Diamonds Gems Best Allies I.D. SpockConnect by CEO IBM-TES

Simplicity in its Innovative Presentation

3 ingredients we live with know of.




Implants may one day be the most important cores of our body network – then there is our I.D. 

As the CEO of IBM-TES I would like to introduce our newest addition to Security System of your portfolio.

What is a Gem without it's true I.D.

Sherlock Holmes and Watson were possibly the most used people for this purpose on TV and in Books.

Implants will never give this presentation to anyone.

When banks have your I.D. in this fashionable method – it needs only a few gems and one set of fingerprints, yours. LaserEye is nothing without the Human I.D. 

Worst scenario is my competitor who can only destroy it.

Banks have their own MasterKey Gem I.D.

The Network of Bank workers in one I.D. All for 1 and 1 for All. If you are an employee of the Banks – you can use this and enter your clientele's accounts for them in front or not in front. You will leave a mark that you were there in whoever's account. TimeStamp and Transaction Accounted for. 

Should implants become la fureur de vivre, dabestathingever, please I won't interrupt anything only in certain territories such as Canada New England and all Empress Territories – British Empire may do as it pleases. 

Empress Territories including Canada New England this will be the method. One has to remember that computer is here today and today is a future day date. The day is not over. The day just started with this concept. 

NewDay I.D. Human-Connect will be part of SpockConnect.

SpockConnect is in the works. He will take the place of a human Spiderman. Slowly as we feed SpockConnect this system will be indispensable knowing his human side inside out.

If we recall in Star Trek our Famous Spock is half human and half Vulcan. SpockConnect is the Vulcan and his user is the Human. Can they live together. Spock had hard times living with himself. The human side sometimes was uncontrollable. SpockConnect will try to adapt to your temper and tantrums. Very finicky he shall be and become. Has Spock outsmarted the computer ? He replied 4 times. This is when he was supposed to be helping find Captain Kirk and he kept his calm while concentrating on his plans and strategies. We saw it on TV and it can happen to us too. 

Watching StarTrek now is not so good. First IBM-TES comes out with all these iDevices and I.D. SpockConnect system and of course, one can purchase one department of its network at the time. 

When the gems are put together in necklaces, wrist watch, wrist chains, rings and whatever bracelet or ring shapes you want and desire – or – don't stop at one in case you lose it. The LaserEye will in it as well which operates with your I.D. LaserEye does invert-revert contact Matches and permits transactions.

This above is a piece of cake for the CEO of IBM-TES.

She has a timepiece – she is gifted with sense of time.