FutureToday Feeding our Brain Plasma Plus by AG LANG

Copy Pasted Information only as a Guide.

Somewhere in the Brain itself, a ventricle may accommodate a new Functional System

Renal Functions Re-Visited for Re-Vision

Excretions including Excrements – Filtering. Waste Matter and Urine

It can divide, duh.

Blood can divide only to give us what we need to re-distribute including other ingredients, duh.

Youth into Mature Cells

All Chronic Illnesses Re-Visited for Re-Vision

Find the Reflection of EACH Organ in function(s)

A new set of Lung – a new circulation system filtering system

Ventricles Chambers Copying Digestion Filters 

White Red Globules in ReInstitution:

the act of establishing (something) again

When younger cells replenish the bloodstream some choke on old cells, digestions of old cells with introduction of nutrients – not clotting. 

May include: White Globules + Plasma Proteins + DNA Boosters 

2 litres of blood withdrawal to turn into a minimum of 2 treatments.

One Treatment Requirements:

.5  litre Blood Entire

1  litre of Plasma

Future Brain Treatments TBA

Functions resembling each other can also cause allergies resembling not resembling.

Filters + Ability to Excrete Clean Machinery ReInstutionalised 

I feel to the point of belief that sometimes my brain is too powerful for my body. My organs and membranes become less demanding conditioning the brain into Old Age.

If I do not tell my brain that I am getting old, harsh conditions I live through are very talkative.

Artificial Intelligence, my brain, is being fed by nags, my own organs.

Embryo Development to termination x life of a cell to maturity into digestion. Lots of calculation here.

2 Hearts 

4 Lungs

4 Renal Functions

Digestive System and Brain can function alone

With ventilation and filtration. 

Clean Machines

What came first, the chicken or the egg.

What came first, the blood in a group or the plasma itself or the white globules

Clear White seem to be prominent colours of life no matter the race or am I wrong?

Answer to this question:

Which Organs work the most during brain rest and during brain functions?

At rest or in function, other organs contribute.