Every Day Counts – Charity Calendar Lottery by Adriana CEO IBM


My Vision of Giving goes like this: Charity starts at home.

Every year, many stores give us free calendars in order for us to remember to shop there.

Some have monthly recipes with photos and instructions

Some have tips for gardening

Some have tips for health care

Some have seasonal holidays costumes

Some have scenery


We will have the Every Day Counts – Objective is to get the money once and for all.

All Cancers in only ONE Calendar.

Children Neurological Disorders Calendar

Mental Disorders Calendar

Research Calendar with updated findings.


There are a few calendars for each need. They will be priced accordingly. They will be mailed upon receipt of money.  They have to be paid in full at any store/drugstore with a small catalogue. Put in your order and pay.

Some will want to pay per month but that is something else. Depends on how many that person will buy. One calendar – full amount.

Prizes – the first week of the month since they have the whole month to > type in your winning number and claim your prize by cell, iPad, iPod, PC. or by Telephone.

Claim Prizes:

Text winning number and prize details.

Telephone; Dial number and give out winning number and prize details.

Email winning number and prize details.

Big winners are the Research Centers, Schools, Hospitals, CLSC and Community Services for Elderly, Juvenile Delinquency, Learning Disabilities (IBM personnel are EXCL)

Cost: Worldwide! Let LotoQuebec make these calendars.

McDonalds can have these calendars as well. I was thinking of CEO owning 90% of these tickets and 10% of these tickets on Calendars to be sold. If in the 10% someone wins the big jackpot – he/she wins a percentage % of net profit of 100 McDonalds.

McDonalds 100+ prizes of unlimited food for one year! Every country will have at least ONE winner like this.

1000 prizes per month for one dinner for 4

10000 prizes per month for one dinner for 2 or 2 dinnes for 1

Other WorldWide restaurants can partake with this quest to find the cure, the rehabs, the roof and the food for the homeless, property for learning disabilities, healthcare, building over existant CLSC. etc…

I would certainly buy a few per year as well as Loto Quebec Kiosque when it goes to Cancer and Heart Foundations just to name a few.

Thanks for taking care of this Every Day Counts Calendar – Discuss about it. Make sure it gets done to profit everyone. We are tired of just giving without any hope whatsoever of getting anything back.

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