Future Today at E.R. Cliniques by Adriana IBM TES

For sale!

I know you already done all that. It's just Quebec who doesn't have it. The rest of Canada has it. USA has it and England has it. Please surprise me, Germany France, Russia, etc… wants to procure themselves Speedy Access for E.R. Cliniques System and we have it!

Forming Human Embryo


Think multi-tasking – Send-Forward-Retrieve Plugs for R3D3


Think young doctors with fresh introduction to today,s discovery and old doctor who has not been able to practice what he learned at the University for whatever reason. I am not the official Queen yet. So patience!

Let's say I am hallucinating that its not done.

  • Vaccination – Anything connected to I.S. (Immune System)
  • Speedy Reading of small blood tube 
  • Urine
  • Temperature
  • Allergy Tests
  • I.D. of Patient 
  • Enter the whole thing under the I.D. and forwarding analysis records for destination xxx of the said patient.
  • If he has 1 or 2 or 3 etc… doctors – they all get it.
  • It shall be done once.
  • These records always go to IBM-TES by default.
  • IBM-TES wants to send it to the Research Lab.
  • Objectives; Vaccinations Medicine for Chronic Illnesses Comprehensive and Updated.


Results : All files are kept. 

Laboratories will have more information and more slides to look at.

You know what I am trying to convey.

We cannot just use animals and creatures since they either have to be induced or/and its not the same blood types and genes.

We're weaning out of this and going into:

Blood Donors – to use synthetic plasma self-cloning! 

All blood will have his second skin. When introduced in your own blood circulation/veins – this plasma self-cloning will match all properties since it contains the capabilities to graph and keep – possibly ingredients for anti-rejections are to be experimented.



Chrismas 1989