FlipChannels NoDownload View Pay Use by Bell Canada CEO

What has the new CEO Bell Canada UPTO?

Fibe Made Easier

Adults and Youth of all AGES will benefit

Only TV viewing?

NO! BING + Bell Canada in conjunction with IBM-TES

All benefit from this combined already known very much used appreciated icons and text – images and graphics with our famous Word from Microsoft BING. 

Watching Games of Thrones or Game ?

Who is your favorite Character – choose and bring to your TEXT Document

Choose – send to – one touch.

Got iPhone or iPad or iPod need to browse view – no more downloads.

You are entering the portals of the Universe of LANG

Advantages are first given to IBM iDevices Users – no more downloads while you can save it never landing in your ports but in an external PassWare Universe of LANG

Parts of Functions of our brand new RXDX as X is unknown R and D are factors. 

Who came first the chicken or the Egg

The Chicken – the one on the left is the WorkStation Universe of LANG

The egg is BB8 miniature version of WorkStation 

Both will be on Fibe Bell Canada promises CEO IBM-TES

Both will be operational as if you were born to just flip the channels

Because it contains no known virus (at the moment and CEO IBM-TES does love challenges never discouraging the ones who will outsmart her) The price is connected with Bell Canada New England Satellites.

Apple has outsmarted technology but IBM-TES recognises that the Universe is much vaster thus not wanting everyone to purchase thousands of gadgets and micro-chips she devised the WorkStation Universe of LANG from early childhood education to rocket scientists. There is no age to view, learn, listen and apply.

BB8 Small Drones return to base

Voice command if you dare with a house full of kids and adults or the ordinary hand control 

All the icons seen so far and never seen are seen right away HIDE Text Document (which will have an appropriate name) or ViewDisplay Icons for advanced users who have chosen their icons. Some may want to plainly place Programs by Files (name, sort by date, sort by genre, etc..)

Whatever you have seen before shall be there – Adobe was visible enough to see that certain modalities just remain. IBM-TES is soon launching Universe of LANG is like using BING and Google for information you interact with without the need to download. 

Because of this innovation whatever you wanted to do before can be done without worries of saving on your idevices or you can buy the chips that will feed your RXDX all will connect with your own hand control. Choose the keyboard with Mobile + HandControl is a little bit more. The surcharge will cover for a brand new one should incidents arise. Because it is on trial – many programs FIBE are free to browse – to keep the icon on your screen – sort of an internal download that will open up with the click of the handcontrol or/and voice if you choose so. 

Voice Control is connected to BB8 Rover of Universe of LANG

The small drones do Look, listen, talk and much more. The more you talk to these drones the more intelligent they become even if one day you forget where you placed an item and you went and blab to your Listen or Talk or Look – one of them will tell you where you misplaced it. It can read you a bedtime story your parents read for you since CEO is very much in tune with what kids enjoy, the same stories over and over.

More to come! Prices TBA not much more than today, fortunately, options are made available with RXDX and BB8 Rover Universe of LANG