Digital Logos with Magnetic Bands Credit Cards Best Banking System Goes Communicator by LANG

BB-8 has 8 drones Asian Luck. 

Grow your vocabulary with BB-8

Grow with BB-8 – tell BB-8 all that you are undergoing.

No judging now.

Programs are going to be put in place for a real conversation.

Group conversations instead of telephone calling LOGO permissions

What it may sound like at first just à titre de la communication elle-même.

The Drones are pretty full now with my own language for at least one good year.

Program kicks in using KeyWords Combinations of KeyWords:

Me: I feel lost again.

Drones: You or you lost something.

What happened here? It made me reflect. I am looking for my keys and I never will learn to remember where I put them.

Drones: You usually place them at the bottom of your purse. Or in your bra. Or in your pocket especially in the winter. Is it winter?

Me: Yes. Thanks (I'll name one of the 7 Dwarfs)

Neuro-Science will never be the same it is still new at its earliest phase of life and treatments. When communication kicks in – Central Networks will receive the transcripts for their files. Evaluation and Assessments for further evaluation with technology itself. 

Communication is the greatest gift along with our senses. Eyesight and taste, open up for sound and laughter even tears. 

An example of what needs to be planned and placed into applications. Applied Science is not as boring as it was seen to be and become. Mechanics Robots and Humans can work together enhance each others capabilities and our minds.

Conference Calls? Sure, no problem, solid. 

Not only for personal use. IBM Specialists General Surgeons will also undergo with treatments of Total Recall – such I never said that! Sure, I said. So I told the three men who showed for la Santé Mentale. Pervert.

After a few years, we can all have our drones meddling in our conversations.

It will be a burst of laughter and reminders. Programs are to explore the senses to re-ignite the motorisation of sound, eyesight and motion. Keep busy, read out loud, write and read out loud. The brain needs this stimulation. Read on Alzheimer Dementia and evaluate the text books to what is written here – do not compare.

Attention: Personnel Programmers Engineering Routing Transactions 

Subject: The Logo Communicator is here!

I got this idea when I saw a young man with a hat. It had a little logo and I asked him if that logo was a communicator. I smiled but not too long… he said, nah. I hope not. I thought it was a neat idea. So now my staff will have to brush up on my caprices and make it happen.

Our partner will be BlackBerry. I heard he was not going anywhere just like the iPad and I really almost roared in laughter. Yeah, sure. 

As the CEO of IBM I am not afraid of a competitor I am more afraid of the dark, poverty and death. Dark Ages to return? Garden of Eden to come? The answers are YES. Absolutely YES. First our Garden if God Permits it that I am alive to see it then Dark Ages since humanity is such. We need to live it up at least once in our lifetime and see what USA and Canada are all about even if our culture is an ocean apart. We can work together on certain projects that can provide a security and joie de vivre – in that name only. It is a good start.

After that, Logos are Ralph Lauren, Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Dior and perhaps others will follow such as Calvin Klein (my former husband is not too happy that you were in my life). The Logo Communicator for people who do not want to bother with Mobile Phones. Wallet Drivers are here. Show me the wallets – purses – where is Pucci?

Expensive? Nah. If I can buy, it means it is very affordable if I cannot buy it – I cannot find the HEART to make anyone spend too much on something only Banking Systems make money on. 

Wallet Drivers – EyeWear Drivers – Earrings Drivers

and MUCH More… it is here.



What a LOGO can do and the present one will NOT.

There is a square here above the 5191, we can all see it and it does represent something but not to the client only to the transactions.

I want to revolutionise this card by giving it a LOGO with multi-tasking. 

  1. It shall be recognised by the magnetic band
  2. It shall perform voice command/control
  3. It shall give out I.D. Caller Information
  4. It can call with Communicator Chip by TxT or/and Voice
  5. It is a small Communicator Chip for calls 
  6. It will be recognised with any chosen device including the Apple Watch
  7. It will match all banking information for both parties without privacy compromising
  8. Drivers Needed for Routing Transactions / Communication
  9. Preferred Devices are Photocopiers and iPhones Mobiles Cellular
  10. Anti-Scam Anti-Virus Anti-Fraud
  11. Recipient Sender on I.D. Caller at Central Network Banking System only. Printed copy to the person who requests it. Always know where payment was issued and to whom. All information will be mailed straight to the person's requests
  12. I would like to surprise our IBM clientèle with those Logo features since I do have personnel who need to put their marbles where the sockets are – light up and show our clientèle what else do our Logos here do? 
  13. RxDx and BB8 in mind. 
  14. All iDevices can benefit? Which ones? How – nah. We have to wait a little. They cannot collect a paycheque without using their brain muscles.


Pucci Purse over 1200 Euro 

Something similar will go for 120$ including Communicator. All taxes included. 

Pucci can either consider this event or pass – He was my first choice. Unaffordable to le Must at reachable price tags. Older women and men cannot afford such beauty. IBM will make it happen. Good quality Pucci material guarantee.