Drones AirLift Drops Discs Variety FutureNow by CEO of NASA


CANADAIR long time Contractor

NO need to tender.

Air travel Drones Delivery Cargo International

From Flying Machines Cars to Flying Municipal Deliveries

Transport Canada Worksheet Reflecting Actual Air Routes to FutureNow Delivery Routes.

Sub-Flying Air Regulations for lower altitudes radius of no flying zones.

Objectives: Bilateral ventilation from Engine to Engine System Disc Revolution Emission 

Robot Revolution Inflight Visibility


Two AirLift Drop Water, Road or Suspension Rope Drop

What is different? 

There is one drone equiped with 2 Travel Methods

Disc Motorised Revolution Spin to Destination Falcon Eagle Direct Flight

Both can operate together during flight to land separately on water and ground.

Both are equiped with AirBag Floaters

Disc Spin Motor Equiped with Ventilation Motors Engines to Permit this UFO Appeal

The attributes are Top Toupie Pression Pistons Transmission Revolution 

2 Propulsion Systems Direct and SemiCircle Advance and Land. 

Ventilation Force Hot Air Out – Keeping Engines Cool to Lowest Sensory

Suspension Coils – Rounded Balls or Not for Landing.

Diagram for Pistons Only.

Diagram Transmission Gears to Operate Distance Range Sequences

From one gear into another gear for dual propulsion system where applicable.

Operational Computer Driven


UFO Physics MagneticField Boomerang Propulsion Force

Boomerang Connection Magnetics Pro-Spin to Destination and Back Suspension Pression Drop Landing Gears.

NASA may find certain Metallic Fields Magnetic Ions

Lights Force Metallic Magnetism to permit certain revolutions 

People Driven or Plain Cargo

It depends on Gas Emissions Radio Active Toxicity

Some times its not because men cannot do it – brain function also needs another look than the ones our nose seem to always be in. Smack in the middle of nowhere but here. 

I know this airdynamics magnetism is possible.

Think Physics Oxygen Gas and Human Body without forgetting Vegetations and Creatures

We all have a few things in common which is to regenerate and forms of oxygen. 

Magnetism – Instinct – Sensorial – Merge – Fusion and much more

NASA will report this program to Canadair as WorkSheet FutureNow

Nothing Secret right now. Too bad for CEO. Can never surprise anyone.