Future Eye.Quantum.Fields Absence of Mind by CEO IBM-TES

Actual Sense of Time – Actual Conscience slicing through time. Have always “evolved” have we suddenly “lost sense of time”  or have we not been so so there as if living in time frames absence of mind, the eye sees it, the ears hear it, the tongue tastes it and our nostrils inhale it. How can we really be sure how we have been in that state of mind in a big way while suddenly only a few zones on the surface of the planet make some kind of advancement in the same absence of a conscience? Are we without communication? Are we in belief that we are in constant contact and communication throughout the planet? Questions are starting to arise. We live here. That’s for sure, statistics do reveal that there are people around, photos do not just suggest it they are real proof that there are people but the question is how come certain parts of our planet advancing while others learn about it some time later – after. This stagnation on earth – is it expanding or is it absence avoidance from our conscience. Who is avoiding whom? So far, Spock cannot answer. Logically speaking here, we are not the ones seeking avoidance. IT (unknown factors) is definitely avoiding our conscience – what form of intelligence are we really dealing with that they are always left unobserved by science itself. Shuttles are sent into the vast domain of our Universe still no direct contact has been made. No two-way engagement has been recorded.

Before the end of 2020 – IBM will possibly be in “silent observation” to reverse this phenomena – for 1000 years nothing much happened. Here and there and further apart till Benjamin Franklin but what was bigger before? Are we to find patterns or avoidance patterns.

The Eye of Quantum Fields is in construction. One eye and many embranchments. We are creating functional members to our the Quantum Eye. The Ultimate Diamond Quantum Field. How we can co-habitate but first co-exist.

So much suddenly emerged from slow periods of time. Get all these inventions back on the BlackBoard (Dark Ages BlackBoard) The inventions and what was the planet going through during those eras, years, and timeframe. We need to see if we are going to relive this absence of mind, avoidance. Today, I can definitely say, logically speaking. we are being avoided. Time will tick as we all know it but during this period of time – many will live out some stagnation. The cards did explain it that there was stagnation but how long will it last.

Fatality to actual life – what would have happened from 2004 to present? 1994 to 2004 – 2005 to 2018 not counting 2019 since we are 1/4 of the way. Or, part of the world today is on rapid while more parts of the world are in a slower constant movement.

Are we to re-enter some form of the dark ages? Are we asking for it. Have we prepared for a far-fetched but seen many times in our history books, scenarios where people just lived and existed with hardly any opinion only robotised in mechanical tasks. Chores. The Simpletons. Where did the simpletons come from and how long did it last? Lots of question marks.




Absence of mind vs 2 = Gaining after Losing Your Mind – SpockConnect AK.1 Cam-Recorder Computer published July 27, 2017


Follow Up that seems to be appropriate to the headline (title)

As we know, Spock lost his mind and was also staring at Twins.

Okay, enough for the romantic ingredients. I want to put it together.

Developers breaking their minds on how to accommodate whoever and whatever for display, easy sailing navigation formats etc… I found out with WP that I had to really adopt BLOCK Gutenberg a.k.a since it is our future – I saw the tips. I did not find them amusing. Not even close to interesting or fascinating. Maybe Spock would since he is good at hiding his emotions whatever they can be.

Go to another post with Block as a search key. For further details.

Browsers – websites and their twins.

I am building my website for sales. I do deliver almost the same products to many destinations and I would like its twin for my clientèle to be well-at-ease when navigating the said webpages. This is not in force right now. Block formatting did not see it. WP did not see it. GoDaddy did not see it but it is allowed to just go right ahead and make those drastic changes. Those changes do not filter in my space content when I am HTMLing for someone else’s posts as a good lead for links to cross and for followers to build. It’s not happening. It is a living Inferno just to (something I didn’t want to attempt earlier risking losing or breaking links that another blogger had set. Now, I click on pre-formatted and it’s alittle easier for me to adjust the layout. It’s okay figuring the price I pay for it.

Firefox Mozilla lost ground it stipulates in a post seen on Google Search. Now, it’s back and on top of best browser.  Good for Android is rather new to me as news goes. I never really looked at those fine details since my own website is not even up yet.

Chrome is good but seems to lack in identity. Cross-Identities is what is perceived.

Therefore since the departure of Bill Gates – we are in the process of either promoting one of our own or to find someone who has never worked for Apple, Samsung, Sony or Microsoft. As long as he is business sense – that he knows nothing about the former administration is possible an asset. When hiring make sure that he will not bring in his bad habits. Okay?

When a new user decides IBM should be his path – this new or old user will get an Identity – double path. One for Androids and the regular one.

Why IBM est devant – because, Android Auto-Adjust will alert all that needs to be formatted in just a few clicks when sending the same content to its twin. The user will get a preview of what it may look like. And highlighted blocks of colours. He clicks on the colour box which is larger than the box contouring.

I would draw a box here but I cannot see where to start from – all is removed and disassembled. O and on it in the middle ° to click on. It will display what to adjust, sometimes it is the dynamics but after, it will possibly be your font, too big or too small is one example.

Who is better qualified than the owner himself to preview what he wants everyone to see and experience? Gutenberg? Could be. So I let him experience his blocks while I prefer giving two websites in one – Regular Dynamics with Android Dynamics. They are not in the same website. They do not work together. When someone reads – it says: Android click here. Let them. The website will open to display the content for Android.

Is it out there? No. If it were out there, displays would be made and people would not be talking about what was first and lost it to what came back from some lost space – it would be more like the experiences of twin engines and this is not even mentioned or GoDaddy would have told me the cost of this luxurious locomotive.

Since developers are not there – getting rid of Bill Gates is a good thing. I’ll possibly become the President. No man is an island and there are so many things I can buy with a ton of money Mr. Gates. It’s not possible. IBM cannot wait to return to 1979.80.81.82. When all hell broke loose. The arrival of Dell Intel. Corel WordPerfect and then Word. So far so good.

Baptize this: The Twins IBM. Same Identity for API and IP. Just working apart to accommodate Androids and Regular seen technology logistics.

What came first? The first website that is being built is always for the regular technology also standard – from thereon: Android Version.

API+IP where it is born. Stay home if you’re building your website and want your identity to remain at home. Provenance? IBM is not going to work harder for anyone who wants to protect their I.D. if you live in Canada but build your website in Florida on your vacation – that’s it and that’s all. You know better and we tell you prior building it – are you in the desired location and this is why. What you write will stay. The only way to remove it all is to close it all. IBM does not want to use common practice to import all content to another API and IP. Copy paste it or keep it in documents that’s one thing. API and IP will remain, capish. On your return, the new API and IP will be added. Keep content in document to add later. All this is listed as – continuous tracking for your own security. Building keeps track. Is it you? Go see mamma. I am not going to be serving people in these forms. Read the list of why for API and IP. Tracking Security Analysis Zones etc….


TBA I got to cut it short here. Some fucking idiot wants to know who would use this. I only told him… Tide maybe, and maybe never you. How about Walmart apparently opened so many Walmarts all over the world McDonalds is blushing. How about McDonalds who wants you to download whatever freaking shit for him to be seen in your apps every day. And they’re not going Android hiring who knows how many stooges just to sell a few products that he can dispense of figuring the quality display had today? Same idiots – send to Android – adjust text, sizes, fonts. . . colours and that would be it since Android has the same feature – whatever content is on one page will overlap and clickable for Androids since that clientèle is just as preferred as the iPhone one


Stay Spock Connected.

Since Spock doesn’t want to be known as Spock only;

I get the drift, call me SpockIT.

Think of all the computers I haven’t seen yet.

Finally a fun way to recover your identity. Are you really losing your mind?

NO. You are re-connecting with your mind.

The Mind is fragile and is very strong. Both are good at times.

Voice out all your applications while walking while resting while watching TV while listening to the Radio.

Mr. Spock is there with Computer. That is the name of his computer. Plain, Computer. It’s your voice and only your voice and the ones around you.

  • Easy to operate
  • Retrieves any “speech monologue or discussions with keywords”
  • Voice Command and Manual for Adjustments by you or a professional Neurologist
  • All recordings are captured *saved* in USB Keys
  • All savings are TimeStamped as per your voice command
  • Losing your Mind? Not anymore. You are connected to it.

Mr. Spock and myself are very grateful to be with such awesome personnel. Of course this gadget with the following features has been done before but never marketed under $300. 2 USB keys included.


3 port holes



Voice-Sound Recorder

Voice-Sound Command Record

Computer – keyword.

Can you remember that you will have to say Computer first. Repeat.

Computer will retrieve the words Keywords and give out your little paragraph of whatever the recorded keywords command.

Who can use this? Anyone who wants to broaden their vocabulary with neurological disorders – Down Syndrome Autism etc


Phase 1 Dementia Alzheimer or Just too plain busy mind

Phase 2 – when ears are blocked speech slurs. We all go through it but phase 2 happens more often, therefore you got to talk to everything you look at or manipulate and where you put it or where you took it from.

Phase 3 – of course, get your blueberry smoothie and talk.

Because its experimental and it will take time to see results – the price cannot command what a good thorough treatment would – consider this as an downpayment towards a treatment.

Thanks guyz. I’m being so polite feeling your gratitude. You’re blushing aren’t you feeling fuzzy warm all over, yes?

N.B. When you meet a reliable source of inspiration there is no way you’ll forget unless you never handled the original SpockConnect AK.1

Fragile Yet So Strong

Both know how to operate COMPUTER.

Steve Jobs failed. Bill Gates failed.

IBM-TES succeeds.