell us at IBM how sorry we can be with a computer being only 15-20 years old that means: worldwide use is not that old.

No regrets for me. Mr. Gates may feel that $ well invested would have brought him closer to certain goals. I feel that $ do not need to be spent only finding out about the use of the consumers – IBM has put a few dollars out on the market to buy certain androids just to test them. To use them. Now, we are going to regroup our thinking patterns by letting Adapters & Attachments be our power of thought distribution while we use our methods – spreadsheets will be out on the market.

Spreadsheets are for businesses who want their company to be at the edge of all answers – the advantages are enough to brag about.

What’s new?


Mobile Network In-Transient

My personnel understands me as I request not to hurry since sometimes, being last to sell is being the only one to sell. In China, some personnel are so fucking fast at working on my projects that I need to see it on paper if they seriously understood. Nothing like USA but then again, both are pretty smart.


Updating: June 25, 2019 – Subject HYBRID in Definition + Lingo

of mixed character; composed of mixed parts.
“Mexico’s hybrid postconquest culture”

a thing made by combining two different elements; a mixture.

crosscrossbreed, mixed-breed;

Update Follow Up: MacroKeyWords Keyboard-Watson-Companion a Dream to CEO.



A fusion of functionalities. Slide-ins into Work-Apart.

Differences between what is already known into Segments for Crystal Alliance Digital Keyboards with Companion Watson.

What was to be: BING is now WATSON

a web address will always have the WATSON Emblem. The Emblem will reflect the business who has bought into the WATSON Internet Segments Universe LANG.

Trials will be different for users who will want to see the difference from WP Wix and others will have lang.watson (no org net biz) Trials do not have anything else. Should the user buy his website domain name – lang.watson will only change to a colour. It will be impossible for the user to disorient from IP as long as he carries one segment of the keyboard along – Huge chessboard here. It can be segmented for outside the working place. It will always carry its banner.

Crystal Clear Diamonds Grade A AA AAA from affordable adaptable into huge functions at multi-levels being the “man-made” Diamonds

Will be a great companion to TAB-MOB from IBM. Another version is even more affordable Crystal Clear for any other producer of technology. Android and others are not the factors only the keyboard. The keyboards with these segments up to X depends on “Will I need the Number Pad” I do not need it. I may not need to use all the Function Keys above. Macro and Functions Keys on the right. What is remaining on the very top is shut off the computer turn on the computer straight from the keyboard and Watson Companion.

Watson Companion is under construction and it will be a big feature in our next presentation. R2D2 is under construction and it will become one of the best features within all the features in the very near future. Think health and think personal to professional use only.

What is happening at IBM-TES: It will become Crystal-Clear into the Diamond shapes for all to have. 

BING Expansion Be Found KeyWords DragMouse Highlights by CEO IBM-TES October 5, 2017

Follow Up to KeyWords.

UltraNoodle Technology (free)

1, Enter your keywords. Enter Keywords (anchor text) – one per line

2, Select Date Range. If empty, export all of them.

3, Select Category.

4, Select Export Type. Post by default.

5, Select Export Format. HTML Hyperlink by default.

6, Click Export button.

WHAT IS THIS GUY DOING HERE ON INTERNET SPACE WITH HIS ONE WORD KEYWORD? First off, it makes me NOT want to buy any marketing since big companies will have more exposure than anyone else. Read the 6 steps for this program. 2nd he is possibly behind the guy who wants to sell you that first page rank in Search Engines.

I would like to start with understanding this point here – have you started anything around a DragMouse that may or many not resemble Bones Star Trek mouse?

How many keywords can it “HIGHLIGHT” in your text. Start with most search words and put them together – Take mouse click or switch button then click on TAB on keyboard to “enclencher” in English set off, start up or “Put in Motion” the command for the program. Highlight the words, choice of colours enter – use of arrows. Use of TAB CTRL. This method will ensure security of non-duplication throughout the internet.

Our future IBM-TelBell will be acting as a DragMouse and possibly more depending on model chosen to a 3Way ShortWave, WalkieTalkie Style, CellularMobile + Transformers into DragMouse Chip Included Removable to place in keyboards or laptop or iPhones (USB Charger)

Colours are now. Colours give more expansion in simple menus of operation into wider scope of accessiblity. When we look at the modules of ShortWave, WalkieTalkie Styles and Mobile that will accept Mouse Print Copy Paste with Memory up to the quantity in GB purchased since all copy paste goes straight into a file by colour. I feel that IBM-TES is starting to enter the infinite.

Colours Highlighted only by mouse but in Editor or HTML or Visual of Posts – can be seen as underlined by colour. Choices are there. How much. Well it is not free. UltraNoodle is free like I wrote; he may have more to sell with his illusions that people are always going to run for his products. One word keyword today may make it but when I will make sure DragMouse Chip can either be incorporated in some existing models of mouse already available or IBM-DragMouse Universal because of USB ChipCharger Program for a few more reasons than KeyWords.

If it is already available, please let me know the name of this DragMouse Highlight Memory Keywords for Category, TAGS # @ included or not (choice) Make your own & such as IBM & TES automatically gives out another word which will enter into a Category, a Post, a Page by Export or request for Import scheduled pending on submitted article post page content. Scheduling Tasks with calendars. Exporting all this information with the use of highlighted keywords.

Keywords can also command the whole article becoming that ZIP file. It will retrieve the content and location. Entering the infinite space of Universe of LANG is not expensive it becomes that momentum in be reasonable it can only grow from here.

To our BING users when purchasing a domain website blog, the purchase of a DragMouse is recommended to be on top as much as possible in Search Engines, all of them. Preferred keywords need to change as well since many will use those words just to get within reach even if they won’t have the same content. Marketing on Internet in all Search Engines depends on the buyers, users of BING. Find out all the keywords for your brands and this is included in every Domain Website Purchased.

I own Technology – I’ll have all the keywords searched the most of major known SEARCH Engine. BING pays for this information for a user to use whenever this user wants to be known for whatever reason such as SALES, NEW Merchandise, PREVIEWS, etc…


All is not revealed, let CEO be reasonable don’t expect it.

Apparently everyone steals her ideas.

She voiced out: Can’t wait to see it in view.

When YOUR KEYWORDS will do to be on top of SEO of any Search Engine

No matter how many brands a blogger or/and website has chances are he paid for too many connections that keep on jamming and superimposing the little guy which would translate into if you were PR 2-4 you paid for all that exposure not really monetising.

SEO starts with a reliable website from a reliable programmer while Blogger was once good and not totally reliable having lost my own back then since I was climbing in PR. I was 3 and not the 0 like today. I may be able to fit words but I need to expose my websites.

Brands of Importance have already been exposed in your home. Ever heard of Charmin? What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of Charmin? Toilet paper, hygiene tissue, toilet tissues disposable etc.. Here we only have 3 keywords. Toilet Paper Tissues. #hashtagging all three of them gives you Twitter Mostly Exposure hoping and crossing your fingers that the first word after #toilet in somma you’re back at Square One.

I search address: I typed in Walmart Charmin Toilet Paper sales

  1. The first three links are PG Everyday,
  2. Royale Tissues
  3. Walmart Complete Front Landing Page

BING: Straight to Flyer near your home. BING respect GEO’ing. While GOOGLE never had and won’t.

Once with BING – it won’t ask you on every page you navigate – can you allow your location. Fuck them. Misleading Present-Future publicity.

Can a PR 2-4 make his own # tag Meta tag Meta word or Meta Data to stay on top of PR 3 – 10 on google and not on your analyticals? What’s the secret formula?

The secret formula starts with reputable Programmer Website Vendor. He is recognised and will give you a higher preferred ranking in SEO. He will sell you per page post per article PR KeyWords DATA . It doesn’t stop at 8 or 10 or 12 or 20 it just doesn’t stop.

Brands? Walmart is full of brands and Amazon belongs to? Find out who the owners of Amazon are. Then find out how many store owners it contains paying rent every month or at a certain Minimum Income. Do they need to buy KeyWords KeyMetaTags? It’s another rip-off. Of course, I have a store and I sell Charmin. How many others have Charmin? Does Walmart sell Charmin. Who would be first on top – SEO?

BING offers no limit keywords since CEO understands that Charmin is also bought at Drugstores. What may change here? What’s on sale Sept 10, 2017 at Walmart – Charmin $2. 40 rolls WOWWWA if that doesn’t get on top what will? Be daring is what I am saying be bold but not misleading. $2. x 40 rolls simple or double or jumbo that’s a deal.

How about BING Connect Match – Charmin $2.00 x 40 rolls Walmart USA

We got 2 ghost words here. Charmin is followed by Toilet Paper or Toilet not seen. Meta-Associate-Ghost Words Data. Walmart USA recognises that you are out of the Continent of USA and USA Walmart is #1 It could be also Walmart Canada – something we encourage wholesalers to have. Can Walmart become also a Wholesaler – the answer is WHY NOT. Retail Distributor is fine while Wholesale opens his doors in many other Countries.

BING is the portal to Universe of LANG which is connected to all the portals of any SEO Programs.

When opening business-sense websites at BING – you shall be seen with what you have written and/or images videos Energisers. They just filter in with tiny dots and I have a little joke here. I asked my husband “How much do you love me.” He replied – Look at all the dots on TV Screen. That’s how much.” It thought it was immense and great – never heard that one liner before. We are no longer the item that certain people talked about.

Energising your ad – video – images – photos is simply as you want it to start with the contour first to then fill in or the contours of all that is in the content or by colour etc… BING IBM-TES Engineering is Intelligence Best Management for Best Ingenuity B.Ing.

How can BING protect your content while giving you all these possibilities. View Edit Passware portals. Thus giving you access when you want it while others can only view it. It is not a computer anymore it became your workstation. Network no longer exists. You can edit yours and whoever was called Network can edit their own. All is in view. When you enter someone else’s Network program and you work together – you need to go to Passware and Passware will turn into edit.

All your historical route is then maintained in secrecy only your code is found. The history is GHOST to any hacker. He will always be found. When you edit you leave your sub-colours. All colours are primary for the said zone area district and it becomes a secondary colour should a hacker penetrate and infiltrate. What happens? The same phenomena as a rental VHS – scrambles for him and gives him a virus that only IBM-TES can fix repair.

How much? Since it’s unlimited. IBM-TES asks you to SpockConnect for a 5 year contract.  Should you wish to terminate before it will cost a few dollars more to get all your content into a microchip(s) for storage or continued usage with another Program SEO such as Safari Yahoo and many others. The storage is universal will not represent a big huge problematic issue for IBM-TES or the user. CEO is confident that you will return. IBM-TES BING just started its expansion and this galaxy ain’t big enough. We are moving around and beyond.

as seen on

Keyword Tool For SEO And Content Creation – try it for free? Not sure. Did not read the whole content and did not want to go back to blogger.

Keyword Tool For Advertising

What BING offers with unlimited key WORDS DATA and Meta is full support – unlimited. You pick the right trend you got it made and you will start climbing the ladder of SEO. Staying on top won’t be lonely someone will bump you off just like an airplane seat. It’s legal and non-confusing. Check Walmart Example mentioned above.

You have ghost word and data because BING gathers information of query. IP + When Walmart advertises – certain key data words meta tags will be there GHOST. It can only grow as you grow. BB8 is the one that will permit other attributes to become of emphasis. Educational Finances Educational School Special Education Education Growth Development Companion. Choice of Voices – Cortana is not one of them. Choices are Spock, Admiral Shatner, Scotty and Bones + Computer AK. Voices are not original only male voices allowed. Although you may import your own – that is a business-wise-sense Walmart will have his own mascot for sure. Only male voices allowed. A Talking Walmart Logo – becomes – Mascot.

 Watch this Wheel move and talk – move and turn into a cursor – your Guide to Walmart – type in what you need. If its not there – Mascot X Walmart will guide you. It turns it appears and disappears – the more you talk to it the bigger his repertoire which identifies your visitor, regular visitor.

Can Walmart have a forum – the more it is interesting the better the vocabulary it can talk like a star in the Universe of LANG. When someone gets a message from Mascot X of Walmart it appears first on whatever Social Media you desire. I want to sign up at Walmart USA or CANADA – I want my message from Walmart to appear as the new trendy ads appear – A swirl of yellow-gold. Then the picture text box may appear $2. x 40 rolls Charmin Walmart Canada or USA that will tell me its nationwide sale. Or, Québec Walmart Sale or Montreal PQ. Walmart Sale – I chose Walmart while others are bigger or smaller – Anyone who chooses BING owner of a website blog sales or financial businesses or information site with brands for sale etc… unlimited keywords on your website Header will find the priority first then place it by GEO. What is Walmart New Zealand going to bring to me when I live in Quebec Canada. GEO priority for my space of UNIVERSE of LANG.

Let’s get real. Let’s be reasonable.

How much is this. It must cost a bundle! Nah, replies the CEO. It’s Bell Canada New England Bundle. The more you have the more you get. Connecting with Bundle Bell is being reasonable. Down to Earth with our senses in the sky. Be reasonable, Bell Connect is possibly on trial as a pitch line. Reasonably will replace logically speaking for a while only to entice you try it.