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October 28, 2018 Follow-Up Work Order

Although required in very small amounts, trace elements such as iron, iodine, fluoride, copper, zinc,chromium, selenium, manganese and molybdenum are vital for maintaining health. Also referred to as microminerals, these trace elements are part of enzymes, hormones and cells in the body.

These traces of elements have:

  • Insignificant amount but are important to replenish for which purposes?
  • Traces of elements can be found in readily absorbable in: Foods/Liquids without medication.


  • Record Responsiveness of Neurons when lack or excess of traces are present – find all paths when the reaction occurs.
  • Most of the reactions are believed to be found where all paths join our liver and its production. Confirm.
  • All response to lack and of the excess of all traces of elements – confirm.



For me, and only me: Supplements is based on Maintenance Purposes, at least one of the supplements.

For me, only me: DNA prior Complete Analysis

Whatever written below this – understanding comprehensively methods men-made from scratch and not only from early discoveries and research (NOTES)

What I want and only I want is:

Whatever excrement tells you a little of what you also let go from your body called TOXINS. Not only food, beverages, juices, alcohol etc… Oxygen included.

When you can fully understand comprehensively done every tiny particle you microscope you are now digging deeper than the biggest top of an iceberg.

Before anyone should just take DNA Regenerative Supplements Internal USE only – it has to be customised by his own body because Science took only the best circulation particles to give it a little boost and re-enter into the body of the said patient. Vaccinations for him/her. I don’t totally believe that isolated Cancer Cells can be called General Vaccine for All and most people with same Cancer – Everyone has cancer cells – Identify them when non activated. Compare now what you put together and this latest result.

Look at diagrams below. Forensic it as if you want to find out the new poison that some mad scientist put together that is killing the world vegetation included not just birds, fish, cattle and human every living breathing organism on this planet.

Dissect – Write – Share

There are mutated poisons out there and we’re dying.



Previous Post called:

Gravity Blood Skin Hormones Genes by Adriana CEO IBM ~ Science


OBJECTIVE: Driving our DNA into self-regeneration


Embryo develops in time and measure

Cells have a lifespan

Cells have digestive capabilities

Objective: How can we give each cell a little stretch in time and quality capabilities to effect their raison d’être.

Sea-Saw Ability on its own.

Taking a few meteorlite phenomena views full of potential or possibilities

First off men have the gift to donate to egg – energy. Egg has the magnetic gift to receive this energy – as fundamental full its basic balues as it does sound – the result is development. What is in the digestion to convert into development regeneration – just performance abilities.

Re-introduction of tiny SpaceCells EmptyCells as if wanting to fit in all around one cell. The fully developed cell prior its elimination through digestions is surrounded by emptycells spacecells ready to receive.

Our epidermis cannot give out the same results in analysis since it has been stripped of internal properties while I do believe that all has been converted resembling like what we believe would be excrement. Dead Skin ?

How much can Science say on a slab of dead skin, wet moist or dry flaky?

Compare both – Take Old Notes out – Check with Forensics

Share Notes.

Follow-Ups REQUESTED AUGUST 2, 2017


One of my pet-peeves is procrastination where Science forgot their reason to be who they wanted to be while evolving where no man has been travelling before.

Objectives: Are all Genes Androgynous? We are gifted with Chromosomes are they Androgynous? If so which ones. When found where do they thrive (on each other) on others or on its female or on its male? Are we talking about hormones? Hormones Androgynity is true. Male or Female – how about Androgynous (both)

Prince is possibly not the best singer on this planet. Yet, his music and uniqueness will live on for the people who grew with him and for people of all milieu of creativity. I am positive many authors, designers and scriptwriters will find a door of inspiration in everything Prince did. When I saw him: label (hahaha) Unigender. He said: Androgyny 

What does Androgyny evoke in me: Science.

Unigender is science too but not like Androgyny.


Very talented Prince is no longer with us yet, I have a feeling that I will see him again. Androgyneousity and all.



Objectives:  How can the only factor of standing up play a major or a primary role in our degeneration.