EpiPen Commodities Pharmaceuticals by CEO IBM-TES

Withdrawing and Injecting Innovation

Can the epipen analyse blood and administer the correct or appropriate dosage of the said medication. YES.

This is also for Drug Addiction. 

All Epi pens have controlled dosage and a certain amount of dosage.

for all ReHabs for Addictions – you still need the approval and recommendations of a doctor. Because it is surrounding addictions, CEO of IBM-TES recommends the Neurologist and at times combined Neuro-Psychiatry.

Pens are not to be distributed at random anywhere only the professionals with the formation for the said medications can prescribe it always in collaboration with the Neurologist or/and Neuro-Psychiatrist.

EpiPens are no longer solely the commodity for Allergies.

Psychosis attack 

Pain Killer known by Physicians

Anti-Biotics given at the office first by Physician then prescribed if physicians trusts the patient's abilities.

Re-occurence of certain conditions such as herpes or other genital problems 

AIDS – HIV (V8 Attack) Available where Patients get Regular Rx FREE. (*study purposes*) Combinations of Ingredients.

Fevers and Colds Sold by Pharmacists who will take Temperature and blood pressure + pulse + Heart Beats 

Dual or Multi Tubular Needles like that famous Pen for Children or Adults

Of course mine is reliable and computerised – this EpiPen actually talks to me I don't feel isolated in my fucking pain. 

TBA – CEO of IBM-TES detained for WORLD Mental Disturbance Causes. She still doesn't know what the hold up is all about – 20 years is a long time but then again, today, it's me tomorrow, its you. Here is a preview of all that she is going to undertake.