EmbryonicSacksMembranes ReSetting Clocks Brain Fluids by CEO IBM-TES

Past Studies with Formaldehyde Days and NOW.

Differences Noted based on Conception Gestation. 

Under Glass Studies

  • Shapes 
  • Formation
  • Functions
  • Primaries
  • Fluids Contents

And what is perceived as standards of normalcy vs all chronic illnesses and syndromes.

Diabetes is it a lack of fluids or its retentions? The same questions applied on every other malfunctioning conditions. How big or small are the sacks around the depression area? Can a simple injection of DNA found hormones of the same identity DNA and not imported from another DNA can be made ready-available to reintroduce in its sack for individual placenta to restart. Compare males and females and the embryo to the youths of every 7 years. 

This was requested this study years ago and I am to believe notes and recorded notes have been registered and passed around.

Fingerprints Sherlock Holmes to Embronic Brain Cells cocooned in their membrane. Never should they run dry. 

I have noticed that a certain location, this membrane is pretty thick and possibly a certain injection can perforate to replenish but not tear its shirt.  The brain heals and the skull needs more time. 

Find all ingredients in fluids – add to visual imagery of the x-Ray embryonic and the information from dissections of the early 70’s and so on. Add all in every files of eras 70’s – add with timestamp. 80’s – add same with same timestamp – 90’s – add same – 2000 – add same – 2010 add same when 2020 shows up add this one and leave room for more data entry since 2020 is not completed yet.

Brain cells forms and shapes compare to fingerprints – what gives us reason to now believe that we are truly individuals no matter what the DNA reveals. Can we reshape our destiny by getting ready to live longer instead of planning our funerals? 

Objectives: Placenta for redevelopment while protecting our membranes holding our organs and our fingerprints. Perfecting its continuity without over-developing and overcharging our denegeratives already in functions the organs who cannot meet the hyperactiveness of the brain. The mind knows more because all is new while the organs perform their functions – how to restart without causing separated with anxieties to tremble even more. The voice has a hard time because the brain is suddenly subjected to respond to the body who has retracted in a regressed fetus position – therefore the mind is curving.

Finding to its “phantom pains ” so the membranes can always believe that they are in production not in their digested pauses. Has the XRays of development in gestation given anyone any results as how these phantom pains can be re-animated for the organs to believe they are activating to perform their functions? Faking its first functions without lungs everything before the lungs. 

Lungs to Birth – TBA.






Liver Damage Causes Skin Discoloration

Your liver sits in the right portion of your abdominal cavity. This large glandular organ performs many vital functions. When it becomes damaged from disease, chemical abuse or infection and cannot work properly, it affects nearly every part of your body from digestion to the health of your skin. Liver damage can cause several types of skin discolouration.

Liver Function (Back to Basis Check Points)

  • Regular Standard Liver produces the majority of your body’s cholesterol.
  • Substance needed for production of hormones and to add stability to cell membranes.
  • Also stores vitamins and minerals, converts glucose into glycogen to store energy for later use and makes amino acids needed to build proteins.
  • Producer of bile — a substance consisting of bile salts, electrolytes, water, cholesterol and bilirubin to then secrete it to the small intestine where it helps break down and process dietary fat.
  • Continually filters all the blood in your body and removes toxins and waste products from the blood.
  • Pigmentation: ReSetting Clocks.
  • Liver Damage Includes Reversals on Automatic Known by the Brain but not solely known by the brain after the end or expiry of its brain formatted lapse of duration in time for the necessary functions. A plant will grow tomatoes for X amount of time. A liver will perform its functions on timing.

  • Jaundice  After about 120 days, the red cells wear out, die off and release a yellowish pigment known as bilirubin – Duration/Timing

  • Other Discoloration Without bile, your body cannot perform the required or necessary “breakdown” addressing dietary fat. This can lead to a slow metabolism and cause patches of itchy, dry white skin. – Addressing bile

  • Liver Spots years of exposure to ultraviolet light, like the rays of the sun, that causes the pigment in your skin — melatonin — to clump together and form the spots. (Most common known cause) 

  • Viral infections – Grouping Viruses (Mutations) Infections like the common cold comes and goes


OBJECTIVE:  Some reactions show up for the naked eye to detect. Liver is creating signals for doctors to see. Jaundice – revert. What it can not perform it throws it to another organ – eyes also are affected. What I see here is eyes have more than the eye can see. It has that ability to reflect facets of the liver functions. Skin, is another organ that reflects what the liver cannot perform.

Where are those Defense Mechanisms? In the antibodies. Possibly these antibodies are also connected in the nucleis of growth hormones plus digestions receptors – what is not working here? It disables the distribution between a few organs.

Revert or returning to acceptable process in standard condition would be to revisit – 25 to 35 years of age in growth and digestions of these organs, eyes to liver and revisit embryo to birth development. 2 Phases of life starting but ending. Phase 1 – full speed quick production – 10 months. Growth Phase 1 ends 35 years of age. I see that signals indicate end of cycle in a big way but not yet seen on our skin, in our liver presuming a person keeps a good conduct in life behaviours. This will not yet be visible to the eye while taking someone who does not respect the conduct of quality of life in behaviours – the person will give out its last terminal phase. How it breaks down slowly. Failure will give out – soft tissues unresponsive tissues. What is seen here is a slow breakdown in deterioration via liver.

Finding the importance in pigmentation how to use this as one of the answers in processing data from one organ into another from one to another and other ingredients to keep the contact of initial phase, growth and maintenance in production that stablity of productivity while keeping the viral or common cold infection to slow get digested without leaving deterioration or place to incubate without oxygen – Cancers or tumours can grow and can leave just like a bump on the arm or the flesh epidermis for all to see. Not all tumours are treated the same.

Pigmentation is to be understood. Dark to Light – pigmentation plays a role. What would be an acceptable coloration of any time of skin should be understood through the bile also. What is a good acceptable level of all acidities?

Creating ingredients in formulas for Time Release in Maintenance is not the easiest possibly the longest to prove as adequate. 120 days for the liver in its “combustion” Are we to wait 1 year for each treatment or are we to find another form of analysis that ages the results in vitro to see if Science is on the right path.

Skin discoloration is a luxury. Skin reaction is a luxury. Eye infections are luxuries. All these luxuries are not taken into account when REVERSING the signs need to be addressed. What causes a certain skin condition. What doesn’t cause this condition. Find the answers. It should start with:

In standard normal condition, the bile needs to be in this kind of atmosphere. It needs to contain X of this and Y of this for a normal function process to take place.

Compare Infant, Embryo = ?

Embryo is closer to you than infant. Infant is born and is breathing oxygen from his own nostrils. Embryo into baby in stages of development have the same odds of contracting whatever as the inside of your body since you are breathing for the embryo. The embryo is stuck just like a tumour.

When I started to ask Science to find that essence of life – my first pre-requisite for me to move on with this quest was to fully understand the EMBRYO into its final stages of development. Closer results. No lungs, just like tumours and malformation.

Science will always have people who will intimidate Science. I heard doctors who talk like the Shaw of Iran. Remove this and Remove that. I say – no. We will remove here and there but not everywhere. A doctor is talking about growth hormones. I say, he could be on the right path. I remember devastation while he believes like the best Optimist of the year at the Optimist Club. He must have a pedestal at the club. First is to establish patterns of process. Growth Hormones have been already established and need to be recognised in performance. Other cattle (let’s say) will have clean good grass grains vegetables fruits no meat – no fish either. Give Omega from vegetation. Acids Fatty Acids of cattle including chicken are from earth. Compare eggs – Mammals to Reptile. Chicken is a reptile? Can chicken or hens give birth as a mammal? Possibly. Would this be a good experiment? Yes. Can anyone write down what possibly would make this a good experiment. I will give you a few minutes now for you to think and write it and write down the timing. Now – 10h38 January 9, 2017.

Let us take it as a game – we are playing Gods

Why I feel that this experiment can could open one or more doors. Therefore I am knocking on a door of opportunity to find out.

Egg in the MAKING – one common factor

Female Person in the MAKING – one common factor

MINERALS is the common factor and its blood supply.


When Hen will get fertilisation for Egg it is through a rooster.

An envelope for the placenta to grow for the stem cell of the egg wihout a shell is to be created.

Live or Egg? Can the Hen turn into a Mammal.

Stem Cells New Energy Contribution Possibly Understood.

Energy Nuclei of cells in terminal or first to last phases deterioration degeneration (old age) cannot work in combined efforts. Segment Intervention Studies.

Stem Cell for Liver Functions Heart Functions where do they really start and where do they really end these interventions?

Encountered in our Initial First Complete Development: The scientific method is a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge. To be termed scientific, a method of inquiry is commonly based on empirical or measurable evidence subject to specific principles of reasoning

We are looking into adaptation of Encounter of the Second to adaptation of the Encounter of the Third possibly of the Fourth Encounter. Whatever dimensions we live in – in numbers and numbers of cycles could transform into Encounter of the First Kind, us. Encounter of the Second Kind, us, Encounter of the 3rd Kind, us. Encounter of the 4th Kind. What separates us are in our DNA Organisms + Newly acquired Organisms in process functions + Needs may be altered. 

A person cannot just transform itself without removing the energy that in itself is on “deterioration” platforms – electronics cannot function and we know they are not updated and we need to add in order for these functions to adapt and readapt to demands. Functions need to be altered now. Speed + Time need to be added. Whatever Science Computed Data Processing developed so far has a certain affinity with the human body and all living creatures. 

To expect live Stem cells to reproduce without boosting other energy performance is like working for Apple or Microsoft. I pay for their oversights. The consumer pays for his oversights. 

IBM-TES has another purpose. Comprehension of Encounters into Life Cycles 

My Quest is all about Cycles. First Kind, Second Kind, Third Kind and possibly Staying Fourth Kind. 

You must respect only one God.

We heard and seen twins, triplets etc… without intervention. We also seen multiple eggs from hens without intervention. Continuous development is possible just like hair loss hair growth – it starts in patches and leaves in patches from certain area in normal circumstances. That needs to be looked into like Folic Acid needs to be looked into.

Can watermelon contain no seeds? Can watermelon contain seeds?

Answers to – female egg and male sperm – can it be stemcelled as well?

This stemcell turns into one cell. First we notice observe it takes one sperm cell for one egg cell as a whole to become 2 then multiply. – Can development restart on its own because of a brain command?


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