Disorder or Degenerative? Cancers Leukemia Bones IBM Tech Eng by Furious Adriana

Cause of death
Metastatic osteosarcoma

May 9, 2015

Work Delegation to Science of Fucking Idiots.

  • What in your opinion and observation can be repaired – Degenerative in functions or Mental Disorders ?
  • Find answers in any/every degenerative comportment of human body
  • Find answers in any/every disorder of the brain activity including the hormones.
  • Find answers in any/every disorder of degenerative and disorder in every organ and stipulate your reasoning.
  • After these findings, write your short thesis on what is worse to contract, degenerative or disorders – your reasoning.

Make sure to make it brief – I really don’t have all day reading lengthy romances that possibly don’t sum up to anything and amount to everything but platitudes and redundant words worthy of you only. I cannot understand why this class of Fucking Idiots has never realised that functions are never predictable just because you buy a T-Shirt Universal Size it doesn’t mean that I can wear it and it doesn’t mean that a child can wear it and it certainly doesn’t mean that an elderly person can wear it either.

All of this above is to be done quickly. Finding answers shouldn’t be a problem it should be the only part of a solutions. Finding an answer quickly is like saying geez, I am in a refresher course. It takes time for certain things to show up and yes, you have to take a few steps back and watch certain yeasts grow into their shape. I am not going to ask you for the impossible but if you cannot do this, you don’t belong here. LEAVE.





He was forced to end his run  when the cancer spread to his lungs.

His hopes of overcoming the disease and completing his marathon ended when he died

nine months later.

Cancer Research: Received over 600 million$ CN raised in his name!

Because of this large donation, I would like to believe that this CANCER has been sort of understood and a firm lid has been put on it. The large flames do not exist any longer only its embers – How many victims of Osteosarcoma did not play sport?

Would it be ignoramus on my part to believe that doctors involved in this surgery knew what they were doing? Did they amputate at the wrong location – Hips where it could have restarted? Where was it first discovered?

Was Terry Fox complaining of being tired? That is usually the close to final stage/phase of this illness. Would it be unfair to assume and I say assume that perhaps Terry Fox bandaged a cut and cancrene may have started? Lungs were then infected of cancer. Wouldn’t it be Osteosarcoma generalized instead of lungs? Doesn’t the bone marrow work in such a way that only this part would be affected?

What did the blood say? Was it just XRays? Then they went too far? Where was the initial finding of this osteosarcoma/tumour?

I am so furious that medical officers have NO answer when I request them. What’s the big fucking secret that you’re all a bunch of fucking idiots, you are and you won’t say the word even if your mouths are full of it.

Who wants donations now? Who wants charity from taxpayers? I won’t. I would be too ashamed to ask anyone to pay again for fuck-ups.

Leukemia is the same thing. Doctors had to take samples of blood – keep them. Study them. When the victims would go into recessions. They had to take their blood and then reuse it periodically to keep them in recession perhaps but since I have to fucking wait all the time, I have to say that I am cutting a lot of people off my little energy list of supply for the demands that never do come my way or technology or even pharmaceuticals get any feedbacks for them to move on with their “creativity”

NEWSBREAK:* Today May 1, 2015 in Boucherville

Adriana, CEO IBM Tech Eng demands results of blood observation in all leukemia interventions from 80’s to 2004. Also since when have you made complete analysis of development of blood in youth vs development of blood in adults vs development of blood in elderly and what was observed when replenishing the body with younger blood or its plasma without the red globules. Replenishing the anti-bodies. What the difference made in anti-bodies and what the difference made in the enzymes when the replenishment was done after 3 years. The intervals of its procedure and what occurred that was obvious under a microscope also. Thank you. Please mark today’s date (May 1, 2015 and all procedures’ starting dates) No reply is no interest in this quest.

She feels that if Science did not progress it’s only because there was no information that was passed on to her. “Surely, someone or some individuals have answers only I did not receive them during these silent wars beginning in 1989. Prez George Bush Sr. must be very much aware that wars did stop progress for many years. Now, it’s time to answer with results obtained from all the Gulf Wars. Failure to respond by May 4, 2015 tells Adriana, CEO IBM Tech Eng that no interest of any value has been attached to this important request.


Fuck you to all of the Fucking Idiots Chrismas 1989


This still stands, you are just a bunch of idiots. Demoted.