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September 17, 2020 More Good News!


Imagine if a electronics user/consumer could exercise certain options and choices – this is an example of something that will become available in some very near time soon.

twoway mirror is a piece of glass (external screen) coated with a substance called micro pane – coated with choices of episodes streaming continuously as your monitor or screen is on…when off it will continue in the same manner… more battery time needed is the con. The pro of this con is that the battery is on the screen itself thus needs to be recharged on its own.

If you stand on the treated side, you see your reflection but the untreated side looks like a tinted window. However anyone sees it – this screen will show motion like an episode. These episodes can be created by the consumer. Taking videos of people in different locations. A spyware will recognize the movements and the faces so making sure that one of the people is you, the consumer is necessary for this new screen to become of great benefit to you. Locations/Faces/Names may not be the same but the story is based on the actual facts says a former Agent of Central Intelligence and Bureau of Investigations. Make sure you find out what the pros are vs the lights (different lights) it can emit and project. Someone may say: We are living the Star Wars Connections. Which could be so true and so unique as per the usage of the consumer. The more a consumer uses it the bigger BB-8 gets. ( i-Show * i-Tell) etc…


Good News!

June 11, 2019

RBC never ceases to amaze me. Imagery New Concept arrival.

How it works. Deposits all at once. Insert all specimen. Imagery scanner and will display on screen.

So far, so good.

What amazed me is what the teller said at the Bank. After you insert them, verify them. My reply: with what?

A small cheque of .87 US couldn’t pass. And, I managed to see the teller behind the counter. A problem arised since the machine was so sensitive to it. No line ups.

Imagery Scanner Recuperation of Cheque Specimen.

Insert cheque after entering amount and initials (given by bank online or at their counters) Imagery will show the cheque and will give out their imprint of processing. The cheque comes back out. Enter another one and then enter the money (which won’t come out like the cheque not now unless one day, conversions of money is installed – the said currency request will come out instead.

Result – all cheques back to owner. Copy of transactions comes out.

Security is in place. And, will start the way or the path of future methods to transact but not today. We are not going to use computers for replacement of a cheque and even direct deposit will see a brand new day.

I was disgustingly happy. And, there are no jobs out there. Computers are taking the place of intellect and intelligent people like those who put this system together for RBC.  Apple workers shake the same tree and the same kind of apples fall.

I would like to believe that IBM may use certain methods which are very similar but not the same – we are to progress not delay production of the mind.

Not to plan too much when it comes to banking.I shall do all the thinking. I shall not replace or modify what has been implemented in Canada New England. It’s fine.





Add-On Home Security Improvement

All that resembles Skype 

Facebook Version etc…

First photos mandatory, the actual person as seen on a passport.

When in active communication, any photo thereafter can take the place of the profile user, original photo. It can be placed into options. Random Replace Show Real Person when in communication with contacts. Hackers of Future Present Today will see all the other photos if user is in active communication. The Hackers may even try to steal I.D. Mix them and re-use them with photo touch ups.

The original photo and its chosen twin will freeze when hacker will either copy or scan and only its negative can this hacker take. What does the negative contain?

Security at IBM will not reveal it but ask them in their sleep. 

LOGO Communicator. Very Present.

Have a great day!

Our NEW I.D. Chip LOGO Communicator is finally designed.


I.D. Chips found in every design of each LOGO.

Communicators for SpockConnect Available 

AirportMonitors China Airport ???????????? 

Become Experienced Self Accountant 

Some older businesses will remember Computer Introduction therefore you may laugh at this one and say: It’s about fucking time.

Salesman: You can get a network and it will take the place of 4 to 5 employees from you can get these programs and these 3 to 4 computers and eliminate more than 4 to 5 employees.

CEO of IBM-TES recognises that money is not just a commodity only it gets losts in the shuffles of expenditures. Online Banking is the best commodity – free – customisation. You enter the DATA – Group Fusion.

Your accounting sheet is ready every month under the groups.

Ex: Group Grocery – Provigo – Metro – Adonis – SuperC

Ex: Retail Assorted Merchandise – Walmart – The Bay

Ex: Clothes and Shoes

Group – Outfit – Walmart the Bay 

What will give the system its grouping – the codes on the merchandise.

UPC or CUP en français are not there for just inventory and whereabouts. They start to become a good serious commodity. You got the code – it goes in the right group. If not it shall go into Group – Misc.

When too many go into Group Misc. Listing of purchases is still available minus the code – the bank will get this notice and call on personnel to make the necessary adjustments for credit debit and prepaid cards. 

Prepaid Cards go into Revenu Entries – Buy and Sell 

Who can benefit SME – PME for their own office admnistrative needs.

How much? Bank with us – its free.

Every month – you get your statement or every week or every few months. You are the boss. You are the data entry boss therefore you enter what is available. 

Should you see that possibly something else may be added – there is Help Contact US window. Use it – put in your I.D. of any Government Card even your passport if you prefer. We will be glad to hear your comments and how we can better serve you for a change for FREE.

When new money comes in – interests goes up up up. Foreign Investment in Canada New England carries high interest like a credit card. 

CEO-IBM-TES negotiating on behalf of Canada New England Credit Cards with Combined Interests. The study is a little long since all data has to be collected. What may happen is for younger people who usually pay fully their monthly statement will have an umbrella combined interest should it happen twice per year that something just couldn’t be stopped like buying a new car and there are payments to make on the credit card – therefore this bank client has a credit card and a car loan – Financial Investments is aware of this issue. Priority is for the younger who is growing to become an outstanding citizen. Everyone will have some kind of breath of fresh air – sometimes bills do pile up because there is so much to buy like School Time etc. 

Thanks for reading my article on banking and self-accountant program online banking.

Objectives: Inventory Accounting Purchases Sales Provenance Merchandise I.D. etc.

For all businesses in Canada New England at one point in time – central terminals will collect exports merchandise sold and bought at any location of the 4 corners of the world – will go directly to the Government Study Census Customs Future Developments

All Terminals of the World because of UPC CUP – I.D. will go to central terminal for Government USAGE only. 

Banking Grouping Purchases and Debit Revenue Entries

My pleasure to ease purchases, exports, imports and salaries revenue, debits in the 4 corners of the world.

I.D. Chip May Look like this.

Next time you get your credit card, your Medicare Card, your Permit, your passport, you will get your own Social Security Card I.D. That is possibly the only I.D. Chip you will need. You forgot your passport? No problem the Chips and Grouping will tell Agent that ticket was purchased and its UPC. Date-Time-Seller-Amount.

All Government Cards Renewal will have the same chip as when you got your S.S.#.

Steve Jobs – LOL

Objectives: Increase Security Measures WorldWide

As a consumer at the Airports; I was not impressed with their security measures and listening to the news; I was then in an obligation to find ways and methods to increase worldwide security.

What does the security Passport-Credit-Debit I.D. cards or booklets contain?


Pay your bus fare with easy download of choice of payment that:

  • Bus Fare takes
  • Airlines take
  • Train take
  • Bicycle / Motorcycle take
  • Car Rentals take
  • Parking Fees anywhere take



Financial Institution carry on: Social Security Numbers Photo and Personal Data.


  • Scanner for MicroChips in Hands/Arms/Legs Protheses
  • In every way – all transport will have the Pesonal DATA of the individual.
  • Present Your Passport Credit Card or any ID with Social Security + Photo
  • Any reservations/purchases of transport will be automatically added to all your I.D.’s
  • FingerPrints I.D. with or without MicroChips an added feature at any terminal requiring transports and customs as well. Photo of individual will automatically be seen.

All the information in a code in three places (2 invisible) + (visible)

Q. Can it be duplicated?

A. Of course (See how some help can be made to enable doors of discovery)

Objective of all possibilities is to find ways to HOW images can change with another system that the CROOK may use and which one could accommodate this method – Selfies? Similations? Transposing Images as in photoshoot? Can it be traced.

LOOKING for your biological parents will be simplified – What can I say. I was previously engaged in everyone’s wars without being informed that I was the CentralReason of their ToBe or NotToBe.

Well IBM Techs Eng will be having fun with soon. Don’t worry about your Privacy that is not MY goal. I just want to assure that theses systems are guaranteed to the MAX.  So if anyones’ photo appears and it goes through we’ll find a way to make some bell ring somewhere at IBM – or the President pays all damages incurred. 


  1. CEO working on USB with Extensions FreedomKey for Cells Phones, iPads, iPods, Laptops while onboard a jetliner.
  2. Passengers will have their own port security for their electronics without interference from other electronics from other passengers and pilots will also be secured knowing that there will be no conflicts coming from the passengers accessories.
  3. Your data will return to your users pronto and all will remain in the privacy of your domain – per use or wherever you will travel (roaming fees are the same as per your user of your choice)
  4. Routing from Passengers Port to a security vault of Air Canada (just to name one jetliner) will remain private and confidential. It is at the discretion of the passengers to either use this method or nothing at all.


There are some individuals all over the world who need to get into your data by using spying methods. There is one thing that IBM does NOT want to get involved with and that is the system of paying online with credit cards, debit cards. The only system WE at IBMAccessFreedomKey gives the consumer is Pre-Paid Credit-Debit. There is no trace of owner. Unfortunately, we ask that consumers get these cards per slices of a small denomination instead of a large amount.

WorldWide Security can be done simply.

Freedom Keys will not be functional on these secured systems in Banks, Financial Institutes such as Quebec’s Caisses Populaires, Grocery Stores and any merchant accepting Debit and Credit cards from any parts of the world. The owners of all transactions (both sides receiving and giving) will be registered. After identifying the owners several times, only then, can the rightful owner be identified as a sure thing. This means that the banks and the governments’ security systems get a copy of all users (both ways).

This will reduce frauds and so on and so forth.

Thanks for reading this message you fucking idiots. I want $$$ before someone makes all the dough. Sell Sell Sell. WorldWide and what is the President of IBM doing lately? Nothing or something. If not, fire him and get another billionaire and get this company off the ground. OR he gets NO salary.

Chrismas 1989

Adriana CEO of IBM is requesting for Census – from 1997 to 2001 and 2002 to 2015.

  • And what is he doing other than studying Commercial Law?
  • Well he’s into Drones Search for Disoriented People.
  • If you don’t get his approval that system is NO go.

PrinceAndrew Andrew is nowhere to be seen.