Every Photo Tells a Story New PhotoShoot Camera by Adriana CEO IBM Tech Eng

Bring the sound closer to you gadgets with possibilities of PhotoShooting the designs of the background, portraits and other details in order to incorporate certain modifications to alter the actual photo – Sounds or voices can be also recorded with each and individual detail that has been modified for this allowance.

Objectives: Allow Security Systems to Identify the Difference with Sounds making an alarm go off.

Objectives: Multiple Slide Photos for Family / Friends Viewing with Sound Effects – Move Away Digital Imagery – Make Room for Sound/View Digital Imagery on a Slide.

IBM looking for Quality Proven in Nikon Canon Sony for picture perfection and sound quality.

Only with FreedomKey (IBM accessibilities) $29.99 “New Software to upload for FREE to handle your security measures on any of your Tablets and iPhones including your PC – with every Touch-On there is a photo of the person to identify the owner. To be done at all times, it all it will do is replace last entry until it doesn’t match. If it doesn’t match proceed with second I.D. method. 3 methods are allowed. 2 out 3 ain’t bad.” 

To be given as a mandate to all 3 should they want to work together on this project for a speedy delivery on the market – of course, Adriana, has to be somewhere on each photo, camera, slidenegatives, serial numbers. To remove all possible duplications purposes.

What else can the future procure to the amateurs and professionals of Cameras, Photos and Videos (BTW videos will have a new name in the very near future with Video/Sound/PhotoPhonia

All medical/fun apparels permitting the mobility of our skeleton will make sounds also such as telling the physicians pain levels.

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So far, I can only repeat this statement from a Salada Tea Commercial: “What a Pitiy, Only in Canada, you say?”

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