Detectors Find Gather ShipSend Files by Adriana CEO IBM-TES

IBM CEO Instruments Equipment Advancement

  • Photo Imagery Finders of Same
  • Sound Alone Finders of Same*
  • Thoughtful Sounds into Voices keep same for Justice Military Files ONLY.
  • All Thoughtful Sound into I.D. Human Voices thereon a certain Warfare Era… to be detected on Internet Connections. 
  • Internet Securities Detectors Thoughts Voices Creative – Google Wider Scopes Ranges
  • Cell Voice Sound Thoughts to be detected Internet Security Connections  
  • Files of all attributes for Wider Scopes Ranges Understood with Counter-Security Planning
  • Rewind Record Critical Points – auto-send with command to same file under Critical Follow-ups. 
  • Follow-Ups Listen to critical points then continue heart exams – the system will automatically find similarities and send to said file as a continuity. It does have that .111111 .333333 system it continues on the same variables. Then it may stop .666668 
  • Since I am not there at this moment to hear what my personnel has to say – I can only hope that they understand that sounds are like images – they may all be the same until a certain – image – sound then it changes. 

From Internet All Links URLs same 

Zones Countries by numbers + telephone combined + family names into a shorten URL LINK. = just numbers.

When ordering certain items – numbers will appear on the items. No need to look for your file of the said items – type in your numbers + name of book or item. 

CEO is looking for best sounds and best visual photography. 

  • Wants to remove warps wherever found. 
  • Wants the same done for Genes or DNA Organisms
  • Plant 
  • Human
  • Creatures
  • This Fully Comprehension Program is in the raw needing to be exploited the sooner the better. One discovery will lead to another – those two discoveries are the pioneers of more to come.
  • Best Features is what she is looking for – all expertise required for sound and imagery – find search retrieve and match.
  • Sounds the same – Looks the same but it is not spelled the same. Does happen.
  • Sounds the same – but is not spelled the same does happen
  • Looks the same – but is not spelled the same does happen.
  • Acts the same – but is not spelled the same does happen.
  • Works together – does happen unknown at one time we would all like to believe.
  • Works better without another – unknown 
  • Works but pauses because of other(s)
  • Does not exist since others do not permit – unknown and happens 
  • For IBM TES this is still a source of obscurity – sometimes there is light shed and sometimes it only clouds the obscurity.
  • When looking at anything presented to the visible naked eye and sound – Q. What else can it do? Preferred and recommended by CEO. I want curious George (monkey for children tv)
  •  curiousgeorge

My PERSONNEL are gifted and touched by Curiosity. Can't wait to take a deep breath of pride instead of barely breathing. 

Whoever expects that a war or wars are going to be history – is dreaming and in la-la-la-la lands. The moment you relax – it may just happen that war that will end all wars and humanity. Be there. Block by changing voices for our children. Someone will develop bypasses and counterpasses to ours – we should be able to detect. 

Detectors is the theme of this post. Assimilation – Gather – Delivery Shipping to Files straight from the internet and servers. This is not for your privacy securities – it is made for the professionals of health and defence. 

In Court of the Laws Justice – voices are not valid and are void. In the hands of people with or without intents only fun recreational… voices will one day have a nice impact with the justice department. 

Internet will answer and have communication exchange without interference by IBM CEO.

Everyone (one day) even on the telephone cell on internet will have the same 2 to 4 voices – difference is in the identity. You will always carry a trail of your identity at one point or/and  another.

This system will truly identify the callers the voices even if they all sound the same – should it be needed in court for justice purposes.

Both parties even in a conference for many to hear will hear each others voice while the rest won't… for copy purpose and for I.D. purposes they will never merge. I call my sister – we hear our voices and others who hear in won't. They will hear 2 different male voices.  The detection is so refined it's scary. Even there and then, a bright curious George will emerge.

*CEO is prepared to start procedure to minimise any big impact for the future. Mattel as toys and children are children. The only blockage is that their voices sound all alike in the internet. 2 or 3 + voices of male voices. Same for everyone. Someone or others will develop another program. The said internet prober via servers will find and auto-change to primary voices up to whatever the toys itself have. Children are children some people will be lured one day to do whatever because their children are in a peril.  CEO will never stand in front to block progress – would prefer be ahead of potential hazards and crimes with no way out.*