DoubleDecker Espresso Convection MiniOven for Chapters by CEO of IBM-TES

What's new in IBM-TES Kitchens


LG and Black & Decker together for this Limited Edition Gem!

Espresso for 4 or 3 or 2 or 1 

Innovation meets technology.

It can happen to distribute

Single to multiple

with advanced Technology Programmer

Choose your foods, place it on a plate.

Choice of temperatures with icons for the foods.

Press for Espresso Coffee 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 cups

Corner Last Chapters found in Chapters Establishments ONLY,

that means, this Chapters has real owners not on rental. 

Then we also have that little nosebleed corner. Free Tea from a big Tank.

Should there be leftovers of the day before on Muffins etc… it shall be free.

WritersStation Shops are not only for the famous writers, beginners are welcome.

More to come, TBA.

An aperçu of what it may look like.

Then, of course, New Books from Known Famous to About to Be Authors.

Write the Last Chapter of any used book, make it as if it were you, the writer, the way you would have liked it. If not too many changes; then the book was perfectomundo the way it was originally written.

Every refashioned book will have our Last Chapter Version of the author Crest. Should this book in new version come out to be another bestseller, the author of the original book will get a mention and royalty.