Future Optimal by IBM Tech Eng ~ Science


Future Project around connectivity – what can put together a nerve and a vessel?

Methods in Implementation by Tech – Eng for Science Medicine – check here: 

Conductors are not easy to put together knowing that our body rejects any foreign object(s)

Wireless operated methods are the future – our body is made for the future – longevity does exist.

What will be the life expectancy tomorrow? That is NO longer a good question. The answer to an outdated question would be – make sure to be there tomorrow. Leave the past expectancy to yesterday and move forward.

What can make nerves stay together? What can mend broken vessels? Possible answer: Conductors.

To make this conductor, one must master precision, detail expertise and refinement. The filament must be minuscule at certain locations such as the optic nerve where a vessel may have been severed. What would be the remedy?

  1. Trials on forcing a vessel to develop a path towards the optic nerve
  2. Inserting a filament between the optic nerve and a vessel


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Chrismas 1989

I lost my eyesight and science is turning heaven and earth to restore it.

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