Earth Day 2019 Walmart Signs Rent/Buy IBM: Solution+Conservation Bath-2-Landscape + Sidewalks Heated Tanks by CEO of IBM TES

Today April 9, 2019 at 00h33

Marvelous! Walmart to Rent Earth Day Signs. All proceeds go to landscapers and the numerous employees.

We buy and they buy and give to people to remind them that it is Earth Day. It’s Earth Day. The cost is X and the front of your house will be nice and clean for Earth Day. You can either buy it at Walmart or we can just bring it to you and you pay us.

Walmart to make it happen with its sun on it.

Landscapers work on your front land and take the sign back to Walmart for year 2020. Each sign is worth $ as pay for these landscapers.

Buy/Rent a sign from Walmart and landscapers pick up the sign and get paid after they finish working from Walmart itself.

That’s my 2019 idea for Earth Day.

Feel free to suggest other methods. Make sure that all contributors get paid such as Walmart signs.

FREEBIES is kind of boring. Lots of people looking for work and lots of people very tired of working.

Sermon is over.





Today January 19, 2019

IBM TES deep to their eyeballs in Water Conservation and Excess Conversions.

What are pipes for?

Construction believes that a flow is good when the pipes meet certain size measures standards. I believe that when it needs to go to a reservoir or a tank – it has to be able to take on the rush. A good pressure. When it needs to, later on, distribute this collection beneath the landscape the pipes must get this pressure in order to stream it above so how many pipes?

More like how do I get that pressure to kick in when partially watering to semi-partially watering to all over in the back of the dwelling or in the front and sides of the dwelling since most people have more land in the back than in the front.

Pressure for WATER to flow in standard sized pipes first so it will reflect the reason of this plan. Do not throw IBM will find the solution for your landscape and water drainage. Collection and pipes from the bathtub, the sink and shower ONLY. It will encourage people to throw their toxic waste in what will be made available with this watering system.

I am putting pressure on some people to either shit or get off the pot. It seems that everyone is looking for solutions and some are sitting down on their mines of gold. Can both meet? Not sure anymore but I know we would be well off to continue our experiments only living on this water system. NASA would be able to afford more tools for their expeditions.

It doesn’t seem to happen. Water from pools for the lucky owners and I am one of them and I do appreciate it and would probably appreciate it all year long in Quebec where frostbite is something we have lived with for since birth. Scandinavian baths is nice but Quebec balconville is even nicer. Spend your money at home and visit countries for other reasons since you already have the cold air but did nothing more than: skating, skiing, hiking, – so what to do with all that water coming from the sky like snowflakes?

I am working on it. TBA


Heated Sidewalk starts with a few blocks of grills and a few tanks by a certain measure.

I’ll wait for people such as Mayors to call for IBM to bid with Tenders. 

Certain places get more than they can use while others get a fair amount of downpour from water itself and from snow.

Heating sidewalks will just bring in more water in certain tanks, commercial uses. Residential uses needs a little more purification filtration. Some residential uses can be turned into water for the toilets. Good for them. While some can be a little filtered for small debris that may filter in and use this tank when full for their laundry. It’s considered to be soft water until further notice since now I may be talking across my hat. Analysis must be done of the water from snow and from rivers.

This here is a great sketch done with Paint and I am so proud to demonstrate my talents.

Tanks below the sidewalk and inside the dwelling.

Sidewalks 3 blocks of grills and 1 block for pipes to tank.

Of course the pipes to tank do not have to be behind it you can use pipes that connect to the desired tank as long as it is placed at the bottom curve of the the sidewalk.

Those little blue holes are for water to go directly into the filled in block (no grill) straight into the pipes to travel to the desired tank.

The little black holes at the bottom is to prevent overflow should that event arise. The water will go back in when overflowing and yes, those holes are like demi-moons, half out and the other half in… the asphalt covers it. Place a ring and then the asphalt make sure that it’s not too protruding from the curve of the sidewalk.